Wooden Model for Kids +8: Cleopatra’s Egyptian Galley

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One of the most desired construction toys for kids... Also by their parents! Wooden model of Cleopatra’s Egyptian ship. Build, decorate and enjoy this historic galley scale model. For those over 8 years old. The kit contains 82 parts and once finished it is 10.62’’ (270 mm) length.

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Within the Art&Kids Collection you will find a wide catalog of wooden models for children, ideal for introducing the kids into wood model building and awakening their creativity and ingenuity.

With the wooden model for kids of this Egyptian boat for Cleopatra, children over 8 years old and adults get high levels of fun: easy assembly, high quality materials, moving parts, stickers, glues and safe paints for the kids, DVD instructions... Share your passion!

This scale model has 82 parts and when it is finished Cleopatra’s galley is 10.62’’ (270 mm) length. The ultimate building game for kids!


Ancient Egypt did not have much naval tradition, although it is true that it had a river fleet to be able to navigate the most important and famous river in the country: the Nile, the source of life for the Egyptians. All that changed somewhat with the arrival of the New Kingdom when it received external maritime threats.

For this reason, Pharaoh Ramses III (1184-1153 BC) decided to build war vessels that managed to stop the incursions: the Egyptian galleys. In this way, Egypt let its enemies see that it could already defend itself against the invaders coming from the sea, as in the well-known Battle of the Delta, which took place in 1177 BC.

The pharaohs used the war galleys in all their conflicts and also for other transportation purposes. Now we present to you the wooden model for kids of Cleopatra's Galley. Guaranteed entertainment for the little ones in the house as well as for their parents and grandparents.


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8 years

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