Set of 2 Metal Mini Clamps

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Modeling tool of essential fastening to fix and join parts that have been glued without any type of movement, to sand and carve them by holding them to the table or to fasten any other tool or object. Artesania Latina Set of 2 Metal Mini Clamps will allow you to hold those parts you want to work on and glue during the drying process of the adhesive. You can vary the opening of the mini clamp according to the needs that the parts require, taking into account that the maximum width to which it can be opened is 1.57'' (40 mm). Get the best results when gluing pieces while you are building models or doing other crafts with this set of 2 mini clamps. An indispensable tool at your workshop!

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The set of 2 small metal clamps from Artesania Latina is the essential tool to hold pieces when you are building any type of model or when you are entertaining with others crafts.

The maximum opening of each of the two metal clamps is 1.57'' (40 mm). Its mechanism is based on two jaws joined by a screw with a plastic base that hold the part to be treated when the aforementioned screw is tightened or opened.

It is made with high quality materials so its resistance and longevity are ensured, thus complying with the demands of our customer friends.


Regarding the uses of the set of 2 mini clamps, these are a modeling tool fundamental to hold, fix and join parts that have been glued without any type of movement while the adhesive dries.

The set of 2 mini clamps is also very useful for sanding and carving parts by holding them to the table or to keep any other tool or object on the table.

In this way, you will obtain optimal results in any task related to the wonderful hobby of model building and of any type of handicraft. Feel free to add the set of 2 mini clamps to your workshop!


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