Gift Pack with Ship Model, Paints and Tools: Drakkar Viking Boat

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Find out the new modeling gift packs with ship models, paints and tools, made by Artesania Latina, to give away with this ship model of the Drakkar Viking at 1:75 scale (19001N). Ideal as a gift to beginners modelers. It contains the aforementioned scale model, its specific paints set and some tools to help you during the construction process. A selection of products that help during the assembly of the faithful miniature replica easier and cheaper than buying all the products separately!

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Artesania Latina knows that there are many relatives and friends of modelers who, many times, want to give them a modeling kit from our firm. The problem arises when they do not know much about this wonderful hobby and they are not able to choose some of the products that must be added to help during the model building process. For this reason, we offer the new Gift Packs, which include the scale model chosen as well as its paints (finishes) and some tools. And at a cheaper price than if you buy everything separately. This is the case of the Gift Pack of the wooden model ship of the Drakkar Viking (19001L).

In addition to the faithful miniature replica of the Drakkar Viking Ship (19001N) -if you want more information about the model, do click here-, this pack comes with its set of specific acrylic and water-based paints (277PACK19). 9 bottles of 20 ml each with the colors you can achieve the best finishes on your model: Off-White, Off-Black, Deep Yellow, Vermilion, Navy Blue, Bright Green, Purple, Gold and Burnt Umber.

The pack also includes, as a fantastic bonus gifts, 20-gram cyanoacrylate jar for wood and porous materials (27620) and our set of basic modeling tools n2 (27003N): flat brush and round brush, cutter, straight fastening tweezers, sanding block and flat file.

Don't know which products to choose to surprise one of your loved ones? This ship modeling gift pack is the ideal option that will put a smile on the face of any modeler who receives it. We are sure you'll love it!