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Black Friday Model Building 2021: Ship Models Kits, Tools and Accessories Catalog… 15% Off!

One of the dates set for our modelers friends has finally arrived! Artesania Latina 2021 Black Friday Model Building. One of the most interesting on the market when it comes to hobbies and crafts. No other Black Friday belonging to large multinational companies that sell products related to this beautiful hobby has a comparison. You will find the widest variety and the best deals on wooden model ships, airplanes and other vehicles, and the most precise modeling tools on our website. Not forgetting all the accessories, airbrushing and woods. From this Thursday, November 25th at 0:00 a.m. (CET) until Sunday 28th at 11:59 p.m. (CET), the entire web catalog … 15% Off!

More products you purchase on our 2021 Black Friday Model Building, more will be the savings in euros -or dollars, depending on your country-. So it is, for example, an excellent time to, in addition to buying the model ship kit or air model kit that you have been wanting to assemble for months, add the tools you need. For the finishing touch once you’ve built your model, also include paints, varnishes, airbrushes – or brushes -, LED lighting sets, and a host of details. Remember, four days with a 15% savings!

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Artesania Latina Modeling Kits, Tools and Accessories 15% OFF.

During the last two years, Artesania Latina team of professionals has made an arduous effort to present new and improved scale naval models in this year 2021. Wooden ship models that belong to naval history, not only in Spain and Europe, but in the entire world. Thought and designed by the best modelers to be a true reflection of the boats that once sailed. Take advantage of our Black Friday Model Building 2021 to get hold of them!


What are the novelties of 2021 in terms of naval modeling? We started the year presenting the renewed and beautiful scale model in wood of the caravel Santa MarIa, of which you can see all its characteristics in an enlarged way here. We continue with the majestic 1/65 scale model of the Swedish warship Vasa. You can read further information in the post about this Nordic miniature replica. It is a true jewel of naval modeling given its great level of detail.

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Wooden Ship Model Caravel Santa María 1/65 (22411N).

Subsequently, a reissue with many improvements of the naval modeling kit of the well-known paddle steamer King of the Mississippi at 1/80 scale arrived at our warehouses. One of the models most demanded by our modeling friends, without a doubt, about which you can also learn much more thanks to this blog article.

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Wooden Ship Model Paddle Steamer King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).

At the beginning of autumn, we unveiled one of the classics of British and world naval history that was also being manufactured again. The 1/65 scale model of the British ship HMS Endeavour, completely remade based on the existing information about the ship. In the written blog post, you have a lot of data related to this mockup.

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Wooden Ship Model HMS Endeavour 1/65 (22520).

Almost at the same time, a spectacular artwork of naval modeling came to light, a pride of model for modelers. The 1/72 scale model of the French ship Soleil Royal, which we will talk about soon.

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Wooden Ship Model Soleil Royal 1/72 (22904).

Finally, a few days ago, we put up for sale on our website the renewed model of the Spanish training ship Juan Sebastian Elcano, at 1/72 scale. Aimed at beginning modelers, you can find out more about your modeling kit here.

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Wooden and Plastic Boat Model Training Ship Juan Sebastian Elcano 1/250 (22260).


Although it is not from a ship but from an airplane, we must remember, of course, the new miniature replica of the German Messerschmitt BF109G fighter. A post is also available about this spectacular 1/16 scale model.

Metal and Photo-etched Fighter Airplane Model Messerschmitt BF109G 1/16 (20356)

Hurry to take advantage of these days of Black Friday of Modeling 2021 and assemble some of these beautiful novelties from our catalog! Or if you wish, build some of the dozens of the remaining models of ships, airplanes and our precious stagecoach. All 15% Off!


As we mentioned before, these Black Friday Model Building 2021 online sales days that take place from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th come like a glove to buy tools, micro, in set format and specific for naval modeling. If you add any tool / s to your model, counting the money that is deducted from 15% of the model, you can practically get free with what you save. Your shopping cart will be much cheaper when you see it.

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Modeling Tools.

In 2021, Artesania Latina professionals have continued to expand the catalog of tools to make the experience of building our modeling kits more pleasant. Always thinking of the modeler friends who assemble our models. Regarding this aspect, the new additions of Micro Tools should be highlighted, small and high-quality tools that allow more precise and meticulous tasks to be carried out.

The first, Micro Shapers C-type, the third available now, which allows shaping wooden and plastic slats. You can create moldings in different shapes to decorate your models. The second, the Micro Mitre Box with Precision Saws to make 45º and 90º cuts in pieces of wood and plastic. And the third, Micro Tools for Rigging, which greatly facilitates its assembly.


After your ship model is built, there are several things you still need to make it look perfect. This year we have also created new figurine sets to make your naval wooden model come even more alive and look more real. Made of metal and ready to be assembled and painted. You can now get a 15% discount on the King of the Mississippi set, on those of the British ship HMS Endeavour and, finally, those that belongs to all Galleons and Caravels. What would our ship models be without their crews and passengers on deck.

Metal Figurine Sets for Different Ship Models.

