Double Action Airbrush (0.3 mm)

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One of the essential tools for modeling and crafts to achieve fantastic finishes: the Double Action Airbrush with 0.3 mm needle (BD-130E) from Artesania Latina. With this tool you can paint your models and other creations properly and in a much more professional way, since it allows you to control and regulate the paint output and the amount of color. The double action gravity airbrush has a tank capacity of 7 cc and its working pressure is 15 to 50 PSI. It also includes a case for its perfect conservation and transport.

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If you need to paint using the airbrushing technique and you want to obtain optimal results, it is convenient to have a reliable tool such as the double action airbrush with a 0.3 mm needle from Artesania Latina. Control and regulate paint output and color quantity with this dual gravity action airbrush that has a working pressure of 15 to 50 PSI. The capacity of your paint tank is 7 cc.

Includes a fantastic case to store and transport the airbrush safely and neatly. It is manufactured with high quality materials so its resistance and longevity is ensured, thus complying with the demands of our customer friends.


The double action airbrush is an indispensable tool since it can be used on tasks related to crafts, modeling, body painting, tattoos, cosmetics, airbrushing on nails, makeup and pastries.

With this Artesania Latina airbrush, you can carry out your tasks related to airbrushing in a more precise and clean way, thus avoiding more easily any type of unwanted finish. Totally necessary to paint properly and achieve perfect and clean finishes.

Use the double action airbrush with one of the Artesanía Latina compressors, as with the Compact Compressor for Airbrushing (27093), with the Piston Compressor with Tank without Oil (27096) or with the Piston Compressor without Oil (27095).


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