Electric Soldering Iron 30W / 220 Volts

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The Electric Soldering Iron for precision welding with tin is a basic handicraft and modeling tool for tasks related to metal work, such as photo-etching and brass. Designed and manufactured by the Artesanía Latina team, the pencil-type soldering iron has a power of 30 watts and accepts an electrical current of 220 volts. It is a perfect tool for the construction and electrification of scale models. Indispensable at your crafts and modeling workshop!

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The Electric Soldering Iron for precision soldering with tin is a modeling and basic craft tool for metal-related work, such as photo-etched and brass. Artesanía Latina's 'pencil' type electric soldering iron for precision welding with tin is rated at 30W, making it suitable for most soldering and tasks. The electric soldering iron is a very versatile tool that should not be missing in any type of workshop.

Power 30W
Voltage 220 v AC
Minimum recommended age

14 years old

Product security

It can cause severe burns. It contains dangerous tools if they are not used properly. Keep out of children's reach.

Product care

Keep the soldering iron tip in perfect conditions cleaning it, when it is hot, against a strong and damp sponge.

It is recommended to have the tools free of rust and sharp for safer use.


The 30W electric soldering iron from Artesania Latina allows you to master the welding of photo-etched and brass parts as it provides the ideal method to obtain the strongest and most resistant joints in these materials with tin. Therefore, it is great for the construction of any model and many other crafts.

The 30W electric soldering iron also allows us to make the best possible small electrical installations to provide lighting or movement to your scale models. The tip of the soldering iron is kept at a very high temperature (around 250 - 300 ºC) so we recommend using a suitable support for greater safety during work.


Data sheet

Minimum age
14 years

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