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American Walnut Rod Pack ø10 x 1000 mm (2 Pcs.)

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The american walnut rod pack is used for numerous uses both on modeling and on other hobbies, crafts and school work, among other activities. Each pack contains 2 units of solid wood rods from the aforementioned tree. Each of these measures 0.393'' (10mm) in diameter and 39.37'' (1000mm) length. In the field of models, to be more precise, american walnut rods are useful so that the modeler can create spare or custom parts.

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Pack of american walnut rods with 2 units. Its measures are 0.393'' (10mm) in diameter and 39.37'' (1000mm) length each of these. It is a material characterized by being of high quality solid wood. Multiple uses both in modeling and in other hobbies, fine woodwork, crafts and school work. Speaking of modeling, to be more exact, these american walnut rods are perfect for the modeler, since they can create spare or custom parts.

In construction processes of naval modeling kits, it is used for actions such as creating masts and yards, mainly, in addition to any detail with a cylindrical shape. It is a material characterized by its fine, high-quality finish.

Why have we chosen american walnut wood to make our rods? It is considered in Europe as one of the best woods. It is characterized by being brown with grayish tones and some yellow touches. Very strong and durable, it is very difficult to scratch or damage. It is highly valued by modelers and other hobbyists given its high hardness and fine texture, as well as its ease of work and handling. This makes american walnut an ideal option for carving, turning and all kinds of manual work.

It can be handled and worked with total simplicity, it may be the optimal alternative for work by hand. Of course, it performs fantastically when it comes to gluing and finishing. Drying is quick and easy. It is an ultra light wood.


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American Walnut
Pack of 2 units

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