Liquid for Brass Bluing (125 ml)

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Thanks to this liquid for brass bluing you can get a blackish and aged appearance for any brass part. It is ideal as a finish for many pieces of your models and projects. The jar of liquid for brass bluing, made by Artesania Latina, contains 125 ml of product. It will help you to ensure that the result after applying it to your creations, both models and other crafts, is the wanted. Bring it into your model building workshop to treat the brass parts of your scale models.

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The brass bluing liquid is a new formula that, when applied to brass, causes its surface oxidation, offering a blackish and aged appearance, a very interesting aesthetic for many parts in whatever your modeling or crafts project may be. It is presented in a jar with a quantity of 125 ml of product.

Our finishing products are the most used by the expert modeler, since they are the most suitable for their application. Our liquid for brass bluing is a must in your modeling and other craft workshop!


The liquid for brass bluing is used to achieve the best finish in pieces of this material belonging to models and other DIY projects. It can be used for any painting process of Artesania Latina wooden modeling kits: boats, airplanes or other types of vehicles.

ATTENTION: Due to the slightly acidic nature of this product, it is mandatory to wear protective gloves and glasses during use and handling.

Regarding the uses of this liquid for brass bluing, perform the following steps for its application. For a uniform and satisfactory finish of the parts to be treated, they must be completely clean and free of grease and dirt. Once the pieces are clean and dry, apply the brass bluing liquid by immersion or spraying, leaving the product to act for several minutes and rinsing later to remove any residue. Depending on the desired degree of oxidation, the concentration of the product can vary - it can be reduced with water - and the application time. We recommend doing tests to know and master the final finish.

After using the liquid for brass bluing, we recommend applying a light finishing coat to the parts, such as satin water-based varnish, to preserve the appearance. If a subsequent finish is not applied, the aged effect can be gradually lost due to rubbing and handling of the pieces.

Made in Spain.


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