8 Spare Blades for Cutter N5

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Discover our blister with 8 Spare Blades for Cutter N5. Easy to insert into its corresponding cutter, either of the scalpel type or with a larger ergonomic handle, the different shapes of the eight blades allow various and numerous types of incisions to be made during the model building process and other crafts. With these cratf and modeling tools, you can make cuts with precision and comfort in materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic and wood. They are indispensable at your craft or modeling workshop.

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The blister pack with 8 blades with different shapes for Artesanía Latina's cutter N5 has been designed with the aim that modelers and hobbyists of other crafts can overcome the most difficult challenges. They are fundamental modeling tools at any model making workshop because it helps enormously to perform different types of cutting during the model building processes or during the creation phases of other objects.

Thanks to these blades for cutter N5 you can cut small and fine parts made of wood, cardboard, paper and plastic with extreme precision and with different methods. By means of the 8 blades with various shapes that the blister brings, you can obtain different types of cuts and incisions since each one of them has a unique format. Cutting will now be easier, as well as being able to achieve cuts in numerous ways.


The blister with 8 precision blades for modeling and other hobbies are used as a replacement for the cutter N5, in order to change them according to the cutting needs: square straight, triangular straight, very pointed, with more or less angle, among other shapes.

Its practical and functional design allows cutting with great precision since the Artesania Latina scalpel-type cutter and the ergonomic cutter for which these blades are used, for example, is held in the hand as if it were a pen and the other one is very comfortable. They are tools for modeling and other crafts that should be present in your briefcase when you want to undertake detail work on any model to build or any other creation.


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