Claw Pliers for Small and Complex Parts

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Extensible Claw Pliers made of metal with a ballpen shape. Ideal for the correct support of rounded or complex shapes parts while you are building your model. One of the essential modeling tools in the case of any modeler that works with precision and control: the pliers with claw.

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Extensible Claw Pliers. Perfect when the modeler wants to hold parts with rounded, oval or cylindrical shapes while he/she is assembling any model. One of the necessary modeling tools in the briefcase of any modeler who wants to hold tha parts with precision and control: the claw pliers with extensible claw by means of a button in the superior part of the same one.

As an example, the pliers with claw are fantastic to catch and manipulate the hard tracks of the boats masts.


The claw pliers from Artesania Latina will help you on modeling, during the construction of your scale models made of wood, plastic and / or metal, as well as in tasks related to jewelry, electronics and electricity, for example. The Complex Small Parts Claw Pliers is built with your toughest challenges in mind. When you can't pick up or drop a round or odd part from your model, jewelry, or electronic gadget, this modeling tool will help you fix that problem and move on to the next stage. With this claw gripper, you will add new building techniques and advance your modeling practice.

Any specific modeling tool is very necessary when you are building models made of all kinds of materials. The claw gripper for complex small parts allows the modeler or lover of other crafts to gain new skills. Your modeling, jewelry or electronics workshop should have tools like these ones, since they solve even the smallest problem during the assembly processes.


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