Japanese Masking Tape 18 mm width and 50 m length

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Essential accessory for airbrushing and for brush painting if you want to obtain the best result. Roll of Japanese Masking Tape 18 mm (0.70'') width and 50 meters length. It leaves no residue after removal. It has a low-adhesion, so Japanese masking tape is perfect for painting delicate surfaces. Tape them up and protect them when you are painting that piece or part. Use the Japanese tape to achieve optimal finishes. Ideal for modeling and all kinds of crafts.

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The Japanese Masking Tape 18 mm of Artesania Latina is a fundamental accessory for airbrushing at your paint shop to protect painted areas that you do not want to stain. In this sense, it does not leave any type of residue when it is removed after painting that delicate surface, so the area covered by the glue is not damaged as it is low-adhesion. The dimensions of the Japanese tape are 0.70'' (18 mm) width and and 50 meters length.

The 18mm Japanese masking tape for protecting sensitive parts is made of professional rice paper. Any type of paint application is designed, either with an airbrush or with a brush handly, and for all types of paints. It provides you with the necessary masking in the painting processes.


Paint with precision and neatness any model or other handicraft with Japanese masking tape 18 mm. The uses of Japanese masking tape are varied, since it enables the exact painting of parts or pieces of any scale model or object. It can be applied to all types of materials such as wood, metal, paper, cardboard, fabric or eva rubber, among others.

Modeling and other crafts are some of the activities in which the 18 mm Japanese masking tape is essential if you want the finishes of what you paint to be excellent. We recommend that the surface be taped once it has been cleaned and is free of excess, oil or any type of dirt.


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