Another news for our modeling friends. Now you can light up your model if you have LED pre-installation or if you have created it on your own with the LED Lighting Set for Models and DIY Projects. Your jaw will drop to see your naval miniature illuminated! And count on your own spare parts by taking a look at the Accessories section.


If you want to achieve the best finishes for your finished model, this 2021 we also offer you another unbeatable novelty. Our wide assortment of individual quick-drying acrylic water-based paints and specific scale models ones. We don’t forget all our airbrushes, new brushes and other tools so that your miniature replica looks as it should. Yes, yes, everything also with a 15% of up to next Sunday 28th!

Quick Drying Water Acrylic Paints Sets Catalog.

All that said, any model maker should take advantage of this opportunity on Black Friday Model Building 2021 to get, for example, the following shopping cart, and thus save more money: the modeling kit you dream of assembling, the tools you need, the life-giving figurines, the color paints and the LED lighting set. If you plan to buy all this sooner or later, now it is the best time! A 15% Off on the highest quality products made by Artesania Latina… It doesn’t happen every day!

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Artesania Latina Modeling Kits, Tools and Accessories 15% OFF.

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Small Model Building Tools: Discover the Micro Tools Collection

In the previous post, we discovered what are the news for 2021 of the collection of small model building tools called Micro Tools, made by Artesania Latina. In this article, we will show which are the products of this type of small tools that have enchanted our modelers friends in recent years.


These are the most the best-selling Micro Tools for modeling and crafts, on its two versions, no doubt: the Micro Shapers A (27300) and the Micro Shapers B (27301).

Small Model Building Tools. Micro Shapers A & B.

Artesania Latina’s Micro Shapers are the ideal tools to mold any type of model: a boat, a dollhouse or, for example, a building. By means of these, the modeler or crafts artisan can shape or outline both plastic and wooden strips, thus creating moldings with different shapes to decorate the creations.

Small Model Building Tools. Micro Shapers A & B.

Presented in packs of three units, both type A and type B. Each of the three plates comes with 15/16 profiling shapes thanks to which the modeler or the crafts artisan can get more than forty different reliefs and designs to decorate your creations.

The Micro Shapers A (27300) have the following measures: 0.039’’ x 0.118’’, 0.039’’ x 0.157’’, 0.039’’ x 0.196’’, 0.078’’ x 0.078’’, 0.078’’ x 0.157’’, 0.078’’ x 0.196’’ and 0.157’’ x 0.157’’. The Micro Shapers B (27301), which comes next: 0.059’’ x 0.118’’, 0.059’’ x 0.157’’, 0.059’’ x 0.196’’, 0.078’’ x 0.118’’, 0.118’’ x 0.118’’, 0.118’’ x 0.196’’ and 0.196’’ x 0.196’’.

How do both Micro Shapers work? Exactly, these small model building tools have to be used passing them over the wooden or plastic strip several times until they can achieve the desired effect. Of course, previously it is recommended to use a sandpaper on the material that is going to work to suppress burrs, roughness or small irregularities. On this aspect, it would be an idea to slide it gently in one direction, upwards. To know how to work with this tool through a video tutorial, we leave one below these lines.


Also made of stainless steel and presented in high quality photo-etched, the Micro Saws is a kit that also belongs to the small model building tools collection Micro Tools. It is essential for any modeler or crafts fan who needs to make precision cuts, for example, in wood, plastic and resin. Any part that needs to be cut, and if it is even smaller, has now the right tool: our Micro Saws.

Small Model Building Tools. Micro Saws, Scriber and Adhesive Applicators.

The best thing about this set of saws is that it does not come with one or two, but six micro saws for wood and plastic. It also has a scriber and twoapplicators for cyanoacrylate (glue).

Small Model Building Tools. Micro Saws, Scriber and Adhesive Applicators.

The scriber is used, above all, in plastic models, to make decorative lines or stripes: airplanes, boats, cars, etc. On the other hand, with the two cyanoacrylate applicators, you can paste any scale model parts or any manual work with extreme precision.

As usual, for a better use of the Micro Tools -except for the Micro Shapers and the Micro Template of Wooden Simulation- Artesania Latina recommends the use of the universal cutter handles.


The Micro Drawing Set or Micro Rulers Set is designed expressly for modelers and manufactured in stainless steel. It has rules, triangles and parallel ruler, all of these very useful to build models when taking accurate measurements in small dimensions.

Small Model Building Tools. Micro Rulers Set or Micro Drawing Set.

The two malleable rulers (one of 1.96’’/50 mm and one of 3.93’’/100 mm), with metric and imperial systems, that brings the pack are perfect to even measure model curved parts. The modeler can fold them when needed and then put them back on its natural position. They can not only serve for the model maker, but also for any crafts fan.

Small Model Building Tools. Micro Rulers Set or Micro Drawing Set.

In addition, the Micro Drawing Set also comes with two squares, both with chamfered corners to avoid glue. They are very useful when used as mounting brackets. And, finally, a parallel ruler.

In order to facilitate workshop organization, all the rulers have a hole to hang them in the place you want. To check the components of this set on video, click on ‘Play’ under these lines.


