Thick Cyanoacrylate for Porous Materials (40 gr - 20 gr x 2 Units)

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Basic crafts and modeling tools to glue any kind of part or object with perfect fixation: adhesives. The pack with 2 jars of Thick Cyanoacrylate 20 gr each (40 gr total) made by Artesania Latina brings a glue easy to apply for instant joining of parts. Ideal for gluing wood and other porous materials such as cardboard, carpet, cork, fabrics and tablex. The thick cyanoacrylate has a nozzle for easy opening and closing, thus preventing any type of spillage or the cyanoacrylate itself from drying out. It is a pack of fantastic products for naval modeling in wood, sewing, fashion and crafts with cork and cardboard, among other applications.

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Discover this fantastic pack of adhesives, made by Artesania Latina, with 2 jars of thick cyanoacrylate for wood (high viscosity). It is ideal for joining all types of wood and other porous materials parts (20 gr each, 40 gr total), with a fine cannula for easy application and a cap to prevent spillage. It is highly recommended to optimally accommodate the application of wood cyanoacrylate and, therefore, establish the clearance as it is a dense and slower drying cyanoacrylate compared to other cyanoacrylates.

It is a crafts and modeling tool, basic to be able to glue any type of part or object with perfect fixation.


Talking about the uses of thick cyanoacrylate, this helps you enormously, for example, to build wooden ship models, that is, everything related to wooden naval modeling. It perfectly fixes all the parts so that your naval replica is dazzling.

It is also very useful for tasks related to many other crafts such as sewing and fashion, and crafts with cardboard, cork and rubber, among others. The thick cyanoacrylate is indicated for wood, cardboard, carpet, cork, fabrics and tablex, among other porous materials. Our dense cyanoacrylate is solvent-free.

As a recommendation from our modelers, put a drop of dense cyanoacrylate on the two parts to be glued. At that moment, put the two parts together. Be careful because as soon as you glue them they will not be able to detach from each other. The best fixation of parts you can find on the market.

Store and protect the thick cyanoacrylate jar for better conservation in a place out of the sun, dry and at a cool temperature. Wash your hands repeatedly with lukewarm water in case they stick to the product.