Wooden Model Ship Kit: Red Dragon 1/60


Red Dragon Junk Naval Modeling Kit. Build the wooden model of this Chinese boat and add an exotic touch to your modeler's collection. With the acquisition of the kit you will have all the necessary parts to complete the scale model 1/60 of the boat: wood and metal, threads, cloth for the sails... Enjoy with a ship with more than two thousand six hundred years of history.

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Discover the Red Dragon, a wooden model of this Chinese junk. Still in use in many parts of Southeast Asia, these boats were used for both war and for trade.

The appearance of the junks is documented about 600 BC. The hull has no keel and has a short stern; its sails are made of thick fabric reinforced with reeds, which provides great stability and propulsion. It was one of the most used boats to piracy off the coast of Southeast Asia.



Build your 1/60 scale model of the Red Dragon, a Chinese junk. Its construction system using false keel and frames brings the assembly of your model closer to the construction of the actual ship.

Red Dragon modeling kit includes laser cut board parts, hardwood, brass, die-cast and fabric. For the assembly you can follow our complete full colour step-by-step guide in four languages, accompanied by real-scale drawings of the ship.

EAN: 8421426180206

Minimum age14 years
Difficulty. Who is it for?

Recommended for initiated modelers, a good option to have a first contact with rigging for its simplicity.


Upon completion of the model it has 480 mm long, 440 mm high and 130 mm wide.


The scale of the model is 1/60.

Educational value

Know the classical navigation in Southeast Asia since 600 BC.

What does the kit include?

Laser cut board pieces, wood, brass and die-cast parts. 

Raw cotton sails. 

Detailed assembly instructions with colors images. 

Complete set of drawings in real model scale. 

The model does not include the stand.

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