Electric Welder 30W / 220V


Electric soldering iron for precision welding.
Power 30W, 220V.
Perfect for modeling tasks and models electrification.

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Soldering iron type 'pen' for precision welding with tin. Its power of 30W makes it suitable for most welding and jobs.


The soldering gun is a very versatile tool that should not be missing in our workshop. Dominate welding parts of photogravure and brass provides the ideal method to get stronger and resistant mergers of these materials. It also allows us to make the best possible way small electrical installations to provide lighting or movement to our models.


The soldering iron tip is maintained with a very high temperature (about 250-300 °C) so we recommend to use a suitable support such as included in the articulated arm with magnifying glass, reference 27022-1, for greater safety at work.

What includes:

Voltage220C AC
Minimum recommended age 14 years old
Product security

It can cause severe burns. It contains dangerous tools if they are not used properly. Keep out of children's reach.

Keep the soldering iron tip in perfect conditions cleaning it, when it is hot, against a strong and damp sponge.

Product careIt is recommended to have the tools free of rust and sharp for safer use.
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