Set of Round Nose Pliers & Front Cutting Pliers

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Set of two pliers with round nose and front cutting for tasks related to picking up, bending, placing and cutting parts of models or other small objects. These modeling tools are also useful for other crafts such as electrical and electronic works: round nose pliers allow reaching difficult places thanks to their stork beak and twisting cables and wires. The front cutting pliers make it easy to cut a multitude of objects with absolute precision. Made of high-quality metal for durability, the two pliers have an ergonomic handle and an automatic opening.

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Artesanía Latina's two pliers are indispensable modeling tools in any self-respecting modeling and crafts workshop. They help you to perform any task related to small parts, cables and wires, such as positioning, cutting and twisting in the process of building scale models or tasks related to electricity and electronics.

The pliers is a fundamental multifunction tool that was invented four millenniums ago in the European continent to be able to manipulate burning iron during its forging activity.


What are the uses of these two pliers? With the round nose pliers with stork beak, the most impossible nooks are reached and any type of cable or wire can be bent. It is widely used in two professional fields as different as crafts and electrical.

With the round nose pliers you can loop parts of wire or bend them so they are completely round. In addition, when you have to put an electrical system in, for example, a model, this will allow you to bend cables and wind them to the terminals.

Using the front cutting pliers you can cut cables, wires and parts of models and electricity with extreme precision. The two pliers are made of high-quality metal and have an ergonomic handle and an automatic opening. Artesanía Latina pliers set is manufactured for the most demanding modelers due to its durability and resistance.


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