Photo Etched Steel Micro Saws Set


Great Micro Saws Set, Scriber and Adhesive Applicators for modeling and models lovers. It's one of the Micro Tools Collection. The set contains exactly six saws -working on wood and plastic -, a scriber and two cyanoacrylate applicators. The set is made of high quality stainless steel, which ensures a long product longevity.

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The perfect solution for cutting the wood and plastic, to mark the predefined lines of the pieces of the models and to paste the different pieces with precision: Micro Saws Set, from Micro Tools Collection. These tools are made of high quality stainless steel, ensuring the reliability of the same, making the modelers delight.

The Micro Saws Set has six micro saws for working wood and plastic materials, a scriber and two adhesive applicators. Speaking about micro saws, it should be noted that those ones which has a greater separation between the teeth are created more expressively to work the wood. Also, the micro saws can properly adapt to the usual cutter handles.


Before using the different tools, separate them from the original plate and proceed to clean leftover joints. In addition, we recommend that you use some support to separate the pieces from the table when you are cutting with the micro saws, and to press very gently to prevent the blade from bending.

With the scriber, you can mark the lines of the different pieces that previously have been indicated in the model; with adhesive applicators, you can perform the most accurate jobs. In short, the Micro Saws Kit is the set of tools that every lover of modeling should have in his private workshop.


MIcro Saws for Modeling and Miniatures
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