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Model Ship Medium Skills (II): Más Kits de Modelismo Naval en Madera con Modelos Históricos para Ensamblar

We continue the breakdown of the catalog from the previous post. Get to know each wonderful medium skills model ship kit that you can build with your own hands. Artesanía Latina exists to fulfill all your modeling desires. Therefore, do not hesitate to also take a look at all the tools and accessories that can be helpfully to you.


The Mare Nostrum is a classic fishing boat from the Mediterranean Sea, from Arenys de Mar, Spain. With a length of 15 meters, a beam of 3.5 and a displacement of 10 tons, this boat was powered by a 40HP engine. The Mediterranean trawlers are all similar, presenting small variations depending on their place of origin. It is an intermediate level boat model, but due to its details it will delight anyone who builds it.

The naval modeling kit of the Mare Nostrum contains all the necessary parts to build the model. In addition, it is equipped with boxes for fish, cabins, a detailed engine, a winch for collecting the cable, and at the stern, protruding from the hull, a rigging with pulleys to pass it during towing. As a gift, bring the wooden base for display along with a nominative plaque. Once completed, the model measures 16.14” (410mm) length, 10.62” (270mm) height and 4.13” (105mm) width.

Model Ship Medium Skills. Trawler Mare Nostrum (20100N) by Artesanía Latina.


Our next model ship for medium skills modelers that we present to you is a steamboat. Built entirely of wood and equipped with boilers to move their iconic propulsion blades, this type of boat was the solution to transporting passengers and merchandise along the river until well into the 20th century. Steamboats played an important role in the development of the Mississippi River basin and its tributaries, allowing convenient transportation in both directions of the river. They helped reduce the immensity of America and as ‘theater ships’ they reduced the loneliness of this immensity. America is not just modernism: it is also romance and dreams!

The naval modeling kit of the King of the Mississippi includes all the necessary parts for its construction: parts of 8 sheets of high-precision laser-cut board, made of hardwoods such as birch and linden; and 2 large photo-etched sheets (294×156 mm and 257×122 mm) including many decoration details never seen before in die-cast and brass. Includes adhesive fabric flags and, as a bonus, the base with name plate.

Now, the model can come to life by purchasing two different sets of effects separately: Lighting Set for Models and DIY Projects (27590) and Motion Motor Set (27591) of the boat blades. Also, to make this faithful miniature replica come to life, you can add a figures set (20515F), sold separately. Once finished, the model measures 25.98” (660 mm) length, 7.55” (192 mm) heigth and 5.11” (130 mm) width.

Model Ship Medium Skills. Steamboat King of the Mississippi (20515) by Artesanía Latina.


Our third proposal for a mid-intermediate level boat model is La Niña, one of the three Spanish caravels used by Christopher Columbus on the first trip to the New World in 1492. Built in the shipyards of the Port of Moguer (Huelva, Andalusia) a few years before the trip, it became the captain ship of the expedition after the Santa María ran aground. And now it will delight the most demanding modellers. The expedition left the Port of Palos for the Canary Islands on August 3, 1492. On this scale, the lateen sail that we represent in this model was transformed into square sails. After discovering America, La Niña would return with Christopher Columbus on board, reaching Lisbon on March 4 and finally the port of Palos on March 15, 1493.

Its assembly system using a false keel and frames, like the vast majority of Artesanía Latina’s scale models of boats, brings its design closer to that of the real ship. The modeling kit contains all the necessary parts for its construction: high-precision laser-cut board, birch wood and veneers, various photo-etched brass parts, cast and hand-sewn sails ready to be placed. As a gift, it includes the wooden base for display. After assembly, the model measures 16.33” (415mm) length, 4.37” (111mm width) and 19.48” (495mm) height. On the other hand, it can provide the model of this and the rest of the caravels with more realism even with the Set of 10 Metal Figurines at scale 1 :65 crew members, ready to be assembled and painted, sold separately.

Model Ship Medium Skills. Caravel La Niña (22410) by Artesanía Latina.


The fourth proposal for a medium skills model ship is possibly the most important in history as it was the one in which Christopher Columbus was traveling when America was discovered at the end of the 15th century, specifically, in 1492. La Nao Santa María, incorrectly called ‘caravel’ because the other two smaller boats that accompanied it were, La Niña and La Pinta – although in the original documents all three were considered caravels – it was originally called La Gallega, whose owner was Juan de la Cosa.

