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Model Building at Christmas: Artesanía Latina Wishes You a Happy Holidays and a 2023 Full of Modeling!

Well… We are already on these dates so marked on the calendar again! Our friends modelers celebrate Christmas. This week’s post is only written with the intention of congratulating you these holidays. But, also, to thank you for the full confidence you have given to our firm’s products since 1970. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year and decade after decade, your passion for modeling, especially naval, and Artesanía Latina is unwavering. Viva the model building at Christmas!

Speaking about us, the entire team of Artesanía Latina has tried and managed to keep alive the flame of the passion for modeling with the creation of new models and tools. Without forgetting important reissues, highly anticipated by you, such as the boat model kit of the Spanish Ship of the Line Santa Ana Trafalgar 1805 (22905-N).

Some of you will take advantage of these dates to start building your radiant model. It is true that, on days without social gatherings -and on long nights-, the modeler feels very comfortable working on the construction of any model. The silence and peace of these two weeks are nice to enjoy your hobby. Other modelers will have to wait until January due to the numerous family commitments, although they are surely looking for time to, at least, open the box of their modeling kit. If you are alone, without a doubt, we will accompany you throughout Christmas, we are not going on holidays. Our best company, yes, is the model ship kit that you have in your hands.


Remember that there are still gifts and ‘self-gifts’ from those left behind by Santa Claus… We recommend the Gift Packs! They bring the model, their figurines, their paintings and some tools at a reduced price.


We can only wish you, once again… Merry Christmas! Happy 2023! And we hope… Artesanía Latina remains in your heart to enjoy your hobby! Live a Model Building Christmas with us!

Model Building at Christmas: Artesanía Latina Wishes You a Happy Holidays and a 2023 Full of Modeling!

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