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How to Paint Figurines for Model Ships: Video Masterclass Made by Our Modelers to Teach the Process

The metal figurines made by Artesanía Latina provide great realism to the wooden model ships where they are placed. They are the icing on the cake when the modeler has finished assembling any model on a naval scale. Currently, we have a wide assortment with different sets and crews sold individually that will be further expanded in the future. In this sense, many of our modelers friends have asked us on numerous occasions how to paint the figurines of the models. Well then, we are going to explain the process through a video tutorial made by our team of professional modelers.

Metal Figurines for Model Ships made by Artesanía Latina.

But, first of all, we must remind you that, if necessary, you have to assemble or glue the two parts with which any of the figurines are formed. To do this, we strongly recommend that you use any of the cyanoacrylates from Artesanía Latina -sold separately- to obtain an optimal result -with the spray accelerator drying is faster-. If you wish, you can apply the glue with one of the two adhesive applicators included in the Set of Micro Saws, Applicators and Scriber (27302), for sale separately.

Let’s start painting the figurines thanks to the fantastic video masterclass of our professionals, for which you have to prepare them first.


We start the explanation of how to paint figurines for model ships. Grab a Round Diamond File (27015-3) to remove mold lines and marks. File the entire profile of the figure, since it is the place where it is inserted and glued to the mold where it is stored.

How to Paint Figurines for Model Ships: Filing of Excess Mold.

Now, prepare the surface of any object you don’t need -for example, an unused compact disc or DVD- a quick putty. To do this, mix dense cyanoacrylate with talcum powder. Help yourself, for example, from the applicator to mix both products once they are applied. Apply that mix also with the applicator all over the figurine.

How to Paint Figurines for Model Ships: Quick Putty Application..

The next step is to create a support where you can place the figurine so you don’t touch it while preparing and painting it. Take or create a round and a cylindrical part, both of wood. Put cyano in the center of the round piece and glue the cylindrical piece right in the center of the circle, where the adhesive is. Next, glue, again with cyano, the feet of the figurine to the cylinder.

How to Paint Figurines for Model Ships: Creation of Work Support. How to Paint Figurines for Model Ships: Creation of Work Support.

The last phase of the preparation prior to showing you how to paint figurines for model ships. It is time to apply a light layer of white primer (27701) using any of our high quality synthetic hair brushes.

Application of White Primer Layer.


Before starting with the explanation of the video on how to paint figurines for model ships, we offer you two sets of acrylic paints for figurines -for sale separately-, choose according to your needs. On the one hand, there is the Basic Set (277PACK14), with 6 paint jars of 20 ml. each with the following colors: Off White, Off Black, Royal Blue, Deep Yellow, Vermilion and Basic Skin. On the other, the Advanced Set (277PACK15), with 12 jars: Off White, Off Black, Bright Red, Ice Yellow, Cocoa Brown, Dark Red Leather, Aluminum, Gold, Navy Blue, Bright Green, Basic Skin and Sunny Skin.

Paints Set for Figurines -Basic- (277PACK14) by Artesanía Latina.

Paints Set for Figurines -Advanced- (277PACK15) by Artesanía Latina.

Of course, you can also purchase the colors you require from our extensive catalog of single acrylic paints with over thirty different colors… which ones do you like best?


We will detail in advance how to paint figurines for model ships. First, paint all the visible parts of the character’s skin with a round brush and an basic skin color (27770). Right after, apply a general eyeshadow with a slightly darker tone diluted in water –sunny skin (27771)-.

Base Skin Color Application.

Now, on a palette or other surface, you must have the color cocoa (27741). Add a bit of diluent (27700) -put it with a syringe to dose- and mix it with it. Remove excess paint and sharpen the tip of the bristles of the brush by painting on a piece of paper. Paint the flesh parts of the character as a hard shadow, also outlining the color. Repeat the process on the lighter parts, first, on the rest of the character as a whole -especially on his clothes-.

Shadow application.

The moment has come when you have to paint the clothes with his colors and their details. We recommend that if the character is wearing multiple garments, one on top of the other, paint the outermost layer first. All you have to do is look at the video of our modeler to appreciate the rest of the painting, already to the taste of the fan. Here is the final result.

