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Paints for Model Ships (I): New Catalog of Specific Sets for Naval Modeling

For a long time our client friends asked us what paints and colors to use to paint their Artesania Latina naval scale models. That fact was a big annoyance for the modelers. We have solved the problem! We already have an extensive and varied catalog of specific sets of paints for model ships. Made of acrylic and water-based paints with an excellent quality, and most importantly, quick-drying. They can be applied both with airbrush -we recommend it- as with brush. The existing colors are presented in 20 ml jars.

Paints for Model Ships. Use with both Airbrush and Brush.

When you want to undertake new naval modeling, you can also purchase the precise model ship paints you need for those faithful miniature replicas. Goodbye to the headaches of having to check what the original colors were in official documents. You will not be forced to search the Internet for a page that faithfully reflects this data. Directly, in the same product sheet of the naval model that you are going to build, you will find the link that takes you to the specific paintings that your scale model requires. On the other hand, if you are on our website and go to the ‘Finishing’ section and its subsection Paints and Finishing Sets you will directly see all the paints for model ships that we offer. Below, we begin to break down what they all are so you can get to know them.


One of the most requested sets of paints for model ships from Artesania Latina. The one destined to paint the naval scale models of caravels and galleons (277PACK8) thanks to which the Spanish discovered America and undertook great deeds. It consists of 12 jars of acrylic water-based paints with the following colors. Off White, Off Black, Bright Red, Royal Blue, Buff, Cocoa Brown, Dark Red Leather, Burnt Umber, Gold, Vermilion, Navy Blue and Basic Skin. Get the best finishes for references 22410 (La Niña), 22411-N (Santa Maria), 22412 (La Pinta) and 22452-N (San Francisco Galleon).

Paints for Model Ships. Caravels and Galleons (277PACK8).

Wooden Caravels Models: La Niña (22410), La Santa María (22411-N) and La Pinta (22412).

Wooden Ship Model Galleon San Francisco II (22452-N).


The second set of paints for ship models is, in this case, the basic for fishing boats (277PACK13). It is one of the two packs aimed at painting this type of marine and river vessels. Perfect for optimal finishes in the naval miniature of the traditional trawler fishing boat of the Mediterranean Sea, Mare Nostrum (20100-N). Also for other similar scale models. The colors included in this set with 6 jars of acrylic and water-based paints are Off White, Off Black, Hull Red, Royal Blue, Aluminum and Gold.

Basic Paints for Model Ships. Fishing Boat (277PACK13). Mare Nostrum (20100-N) and many others.

Wooden Ship Model Fishing Boat Mare Nostrum (20100-N).


The third set of paints for ship models that we propose is the advanced for fishing boats (277PACK3). It is the other of the two packs that are used to paint this type of fishing boats. Ideal for excellent finishes in naval scale models of the tuna boat Carmen II (18030) and tuna boat Marina II (20506), both from the Cantabrian Sea, and also from the commented Mare Nostrum (20100-N), among many others. The colors included in this set with 12 jars of acrylic and water-based paints are Off White, Off Black, Hull Red, Royal Blue, Deep Yellow, Burnt Umber, Hull Green, Aluminium, Gold, Copper, Vermilion and Navy Blue.

Advanced Set of Paints for Model Ships: Fishing Boats (277PACK3).

Wooden Ship Model: Tuna Boat from Cantabrian Sea Carmen II (18030).

Wooden Ship Model: Tuna Boat from Cantabrian Sea Marina II (20506).


The fourth set of paints is the one used for the beautiful wooden scale model of the paddle steamer King of the Mississippi (277PACK6). Magnificent if you want the best finishes in the model of this American ship (20515). These colors are included in the pack of 6 bottles of acrylic and water paint. Off Black, Off White, Bright Red, Buff, Gold and Burnt Umber.

Paints fow Wooden Model Ship Paddle Steamer King of the Mississippi (277PACK6).

Wooden Model Ship New Paddle Steamer King of the Mississippi (20515).


One of the jewels of the naval modeling of ArtesanIa Latina is the French training ship Belem (22519). The good news is that we have a paints set (277PACK2) specific for this majestic wooden model. In order for your miniature naval replica to be a mirror of the original ship it must be faithfully painted. Including 5 bottles of acrylic and water-based paint, as well as one of Oak Tone Satin Stain. Colors: Off Black, Off White, Prussian Blue, Hull Red and Gold.

Paints for Model Ships: French Training Ship Belem (277PACK2).

French Training Model Ship Belem (22519).

Likewise, Artesania Latina offers an exclusive set of paints for French Navy ships (277PACK4) for Hermione La Fayette Frigate Wooden Ship Model Kit (22517-N). In case you have another model of the Gallic country that you haven’t painted yet because I didn’t know how or with what products. Paint with the 12 jars of acrylic and water-based paints. There are all these colors! Off White, Off Black, Bright Red, Prussian Blue, Royal Blue, Ice Yellow, Deep Yellow, Buff, Burnt Umber, Cocoa Brown, Vermilion and Gold.

