Air Hose with Anti-Condensation Filter for Airbrushes (3 m)

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One of the airbrushing accessories necessaries to paint properly and comfortably using the aforementioned technique. The Air Hose with Anti Condensation Filter for Airbrushes by Artesanía Latina, made of rubber covered with fabric, is the perfect professional extension cord thanks to its 3 meters length. Connect your airbrush and compressor to this fantastic air hose with the two 1/8'' female threads, compatible with most airbrushes on the market. Its filter and purge valve prevent water from condensing, thus allowing a constant flow of clean air and, therefore, of the paint or varnish that is used.

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If you want to paint using the airbrushing technique and obtain optimal results, it is necessary to have accessories that make the painting process more comfortable. For this reason, our air hose with anti-condensation filter for airbrushes is an essential airbrush accessory to achieve this objective because its 3 meters in length allow a wide range of movements. It is made of rubber covered with fabric.

This airbrush hose can be connected to most airbrushes on the market, as well as compressors, thanks to its 1/8'' female threads. Its anti-condensation filter and its purge valve, to counteract humidity, are very useful. By increasing the pressure in the air, it is much easier for water to condense in it. If, in addition, that air is heated, because the compressor can heat it, it is even easier for water to condense in that air. Very negative fact, as a clean air source is needed for the airbrush. If it throws drops of water, it is because the air brings them. This filter allows to stop that humidity or condensation so that it does not reach the airbrush, thus achieving a much more effective painting.


The airbrush hose is an airbrushing accessory essential to be able to paint comfortably in crafts, modeling, body painting, tattoos, cosmetics, airbrushing on nails, makeup and pastries.

With this airbrush hose from Artesania Latina, you can carry out your tasks related to airbrushing in a more precise and neat way, thus easily avoiding any type of unwanted finish and any misoperation of the airbrush due to water accumulation.

Airbrushing will have no secrets for you thanks to this hose with an anti-condensation filter for airbrushes!


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