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    • Sets

      Sets of modeling and crafts tools that will allow the modeler to avoid headaches to know what tools to buy if you are begginer or if you are an expert as you do not waste time when you are looking for utensils... Besides the kits have a cheaper price than if you order the tools individually! A unique opportunity to create a tool case easily!

    • Micro Tools for Modeling

      Micro Tools for modeling. All a series of high quality small size tools to be able to work the different materials of a wooden model, above all, of ship modeling. It also serves to work the metal and plastic. Essential for any amateur or professional modeler.

    • Electric

      Do you want to build modelcrafts with greater precision and comfort? The electric tools for modeling and other crafts are the best option: welders, drills, saws, articulated arms, airbrushes... You can even find specific ship modeling tools such as electric plank bender. Help yourself to enjoy your passion!

    • Pliers & Tweezers

      A modeler needs good tools to assemble modelcrafts. Here you can find the best pliers and tweezers for modeling and other crafts. These modeling tools allow you to grab and place very small or hidden elements, and cut and bend wires and parts, among other actions. Choose yours!

    • Cutters & Saws

      The modeler requires modeling tools to cut and saw pieces and threads of modelcrafts. Here is a quality selection with the best cutters and their spare parts such as blades and dispensers, cutting guillotines, cutting mats to cut with precision avoiding damages on other surfaces, and different sizes of saws. All for model building, crafts or other hobbies!

    • Files & Sanders

      With the best files, sanders and sandpapers of this selection of modeling tools, the modeler can rough down the different parts of the modelcrafts to obtain the best result. Your scale models will be free of any piece of excess wood, it will be perfect thanks to these sets of files and sandpapers We cannot forget a specific tool for ship modeling: the micro shapers.

    • Drills & Bits

      Hole and nail points: two of the most common actions when you are building a modelcraft. The modeler needs modeling tools such as drills -manual and electric-, mini drills, bits, mini drills, punches, nailers for wood and, of course, hammers. Here you have all. What do not you have in your workshop?

    • Magnifying glasses

      Is difficult to work with small pieces when you are building your modelcraft or having fun with other crafts? Our magnifying glasses are designed for modeling as well as for other hobbies. Choose the ones that pay off each process. Increase the reality of your hobby!

    • Magnifying lamps

      Difficulty seeing small pieces when you are building your modelcraft or doing other crafts? Our magnifying glass lamps are the best solution for modeling and for all types of hobbies you will find on market. With powerful LED bulbs and varied magnifications, you will see precisely how to work perfectly.

    • Brushes

      Artesania Latina’s brushes let you to paint and varnish all your modelcrafts and your hobby’s creations easily and with quality of finishes. Their varied sizes allow to give color to the smallest pieces as well as to the largest of each scale model.

    • Workshop & Measurements

      Organize your modeler's room or others hobbies rooms! Here you can find a fantastic workshop to keep safe all the tools and paintings; cutting mats to protect the work table; hull supports to build ship models; mini clamps and clamps to fix different elements; and all kinds of products to measure, from rules to calibers.

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