Paints for Model Ships: French Royal Navy (277PACK4).

Wooden Model Ship Kit: Hermione La Fayette Frigate (22517-N).


The wooden model of the American pilot boat Swift (22110-N) also has its set of paints for sale separately. The good news is that we have a paint set (277PACK9) specific for this majestic wooden model. In order for your miniature naval replica to be a mirror of the original ship it must be faithfully painted. Paint with its 6 bottles of acrylic and water-based paints: Off White, Off Black, Hull Red, Burnt Umber, Hull Green and Gold.

Paints for Model Ships. American Schooners - Swift (277PACK9).

Wooden Ship Model American Schooner Swift (22110-N).


The wooden models of Royal Navy sips are lucky because they also have the precise set of paints (277PACK11) for these emblematic vessels. Among them, the HMS Victory. Paint your Anglo-Saxon scale model with its 12 jars of acrylic and water-based paints. Off White, Off Black, Bright Red, Royal Blue, Checker Yellow, Buff, Cocoa Brown, Burnt Umber, Gold, Vermilion, Navy Blue and Basic Skin.

Paints for Model Ships. Royal Navy (277PACK11).

You can paint your naval scale models with the confidence and safety that our high-quality products provide. Read the second part of this post, click here!

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Figures for Model Ships: New Crews and Passengers to Bring Your Naval Scale Models to Life

During the last months, Artesania Latina team has tried to provide our client friends with all the necessary products so that they can assemble, paint and decorate their scale model ships. In this sense, one of the primary objectives that we have set ourselves is to bring naval scale models to life, give them a human touch. And what better way to achieve this goal than with our sets of figures for model ships, with the crews and passengers of various ships. Made of high quality metal, the figures are presented in elegant packaging, and must be assembled and painted handly. Let the skill and art of the modeler come to the next stage at your workshop!

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: King of the Mississippi (20515F).

In this way, we have presented four new sets of figures for model ships with which the modeler can decorate different miniature naval replicas of Artesania Latina. Firstly, the 10 metal figures for Caravels and Galleons. Secondly, the one that contains 18 metal figures for the paddle steamer King of the Mississippi. Thirdly, the 14 figures with metal accessories for the British ship HMS Endeavour. And finally, the reinstatement of the set of 14 metal figures of the French Navy. Likewise, we cannot forget that we also offer modelers individual figures of 1.062” (27 mm) -captain, helmsman and sailor-.

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships (Various).


To achieve even greater realism in the models of caravels and galleons, don’t miss the set of 10 1/65 scale metal figurines (22411F). Bring in the crew members, ready to be assembled and painted. This includes the following characters and ranks, all of them involved in the great world historical deed of the Discovery of America. Christopher Columbus, Juan de la Cosa, Martín Alonso Pinzón, Vicente Yáñez Pinzón and Rodrigo de Triana. To which we must add 5 common sailors.Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: Caravels et Galleons (22411F).These figures for model ships can be placed on the following ArtesanIa Latina naval scale models, as well as others with similar dimensions. Figures measure 0.984” (25 mm) to 1.181” (30 mm). On the caravels La Niña (22410), La Pinta (22412) and La Santa Maria (22411N), as well as in the Galleon San Francisco (22452N) and in its Section (20403).

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: Caravels et Galleons (22411F).

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: Caravels et Galleons (22411F).

Discover with us all the details of this set of figurines by watching the video below.


The following set of figures for model ships that we have recently put on sale is the one aimed at the faithful naval replica of the paddle steamer King of the Mississippi (20515F). It contains 18 metal figures to assemble and paint at 1/80 scale for the renewed wooden model of the aforementioned North American vessel (20515). Also for naval miniatures that have similar measurements since the figures measure between 0.984” (25 mm) and 1.181” (30 mm). They are distributed in 14 characters, including the crew and passengers, and in 4 animals, with 2 horses and 2 cows.

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: King of the Mississippi (20515F).

At the beginning of the 19th century, the first steamship, called the Clermont, was launched. It ran along the Hudson River to go from New York to Albany. Also, it was the first ship to carry out a regular transport journey for the public. It was not the first, however, to use paddle wheels. That gift went to the ships that sailed the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Now you can humanize your scale model with this magnificent set of figures made of metal for King of the Mississippi model ship.

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: King of the Mississippi (20515F).

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: King of the Mississippi (20515F).

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: King of the Mississippi (20515F).


