Cutting Saw Blade with Ergonomic Handle

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Magnificent cutting saw blade with ergonomic handle. Belonging to Artesania Latina Hobby Tools collection, the saw is the perfect crafts and modeling tool for cutting parts made of wood, plastic and metal. The fine toothed saw or thin jagged saw for precision cuts is made of high quality metal, which ensures a long product life. Other tools such as our cutter blades can be attached to the handle. For greater precision, do not hesitate to also accompany it with our aluminum miter box.

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The perfect solution for cutting wood and plastic, as well as many other materials: the cutting saw from Artesanía Latina. This multipurpose tool is made of high quality materials. high quality, thus ensuring their reliability and thus delighting modelers . It has an ergonomic handle to which you can even put the blades of our cutters, which are for sale separately.

The saw blade is fine-toothed, which allows precision cuts in wood, plastic and other materials. It is an indispensable modeling tool in any modeling and crafts workshop, given its great functionality.


Cutting tasks during the construction of models or other crafts often require precise angular cuts. If you do not have a good cutting guide for this, the results may not be optimal. For this reason, Artesania Latina recommends that its modeling friends accompany the sierra with the miter box made of anodized aluminum.

Artesania Latina miter box is an essential modeling tool if the modeler or hobbyist needs different corners of parts to fit together perfectly. By means of precise angles of 45º and 90º you can make perfect cuts. You can also get that the different ends of the parts fit 100%.


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