Transparent Semi-Gloss Varnish (125 ml)

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Water-based semi-gloss transparent varnish for varnishing wood or any other porous surface. Artesania Latina jar of transparent water-based satin varnish contains 125 ml of product. Odorless, with great ease of brush and airbrush application and exceptional finishing. Excellent resistance and durability. It will help you to ensure that the result after applying it to your wood creations, both models and other crafts, is as desired. Add it to your model building workshop to make your wooden models shine once they are built! You can also get this semi-gloss transparent varnish with the acquisition of Set of Basic Finishes, along with two other products: airbush thinner and white primer filler.

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The transparent semi-gloss water-based varnish for wood is used to varnish any model of wood and crafts made of the same material or any other porous material, among other creations. No need to stain the wood or surface beforehand. It offers a silky finish with optimal elasticity. Virtually odorless. It is presented in a bottle with a quantity of 125 ml of product.

Its formulation includes additives that give it a high capacity to filter ultraviolet rays from sunlight, turning it into a long-lasting varnish that does not yellow. Formulated 100% water-based, they can be diluted with water or mixed with each other to obtain other shades. These additives also give it its characteristic pinkish color, which disappears when it dries.

Our finishing products are the most used by the expert modeler, since they are the most suitable for application by airbrush and brush. The transparent semi-gloss water-based varnish for wood, during the processes of painting and varnishing wooden models and other crafts, is essential in your modeling workshop!


The transparent satin water-based varnish for wood is used to achieve the best finish on all types of wooden surfaces and models and other porous materials. It can be used for any painting process of the Artesania Latina wooden modeling kits, whether they are boats, planes or other types of vehicles. It is perfectly suitable for use with airbrush, although it can also be used with brush.

Regarding the uses of this transparent satin water-based varnish, perform the following steps for its application. Shake the bottle well before use. The surface to be stained must be clean and dry. Apply with a brush or pin, wetting abundantly and evenly, and remove the excess with a cotton cloth. The application can be repeated to obtain a more saturated and intense tone. We emphasize that you can also paint with an airbrush if it is easier for you. It is easy to apply, for which we recommend our specific thinner for airbrush.

- Dry to the touch: 2-3 hours at 20ºC

- Repainted: 10-12 hours at 20ºC

In short, you can work with airbrushes and their techniques thanks to this magnificent dye varnish. The airbrushing will provide you with the best results in the finishes of your models and wood creations using this transparent satin water-based varnish.


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