The last of the tools for modeling and crafts belonging to Artesania Latina’s Micro Tools Collection, but no less important, is the Micro Template for Wooden Simulation.

Micro Template for Wooden Simulation.

With this tool, with a good varnish and with the help of an airbrush, the modelers and crafts artisans can provide a wooden color to their scale models, doll houses or any object, thus acquiring a total resemblance to the commented material.

This type of painting greatly favors, for example, our wooden and metal aircraft models: Fokker Dr. I (20350) and Sopwith Camel (20351).

To know how to use this tool, just click ‘Play’ in the video below this text.

To see many other crafts and modeling tools from our catalog, click here.

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Buy Modeling Tools: How to Build a Ship Model Made of Wood (Part II)

Buy modeling tools because it is essential for the construction of any ship model. The modeler should know that it is better to spend a little more money on quality tools than buying the cheapest ones on the market. If you choose this last alternative, you could suffer many unwanted setbacks. They are the best friends of the modeler, do not skimp on money in these ones. Good tools for naval modeling will improve the modeler skills, save time and effort, and keep the modeler positive attitude to any kind of challenge.

Buy modeling tools. Specific Modeling Tool Sets.

Like Artesania Latina modeling toolkits, these could be classified into three types: basic, intermediate and expert.


The basic tools are essential to build any type of model, without these ones it would be like building a house without cement, concrete or bricks. We list them here: pliers with different shapes; carpenter’s hammer with small ball; set of saws; chisel; cutters and blades; files; drills and drill bits; electric plank bender or the hand one; rasp; needle threader; tweezers; rules, bevels and compass; awl; clamps and sergeants; sanding block and sandpapers; brushes; metal brush; scissors; vise; glue (cyanoacrylate) or white glue; nailer; pins and nails.

Buy modeling tools. Assortment of Generic Tools for Modeling.


Buy modeling tools for intermediate level will enable you to work better, especially in more difficult scale ship models, but you must make a greater investment, so if you want to try models of that skill before spending a large amount of money on these tools it would be a good idea: electric drill – better with speed modulator-; electric soldering iron; miter box for cutting; rotary table; waterline marker; universal bench screw; magnifying glasses with LED light and without it; hull support; cutting template for the cover and template for the rigging – not necessary on Artesania Latina models-; and brackets for precision drilling.

Buy modeling tools. Intermediate Level Tools.


Speaking about the modeling tools for experts – if the model is built from 0 without any modeling kit -, these ones require greater skills by the modeler: electric bench sander with disc and belt; electric bench grinder; lathe; mini vacuum cleaner; electric marquetry saw; and electric disc saws.

Buy modeling tools. Modeling Tools for Experts.

There are also specific micro tools or mini tools for modeling created by Artesania Latina that any modeler must have in the workshop. They are the Micro Tools: micro shapers, micro saws, micro rules and micro simulation template in wood, to which we will add two more, it will be a surprise!

Buy modeling tools. Specific Micro Tools for Modeling.


It is time to organize all the modeling tools and create a workspace, so we will now talk about the modeler’s workshop. This should be as large as possible to be able to build any size of ship model and to house all the necessary tools.

It is convenient that the modeler workshop also has drawers for storing, for example, small tools such as drill bits and blades, and tiny parts of the scale model that is intended to be built so that they do not get lost. You can place the drawers on the table at the ends or behind.

Or if you do not have these, we offer you another Artesania Latina’s wonderful product: the Compact Modeler Workbench and the Paints Organizer.

Compact Workshop (27648) and Modeler's Paintings and Tools Organizer (27648P).

Remember, when you assemble your modeling workshop, arrange the plugs in front of you so that when you use the power tools, the cables reach your work area. Once the day is over, you can unplug them or disconnect them if you use a power strip with switch. Also, on the front, hang in front of where your model is assembling the scale model planes, so you can continually consult any questions about its assembly.


It is also important that you protect your work table if you do not want to be full of grooves and holes in the future, therefore, use cutting mats such as these ones: sizes A2, A3 and A4, depending on your needs.

Cutting Mats A2, A3 and A4 to protect the work table.

As for the lighting that the room and the table where the modeler works should have, we recommend that you put two white light LED bulbs of 12 watts on the ceiling, and as a direct table light a white light LED bulb, but in this case 2/5 watts. For this last lighting, we strongly recommend our reading lamp with magnifying glass, 60 white LED lights and three magnifications.

Reading Lamp with 60 LED & Magnifying Glass 3x.

Optimum ventilation is essential when you are working at your workshop, keep in mind that you will continually use products with chemicals such as cyanoacrylates – glues -, white glues, varnishes, paints and solvents. If you are very far from a window, it would be convenient to put a fan, odors and fumes exhaust like those that are usually placed in the bathrooms near your mounting area.

Another need for the modeler’s workshop, if you do not live alone, is the installation of a small sink for rinsing, because it is not good idea to clean the products in a place like the kitchen or bathroom if you live with more people.

Finally, a hung plank, facing the vision of the modeler, to place the tools you usually use would facilitate your work and save efforts. Live the ship modeling with us!

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