Synthetic Hair Round Brush – 1

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The synthetic hair round brush size 1 helps to achieve the best finishes for your scale model or for your crafts. The type and brand of brush you use to paint or varnish is a fundamental thing. That is why Artesania Latina brushes have high quality standards due to their golden synthetic hairs and their closed and continuous splints or metal ferrules, which hold the brush hairs perfectly. This brush in particular is one of the smallest you can use. Model building and other hobbies are more enjoyable using our brushes!

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With the synthetic hair round brush size 1, made by Artesania Latina, the modeler or hobbyist can paint and varnish with precision to achieve the best finishes for their models or for their creations handcrafted.

For modeling activities, we strongly recommend the use of brushes with golden synthetic hair like this one. They suffer much less than those with natural hair with the use of solvents and paints, in addition to being much more durable and resistant. They adapt optimally to different surfaces.

This synthetic hair round brush is one of the smallest on the market as it is size 1. The smaller number -from 0 to 24-, the smaller thickness and volume of the brush's hair. The bigger number, the thicker or wider the hair is. The rounded shape of its hair is completely regular and pointed, it is well placed. Its closed and continuous splint or metal ferrule supports your hair perfectly, a great indication of its high quality.

The inside of the size 1 synthetic hair round brush is airtight and its handle is made of wood, thus providing a pleasant experience in the painting process. It is approximately 20 cm long.


Round brushes are usually used for smaller parts or details, they have a round splint and a tip. In this case, the synthetic hair round brush 1 is perfectly suitable for painting small curved and rounded parts.

If you want to clean the synthetic hair round brush after applying layers of acrylic paints and varnishes, use water or alcohol. For layers of oil and other types, white spirit for example. In a container, put the cleaning product and move the brush inside it, rubbing the hair lightly with the bottom of the container so that it penetrates the hair. Once rinsed, scrub the brush gently with mild soap until no residue remains.

Artesania Latina has a wide catalog of quick-drying acrylic paints in two formats: jars of water-based paints and sets of water-based paints for models. They are the most suitable paints for our brushes, for this round brush with synthetic hair size 1.

Finally, if you want to pour the paints into numerous containers, mix them and be able to use them with your brush, we recommend using our Plastic Palette for Paints with 10+1 Boxes.


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