About us

Building together since 1970

Artesanía Latina is a brand with 50 years of history specialized in making wooden and metal scale model kits. Its models offer a great building experience with astonishing quality, even in starter kits.

Either if you’re an experienced modeller or somebody who is asking himself if this hobby is for you, we have the perfect kit.
We also offer a complete range of fittings and special tools so you have available anything you can need to build a great replica.

Go on reading and learn a bit about our history.

Passion for scale modelling

Passion for scale modelling is deep in the ARTESANÍA LATINA's DNA from the very beginning.

The same passion that has pushed Excellence Model Kits S.L.U. not to let all these years fall in deaf ears, pushed the founders of the Brand to create it in 1970.

ARTESANÍA LATINA started its course in a small apartment in the city of Barcelona, Spain, with a dream: becoming the most important international naval modelling brand.

The journey started with the handcrafted production of wooden puzzles and the first scale model kits, selling them in the few Barcelona hobby stores. Ship after ship, new product after new product, the brand was able to invest in leading equipment and to create more attractive packagings. With this, a continuously growing products range was being created and the brand started to have a name in the Spanish market.

Going overseas

Almost 10 years later, ARTESANÍA LATINA products were sold around the world. 80% of the total sales came from outside of Spain, sending products to markets as demanding and different as the United States, Canada, Australia or Japan.

Always to offer satisfaction to the final customer, products were continuously improved and a worldwide customer care service was implemented. This was a great success and supposed an increased appreciation of the brand.

Recent years

In these 50 years, ARTESANÍA LATINA has continued its evolution attending consumer’s needs, sharing day after day, year after year, our great passion for this hobby.

Therefore Excellence Model Kits S.L.U. wants to continue bringing to your home, for many more years, Artesanía Latina astonishing scale model kits and invites you to discover the great new products that are coming soon.