Set of Basic Modeling Tools Nº1

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Modeling tools set. The kit of basic modeling tools brings tools to build your ships, planes and trains models easily: includes cutter, tip nailer, hand drill, oblique cutting pliersthread tweezers and sander dowel. It includes some of the tools that every modeler should have in the initiation phase.

Complete these tools for modeling with another set: Professional Modeling Tools Set Nº1. 

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Set of basic tools for modeling, necessary for the assembly of any ship model in scale. Buying modeling tools will greatly facilitate the construction of wooden models. This kit of basic tools for modeling has the necessary tools to assemble any scale model.

Naval modeling, aerial modeling and rail modeling are lucky with this magnificent toolbox for modeling in wood.


Modeling Cutter Nº1
Basic modeller's tool, has many uses as tasks to make in the assembly of our model. With aluminum handle and interchangeable blade.
Tip Nailer
Tool for a greater comfort when nailing brass iron tips, replacing the usual hammer. Specific for naval modeling. We recommend using brass-plated iron nails, easier to sand once the heads are cut.
Hand-Operated Drill

With double caliper and 1 mm drill bit. Perfect for working the details in wood and soft plastic like polystyrene.

Cutting Pliers

For cutting of wires, plastic, soft metal and wood. Oblique cutting pliers, with protected anti-slip handle against hardness on your hands.

Scissors for Threads

Japanese style, ideal for working with the threads of our models. Precise on the cutting of the threads of the maneuvers of the boats. Easy handling with two fingers and very sharp tips.

Sander Dowel

Support for the sandpaper for a more comfortable work, with rounded and sharp shapes to sand with these forms. Ideal for wood because it leaves smooth and homogeneous surfaces. In addition, it is very comfortable in its use because it is ergonomic shape.


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