Cleaning Station for Airbrushes

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One of the essential airbrushing accessories to keep your painting instruments alive. The Cleaning Station for Airbrushes collects the leftovers in its interior from the tank and from the cleaning of the airbrush, letting only the air escape. In addition, it can also be used as a airbrush support. The airbrush cleaner also includes an dropper. Keep your airbrushes on a pristine way so you can use them for much longer with this great cleaning station.

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To be able to paint using the airbrushing technique and obtain optimal results, it is necessary to keep your airbrushes on the best conditions, thus increasing their longevity. For this reason, the Cleaning Station for Airbrushes is an essential airbrush accessory to achieve this objective because it collects the surpluses inside the provided pot for it while only letting the air escape.

This cleaning station for airbrushes can also be used as support for airbrush thanks to the piece that it includes, placed on top of the lid of the pot where residues accumulate. It also has a dropper, which is the cleanest and most accurate way of transferring paint from the bottle to the airbrush itself.


The airbrush cleaner or cleaning station for airbrushes is an airbrushing accessory essential to be able to carry out crafts, modeling, body painting, tattoos, cosmetics, airbrushing in nails, makeup, pastries and all kinds of crafts as neatly as possible.

Thanks to this Artesania Latina airbrush cleaner, you can carry out your airbrushing tasks more clean, thus easily avoiding any type of unwanted finish and any obstruction of the airbrush due to accumulation of residues. Totally necessary to paint properly and achieve perfect finishes.

Clean your airbrushes to keep them working longer with this cleaning station!


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