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Any type of information you need regarding a product, your order or the web.

We are here to help. If you get stuck assembling your model or have doubts of any kind, please contact us and we will try to help the best way we can. Please, don't forget to INDICATE THE REFERENCE OF YOUR MODEL (it is similar to 22452 or 22452N) AND NAME OF THE MODEL OR TOOL.

If you want some instructions on digital format, firstly check that they are not included on the web through the search engine before writing us. The digital instructions are on the tabs of each model on the web. If that product does not exist on the web, write here an email INDICATING THE NAME AND REFERENCE OF THE MODEL (it is similar to 22452 or 22452N). If you want instructions on paper format, request them here as well, also indicating the NAME and REFERENCE of the model.Once we confirm the possibility of sending it, you must pay € 25.00 either by Paypal or by bank transfer so that we can send the paper instructions, if your product is not on the two years warranty from the date of purchase.When you have completed the bank transfer or payment by PayPal, please send here the receipt of the transfer or payment with paypal. Once we check it, we send you the docs inmediately by mail.We indicate the details of the bank account and Paypal under these lines:Bank Transfer to: LA CAIXAES94 2100 8608 9402 0003

If you are a web client, distributor or shopkeeper, you can request your invoice here. Indicate your NAME, CUSTOMER NUMBER & ORDER NUMBER on any of the three cases.

For requesting Spare Parts, please, tell them:- The reference of the model you have once you check it, its close to the bar code or EAN - The references of the parts you need -you can find them on the parts list of the original kit- - Proof of purchase of the original kit, its two year guaranteed as well. - Full name, ID or ID Passport -requested by the Custom House for non European Union countries-, address and telephone number.You will receive an answer asap.

YOU HAVE 7 DAYS FROM THE RECEIPT OF THE PRODUCT / ORDER for returns because it is defective, because it is a different product than the one requested or for not being satisfied. In the latter case, the customer will send the product back with the company he/she wants and will pay the shipping costs. In all cases, YOU MUST INDICATE REASON, NAME AND REFERENCE OF THE PRODUCT, ORDER NUMBER, FULL NAME OF THE CUSTOMER, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER AND ATTACH A PHOTO.

Are you interested in selling our products?Please, contact us here for further information.