• Birch

    The birch wood is perfect for model building and for many other crafts. It has a clear tone and allows to achieve fine finishes. Its handling is easy as it supports sawing, brushing, gluing and varnishing without any problem. It has some of the best value for money in the market. Modeling, especially ship modeling, loves birch wood!

  • Walnut

    The walnut wood is very appreciated by professionals and, also, by amateurs in many delicate crafts, among them, those related to model building, in general, and naval modeling, in particular. It is ductile, not too hard, docile in the carving and one of the brightest after the application of varnish or lacquer. Here you will find walnut plates, walnut bars and walnut covers, in different sizes.

  • Sapelly

    Another good wood for ship modeling, modeling in general, and other crafts is the sapelly one. It has a color similar to walnut but more pink, reddish or purple. Sapelly wood is very resistant to the weather after many years. Here you can find sapelly sheets, plates, strips and bars. Start to build your illusion!

  • Tilia

    Tilia wood is world renowned for being the best for wood carvings, so imagine how optimal it is for modeling and crafts. Tilia wood is even clearer than birch, very thin and easy to treat. Here you will find tilia sheets and plates. Build with the best wood!

  • Balsa wood

    Get the balsa wood plates to build modelcrafts and make other crafts: incredible price with the enormous quality of Artesania Latina. Balsa wood sheets available in different sizes to adapt to your needs when you are on the process of modeling. Create your dreams from 0!

  • Boards

    The tilia plywood board is great for manual works such as modeling for its lightness, softness, clear tone and uniformity of the material. Choose between the different thicknesses that we have to create your own spare parts or customized pieces. It's the material you need!

  • Bases/Stands & Supports

    Display your modelcraft properly! With our sapelly and walnut bases or stands, and our supports made of different materials you will achieve it. Essential, above all, for ship models. Avoid that your creations fall and try your balance with these elements!

  • Moldings

    With Artesania Latina’s sapelly and walnut moldings you can build the showcase for your modelcrafts or for your craft creations. Also, you can embellish them with our decorative and beautiful brass corner pieces. Start building your own museum!

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