Set of Tools for Initiation in Modeling and Crafts


Modeling tools set. The set of basic tools for initiation in modeling and crafts brings tools for building your models and crafts easily: includes cutter, curved nose tweezers, white glue, rasp, brush, sander, pliers and Danish oil.

It's the perfect complement for you, a beginner modeler, and for building the boats of 19000 series.

Complete these tools: Professional Modeling Tools

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Set of tools for initiation in modeling and crafts, necessary for the assembly of any model in scale. Buying modeling tools will greatly facilitate the construction of wooden models. This kit of professional tools for modeling has the necessary tools to assemble any scale model and take the practice of modeling to a new level.

Naval modeling, aerial modeling and rail modeling, and of course the art of crafts are lucky with this magnificent toolbox for modeling in wood.

What includes:

Modeling Cutter Nº1

Basic modeller's tool, has many uses as tasks to make in the assembly of our model. With aluminum handle and interchangeable blade.

Curved Nose TweezersFor a comfortable job with small parts and details.
White GlueBasic adhesive for porous materials: wood, cork, paper, etc.
RaspFlat, for roughing and level surfaces.
BrushFor painting details and applying the Danish oil.
PliersFor cutting wires and similar pieces.
SanderWood support for sandpaper. It allows a more comfortable work. Incorporates round and sharp shapes for a more comfortable sanding of certain areas.
Danish Colorless OilOil to finish the wood, possible substitute of the varnish. No colour, it's perfect to protect de wood.

Technical specifications:

Recommended Minimum Age14 years old

Product Safety
Contains dangerous tools if not used properly. Use under adult supervision. Keep out of the reach of children.
Product CareIt is recommended to keep tools rust free and sharp for safer use.
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