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    Discover the renewed ship models of legendary wooden boats miniatures. Essential artworks of ship modeling that will delight beginner modelers and the most expert. Surprise yourself with its high quality materials and easy assembly thanks to the best instructions on the market. Build one of these legendary ships .. Or all of them!

  • Modelcrafts: Initiation

    If you're just starting out on the fascinating world of ship modeling, we have the best ship models for beginners on the market.   

    Model ships

    Discover our varied range of models of naval modeling for beginners: highest quality boats, optimal instructions and lowest price.

  • Modelcrafts: Intermediate

    Find Intermediate Level wooden model ships here.

    Model ships

    If you have enjoyed in the naval modeling or modelcraft world, discover here all the Intermediate Level models that we propose. It is a level after Initiation and prior to Advanced.

  • Modelcrafts: Advanced


    The best modelcrafts of historic wooden ships of Advanced Level, after Initiation and Intermdiate, and prior to Elite.

    Model Ships

    In our section of Advanced Level model ships you can find renown fantastic ships such as the Mississippi, Mayflower and Independence, among others.

  • Modelcrafts: Elite

    The master in naval modeling can find here fantastic historical ships with milimeter details.

    Model ships

    Reach the maximum level with our model ships of Elite Level assembling modelcrafts in large size with a lot of details that will surprise you.


  • Spanish Ship Models

    Build these fantastic Spanish ship models made in wood! The naval history of Spain is essential. It was born with the union of its different kingdoms at the end of the XV century and the beginning of the XVI. Since then it is known as the Spanish Armada: the first to establish unifying regulations for the use of each warship, to include marine infantry and many other pioneering actions.

  • French Ship Models

    Build our French model ships! French naval history comes from the Middle Ages, back in the 14th century. It is also fundamental at a planetary level, both on the military and civil fields. The French Marine Nationale is known as La Royale. It brought technological innovations in the 19th century such as the first steam line ship and the first oceanic armored ship, among others.

  • British Ship Models

    Build wooden ship models from British history! The first English navy dates from the ninth century, but Henry VIII was in the sixteenth century who created the Royal Navy that we know today, called Senior Service because it is the oldest in the defense of the country. It is also the most powerful in the world from the eighteenth century until World War II. Among its most famous ships are HMS Bounty and HMS Endeavor, among others.

  • European Ship Models

    Build wooden ship models from European history! Here you can find from Viking ship called Drakkar to Dutch fishing boats. All the European ships except the Spanish, French and British ones. Great quality scale models with instructions in numerous languages ​​that will delight the modelers or model makers.

  • North American Ship...

    Build historic American wooden ship models! From its beginnings in the late eighteenth century, when the United States achieved its independence from the British, US naval history is the most important. Here you will see varied scale models: from essential frigates like the US Constellation to steamboats like the King of the Mississippi. The relevant Canadian ships also have a place here.

  • World Ship Models

    Build historic wooden ship models from the entire planet! Here you can find a selection of boat on the planet, especially from continents such as Asia, and generic vessels that do not belong to a specific country: from scale models of Arab dhows and Chinese junks to tugboats of large ships.

  • Build & navigate (R/C)

    It's time to feel new experiences on ship modeling! Would you like to see how your ship models navigate a river, the sea or your own pool? Choose your navigable and ready for Radio Control (R/C) ship model: enjoy many days of leisure while you are building it and, of course, once it is assembled. Our tugboats will make you feel like a child playing with your first R/C.

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Established as a leading company in the world in the manufacture and sale of naval modeling products, we find it fascinating to be part of this experience with all our clients. Naval modeling is a truly exciting hobby, and the possibility of recreating ship models that have been an active part of history, and have played fundamental roles in the world we know today, is more than interesting. This passion not only allows us to enjoy creating increasingly detailed models, but also allows us to go through the past and learn new things about history.

There are as many naval modeling options as we can imagine, and each one has its own essence and its own secrets to discover. And it is that we can find different techniques and accessories for each ship model and, therefore, different experiences are lived in each assembly or in the construction of the same.

Learn a little more about naval modeling

Naval modeling consists of a discipline whose origins go back thousands of years.

In its origins, the construction of scale ship models responded to the need to know in detail the characteristics that real ships would present, which would be used to carry out some type of fundamental work in the societies of yesteryear, almost always related with commerce, fishing, or with warlike conflicts. Nowadays, technological advances have made it possible that it is not necessary to spend so much time to get to know the peculiarities and features of the ships to be built, so naval modeling has become a way to enjoy in our free time and to enjoy know facts of our history through each model.

This question denotes the breadth of possibilities that this magnificent hobby entails. And it is that you can create and manufacture as many models as models of ships, fishing boats and galleons have crossed the seas of history.

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