Ship Model Figurines: Final Result. Ship Model Figurines: Final Result.

Once you know how to paint figurines for ship models, we encourage you to purchase any of our metal figurines presented in sets and individually currently on our catalog: Caravels and Galleons (22411F), Hermione La Fayette (22517F), King of the Mississippi (20515F) and HMS Endeavour (22520F).

Figurines en Metal para Maquetas de Barco de Artesanía Latina.

Long live naval modelling!

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Models and Crafts Brushes: Paint Your Creations for Best Results with Artesanía Latina

Achieving the optimal finish on any scale model or other type of craft is essential if we want the final result to be faithful to the original and spectacular. For this reason, we make available to our modelers friends a wide catalog of brushes for models and high-quality crafts. There are many parts whose painting process is better done with this tool instead of with airbrush. In addition, there are still fans of modeling to which who like traditional methods when they are building a model.

Brushes for Models and Crafts made by Artesanía Latina.

Our brushes are characterized by their golden synthetic hair, which is the best for modeling since it is in continuous contact with solvents and paints. Those with natural hair suffer too much. In addition, its splint or metal ferrule closed and continuous maintains its hair perfectly. In this sense, the modeler or the fan of other hobbies can paint and varnish with precision thanks to these brushes for models and crafts made by Artesanía Latina. We let you know, then, all the existing on the catalogue : round and flat ones.


The brushes for models and crafts by Artesanía Latina adapt totally to any type of surface. Like our round brushes, with hair arranged in rounded, regular and pointed. The hair is well placed. The interior of the brushes is hermetic and its handle is made of wood, you can paint or varnish comfortably during the painting process. These are approximately 20 cm length each.

As for the thickness of the hair, it has the following measurements. Note that the numbers with the highest value correspond to thicker brushes and the numbers with the lowest value correspond to thinner ones. 000, 00, 0, 1, 4 and 8.

Brushes for Models and Crafts made by Artesanía Latina. Round Ones. Brushes for Models and Crafts made by Artesanía Latina. Round Ones.

Round brushes are used for smaller parts or details, they have a round ferrule and a tip. Regarding this aspect, the larger round brush is used to paint larger parts while the smaller one is used to paint smaller, curved and rounded parts. Also, you can buy several brushes in the same product through Set of 4 Round Brushes (17120).

For other tasks, if you wish, we offer you our fabulous Natural Hair Round Brush with Ergonomic Handle -Size 3- (17303).

Natural Hair Round Brush with Ergonomic Handle Size 3 made by Artesanía Latina.


Of course, we also have brushes for models and crafts by Artesanía Latina, this time, with flat shape and regular. They are used, specifically, to paint small straight, square and rectangular parts due to its flat shapes. The sizes available in our catalog are 000, 0, 4, 6, 8 and 12.

Brushes for Models and Crafts made by Artesanía Latina. Flat Ones.Brushes for Models and Crafts made by Artesanía Latina. Flat Ones.

Once you have used both the flat and round models and crafts brushes, we recommend the following action. Wash with water or alcohol after painting or varnishing with acrylics, and with white spirit when layering with oils and other types. In a container, pour the cleaning product and move any brush inside it, rubbing the hair lightly with the bottom of the bottle so that it penetrates the hair. After rinsing, scrub brush gently with mild soap until no residue remains.


Brushes for models and crafts have to be stored after use, obviously. So that they are not scattered and, furthermore, so that they are not lost, the modeler or hobbyist can store them in our very useful Paints, Brushes and Tools for Modeling Organizer (27648-TP) to assemble.

Modeler's Paints and Tools Organizer by Artesanía Latina (27648-TP).Likewise, if you need a container with many holes to be able to deposit the different paints that you are using to paint your model or creativity, we have the solution. The Plastic Palette for Paints with 10+1 Tanks (17074N).

Plastic Painting Palette with 10+1 Boxes by Artesanía Latina (17074N).

Finally, Artesanía Latina offers you its entire extensive assortment of quick-drying acrylic paints, both in individual pots as in sets for models. Do you have everything to get the best finishes on your model or craft?