Waterline Marker for Model Ships

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One of the most necessary products from Artesanía Latina when you are building the hulls of wooden model ships. The waterline marker is indispensable for any naval modeler. It is a fantastic tool that allows, with the help of a pencil, to mark that line around the ship, including measurements in both metric and imperial systems. Take it to your workshop quickly!

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The waterline marker for naval models is an indispensable tool for any ship modeler. It allows you to mark the line on the hull of the ship model with total precision. Holding the ship on its base or on the hull support (27011) sold separately, this fantastic tool is used to mark with a pencil the waterline around it. In general, it can be used as a gauge to mark lines parallel to the work surface.

It is adjustable in height and includes measurements in both metric and imperial systems. It is made with parts of plywood cut by laser for its optimal assembly -it requires its construction- and it holds the pencil with a small wedge.

The modeler already has the highly demanded and successful waterline marker from Artesanía Latina so that she/he can assemble her/his ship models on an easier and faster way. Your workshop is asking for it!