• Adhesive & Finish

    To build modelcrafts and to make many other crafts you need adhesives such as white glue, cyanoacrylate and polarizer, as well as adhesive tape. On the other hand, to give a good finish to the model, it is necessary to use sandpapers before painting and Japanese masking tape on the painting or varnishing process. Here you will find everything!

  • Rigging

    Here you have a selection of ship modeling accessories to build ship models rigging. You will find dead eyes; single, double & triple blocks; treenails & belaying pins; hard tracks; cleats & stern mooring cleats; fairleads & bitts; and tensors & snatch blocks.

  • Cotton Threads & Metal...

    The cotton threads are essential when the modeler is building any rigging on ship models. Here you can find cotton threads with different diameters and colors, in addition to the comfortable scissors for threads. We also have galvanized metal, brass or stainless steel wires.

  • Metal

    Selection of metal accessories for ship modeling, model building and other crafts: we have brass rings for rigging; hinges for rudders, cannons and doors; brass chains for anchors; ringbolts for the maneuvers of the cannons; plates for the coating of the hull; if you do not like glue, nails or tips; and stainless steel wires for the most modern models. All of them, with different diameters, shapes and colors. Collect all what you need!

  • Columns & Gratings

    To embellish ship models, naval modeling accessories are the best option: nothing better than creating a balustrade with columns or to build gratings. For this, we have packs of numerous units of boxwood and walnut columns with different sizes and shapes; and of gratings with different measures.

  • Barrels/Cannon Portholes

    Our boxwood and walnut barrels provide a fundamental decorative touch to characterize the deck of any ship model. Other accessories of naval modeling that beautify the scale models are the cannon portholes. These are placed on the hulls of the ships to embellish the holes through which the weapons exit.

  • Cannons & Weapons

    Thanks to the varied selection of cannons and weapons from our catalog of accessories for ship models you can decorate the modelcrafts of your boats with elements that will give then even more realism. Find ancient and modern cannons of different types, sizes and colors!

  • Anchors & Rudders

    Selection of anchors and rudders to decorate any model ship, these ones are two essential naval modeling accessories: articulated anchors, Spanish anchors with trap, anchors with four spikes; and rudder sets. All these decorative elements, with different sizes, shapes and colors. In addition, you will also find the hinges to place any rudder.

  • Screws & Capstans

    Selection of screws and capstans to decorate any model ship, these are two essential naval modeling accessories: normal screws and screws with axle, horizontal and vertical capstans. All these decorative elements, with different sizes, shapes and colors.

  • Stanchions & Portholes

    The details are very important on ship modeling. Accessories such as stanchions and portholes provide a great realism on ship models. This selection has one-hole, two-hole, and U-shaped stanchions with various sizes; as well as portholes in metal with different diameters.

  • Human Figures

    Do you think that something is missing from your ship model? Yes, it lacks the human figures of the military that govern the ship. This is the solution: a selection of metal figures representing from deck, lookout and climbers sailors to topmen and manoeuvrers; from riflemen to first officers; and from helmsmen to captains. Ready to be assembled and painted.

  • More Accessories

    In this section you will find numerous and varied decorative accessories for naval modeling: stairs, buckets, beech tops, small boat jibs, nets, lamps, life preservers, hooks, small boats, lifeboats, whistles, tyres and bilge pumps, among other elements for model ships.

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