This Santa María Caravel naval modeling kit contains all the necessary parts to build the model, and of the highest quality. High-quality light birch woods cut with precision thanks to the laser; magnificent details made of metal and photo-etched parts; unbeatable and reinforced sails with cotton fabric, ready to be placed – this model includes die-cut cardboard templates to be able to paint its characteristic crosses; and, as a gift so that the model is perfectly displayed, as a work of art that it is, a wooden pedestal with a nominative metal plate. After being built, its measurements are as follows: 19.80” (503mm) length, 10.39” (264mm) width and 19.60” (498mm) height.

Model Ship Medium Skills. Caravel Santa María (22411N) by Artesanía Latina.



The fifth option of model ship medium skills is the wooden kit of the caravel La Pinta. The fastest of the three caravels used by Christopher Columbus on the first voyage to the New World in 1492. Built in the shipyards of Palos de la Frontera (Huelva) a few years before the trip, it was the fastest of the three boats and often had to wait for the other two. The expedition with the three ships left the Port of Palos for the Canary Islands on August 3, 1492. The sails and rudder of La Pinta were repaired on this stopover, to finally depart for the New World on September 6. It was on October 12 when the famous cry of Rodrigo de Triana “Land in sight!” was heard from the La Pinta ship.

The naval modeling kit contains high-quality parts: high-precision laser-cut board; birch wood and veneer; numerous pieces in wood, metal and brass; pieces in high quality photo-etched brass; sails sewn by hand and prepared to be placed; cotton threads; full scale plan of the boat; and, as a gift, a wooden base to display the model once finished. Once its assembled, this faithful miniature replica measures 20.07” (510mm) length, 9.05” (230mm) width and 15.74” (400mm) height.

Wooden Caravel Model La Pinta (22412) by Artesanía Latina.


The sixth alternative for those who intend to assemble a medium skills model ship kit is the wooden brig HMS Supply from the 18th century. It was an essential part of the so-called ‘First Fleet’ or First Fleet of the Royal Navy that colonized and founded Australia . HMS Supply was their oldest, smallest and fastest ship. Built in 1759 as a 175-ton armed vessel, she became the colony’s only link to the outside world after the loss of HMS Sirius in 1790. HMS Supply, precisely, was intended to be aship support for HMS Sirius(1786).

The modeling kit of the scale model contains high-quality parts. 6 wooden plates cut by high precision laser, 2 photo-etched plates in brass with numerous details -one of them smaller-, set of birch wood parts -veneers, strips and round rods, oak veneer, fantastic set of 11 sails sewn from cotton ready to be placed, cotton threads for maneuvering in different colors and thicknesses and flags.

Likewise, it includes as a gift bonus a stand with a nominative metal plate, 7 die-cast figures and strong>copper lining for the helmet. To work with copper on the boat, we recommend our 5 mm Micro Riveting Tool (27320), for sale separately. Once built, this faithful miniature replica measures 23.11” (587 mm) length, 11.10” (282 mm) width and 26.65” (677 mm) height.

Model Ship Medium Skills. Brig HMS Supply (22420) by Artesanía Latina.


The seventh option for an intermediate level boat model is the Chinese junk Red Dragon. Still in use in many parts of Southeast Asia, these vessels were used for both trade and war. The beautiful reeds, typical of the China Sea, were all the rage among leaders of the time such as Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan, who used them to try to conquer Japan during the 13th century. Appearance of reeds is documented around 600 BC. The hull lacks a keel and has a short stern. Its sails are made of thick fabric reinforced with reeds, which provides it with a lot of stability and thrust. It was one of the most used vessels for piracy on the coasts of Southeast Asia.

The modeling kit contains high-quality parts: high-precision laser-cut board parts, hardwoods, brass, cast iron and fabric. Once built, the model measures 18.89” (480mm) length, 5.11” (130mm) width and 17.32” (440mm) height.

Wooden Chinese Junk Model Red Dragon (18020) by Artesanía Latina.


The eighth option is the intermediate level boat model galleon San Francisco II. The galleons were the ships more powerful of their time and backbone of Spanish maritime power during the 16th and 17th centuries. Galleons appeared around the middle of the 20th century. XVI, thus forming the main nucleus of the Invincible Army. For almost 150 years they were the ships par excellence thanks to their combination of great transport capacity and their firepower, which made them ideal for long voyages oceanic routes between Spain and the Indies.

The modeling kit contains more than 1,400 high-quality necessary parts for its construction. It comes with a laser-cut wooden structure, birch strips and sapele veneer, cotton threads, cotton fabric sails and flags ready to be placed, photo-etched decoration in brass to increase realism. And a spectacular free bonus on accessories! It includes a display base for the galleon with a metal nominative plate, and five wonderful figures also in metal to be painted. Once assembled, this faithful miniature replica measures 680 mm length, 240 mm width and 520 mm height.

Model Ship Medium Skills. Galleon San Francisco II (22452N) by Artesanía Latina.

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