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Paints Set for Ship Model: Tugboat Atlantic

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The water-based paints set by Artesania Latina for the tugboat model Atlantic is the ideal product so that the finish of this miniature replica is perfect and faithful to the original. Bring it into your modeling workshop to make this 1:50 scale ship model and many others shine once they've been built. The set of water-based and acrylic paints for model of this tugboat Atlantic has a reduced price compared to buying the paints individually!


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The water-based paints set for tugboat Atlantic consists of 12 jars of different paints, each one with 20 ml of product. In this sense, it includes the following colors in paints: Off-White (x2), Off-Black (x2), Grey FS36375, Hull Red (x2), Vermilion, Deep Yellow, Aluminium, Gold and Bright Blue.

Acrylic paints, such as these from Artesania Latina, are the most used by expert modelers, since they are the most suitable for airbrush application. The set of water-based paints for Atlantic model is water-based and acrylic. Indispensable at your modeling workshop!


The set of paints for tugboat model Atlantic can be used to paint this 1:50 scale model made by Artesania Latina. They are perfectly suitable for use with airbrush, although they can also be used with brush.

These water-based acrylic paints can be diluted with alcohol or thinner less corrosive, less toxic and they deposit less, that is, much stirring is not required to achieve a uniform texture.

The drying time of the set of water-based paints for tugboat model Atlantic is very short since they usually dry to the touch in about 20 minutes and completely in an hour. If you need to apply a second coat, you will only have to wait approximately 6 hours. It is advisable to give it a primer layer before applying our paints.

In short, you will be able to work with airbrushes and their techniques thanks to this set of paints for Atlantic model. The airbrushing will provide you with the best results in the finishes of your models by means of these paints!