Cutter for Designer with Soft Handle & 6 Blades

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Discover our Cutter for Designer with 6 blades. The cutter has a soft handle and fluted parts for a perfect grip. The shapes of the 6 blades of the cutter allow various types of incisions to be made. With this craft and modeling tool you can make precision cuts with comfort on materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic and wood. The scalpel type cutter is made of high quality materials, it is an indispensable tool at your crafts or modeling workshop.

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Artesanía Latina's cutter for designer and 6 blades has been designed so that modelers and hobbyists of other crafts can overcome the most difficult challenges. It is a fundamental modeling tool on any model making workshop because it helps enormously to perform different types of cuts during the model building phase or during the creation of other objects.

Thanks to this scalpel type cutter you can cut small and thin parts made of wood, cardboard, paper and plastic with great precision and different methods. Make different types of cuts and incisions as the blades are very durable. Cutting will now be easier, as well as being able to achieve cuts in numerous ways.


Cutter for designer is scalpel type, we mean, it is like a straight pencil with metal handle and an interchangeable metal tip. The cutter has six blades of knives to be able to change them according to the cutting needs or their deterioration. When one wears out, replace it with the other one.

Its practical and functional design allows cuts with great precision since the scalpel-type cutter is held in the hand and works with it as if it were a pen. It is a tool for modeling and other crafts that should be present in your briefcase when you want to undertake detail work on any model to build or any other creation.


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14 years

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