The latest news from ArtesanIa Latina in terms of figures for ship models is the set of 14 figures and 6 accessories for the British vessel HMS Endeavour (22520F). Made of high-quality metal, the human miniatures measure between 0.984” (25 mm) and 1.181” (30 mm). It has to be assembled and painted. James Cook and the rest of the crew can now step back on the deck of their ship. The set brings 14 characters for the scale model of HMS Endeavour (22520): Captain James Cook, 3 officers, 2 riflemen, 7 sailors and 1 cabin boy. And 6 accessories: 1 sextant, 2 spyglasses (one with a tripod), 1 flag and 2 rifles for soldiers.

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: HMS Endeavour (22520F).

HMS Endeavour and the voyages it undertook with Captain James Cook were instrumental in providing input in navigation, seamanship and geographic exploration. It made it possible to calculate the position in longitude with high precision by means of mathematical formulas. Launched in 1764 and chosen by the aforementioned sailor four years later to prepare for his historic voyage, HMS Endeavor was part of important discoveries such as that of Australia. Also, it facilitated the location of Tahiti, New Zealand and many islands in the Pacific Ocean. In addition to making known animal and plant species hitherto unknown in Europe.

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: HMS Endeavour (22520F).

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: HMS Endeavour (22520F).


This year 2021 that we have just left has also served to reissue the set of 14 metal figures of the French Navy (22517F). Figures measurements: between 0.984” (25 mm) and 1.181” (30 mm). They must be assembled and painted before being placed on the model ship. The set brings 7 sailors and 7 Officers.

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: French Navy (22517F).


How to assemble and glue all these figures for model ships? Easy, ArtesanIa Latina offers everything you need. On the one hand, to stick the figures nothing better than our Dense Cyanoacrylate and Cyano Accelerator Spray (27650).

Ship Model Building. Dense Cyanoacrylate and Cyano Accelerator Spray (27650).

In addition, to paint any of the figure sets, the modeler has two options. On the one hand, the Basic Paint Set (277PACK14). Bring six cans of paint of 20 ml each with these colors. Off White, Off Black, Royal Blue, Deep Yellow, Vermilion and Basic Skin.

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: Basic Paints Set (277PACK14).

On the other hand, the Advanced Paint Set (277PACK15). With twelve paint cans of 20 ml each with these colors. Off White, Off Black, Bright Red, Ice Yellow, Cocoa Brown, Dark Red Leather, Aluminum, Gold, Navy Blue, Bright Green, Basic Skin and Sunny Skin.

Ship Model Building. Figures for Model Ships: Advanced Paints Set (277PACK15).

We recommend you using one of our airbrushes or airbrush sets, as well as several of our wide assortment of brushes, to paint the figures. You can also use our specific set of 4 brushes for figurines (17120).

Catalog of Synthetic and Natural Hair Brushes made by Artesania Latina.

In short, you can now make your passion for naval modeling enormous thanks to the metal figures and their accessories. Essential for any self-respecting wooden model ship!

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Belem Training Ship Model: 1/75 Faithful Wooden Replica of the French Boat

Artesania Latina’s modelers have created a spectacular wooden ship model. It is a faithful miniature wooden replica of the oldest three-masted sailing ship on the planet, which still sails the seas today: the Belem Training Ship Model at 1/75 scale.

The great French ship, destined to the learning of the new Gallic sailors, is beauty. It is also majesty and the history of world navigation. 125 years of history endorse it as a world nautical reference.

For just over a year, our model makers have put all their effort and knowledge into naval modeling so that the Belem training ship model from France is identical to the original boat. That is why the Belem Foundation has formally accredited the design and commercialization of the scale model of the French ship.

Naval modeling. Belem Training Ship Model 1/75 Scale (22519).


The level of detail work is astonishingly high on this 1/75 scale modeling kit. In this sense, the Belem wooden scale model is aimed at advanced level modelers, the one before the expert. The level of difficulty in its assembly and in the knowledge of the necessary tools for this is located at 3 of the 4 existing.

The objective of Artesania Latina with this fantastic wooden reproduction is that our faithful friends modellers from all over the world enjoy its construction. It has more than 1,300 pieces in wood and metal.

When the modeler finishes assembling the model kit for this boat, the wooden model measures 31.73” (806 mm) length, 10.07” (256 mm) width and 21.25” (540 mm) height. That is, it can preside over any room given its large size and beauty.

Naval modeling. Belem Training Ship Model 1/75 Scale (22519).


Among the contents, the presence of laser cut board to different thicknesses, slats and rods of birch wood, linden veneer, chemical cuttings in steel and in brass and cast parts stand out.

In addition, to emphasize the realism of the Belem training ship model, decals are included for the details of the hull such as the depth marks or the name of the ship itself. Also, cotton cloth sails identical to the originals and ready to be placed and cotton thread for the rigging.

Naval modeling. Belem Training Ship Model 1/75 Scale (22519).

To all this is added a very important gift for the exhibition of this naval scale model at home or in the office when the modeler finishes building it. The wooden base is essential.

One of the most impressive buildable parts of the Belem training ship model at 1/75 scale is its bow winch. The thirty parts you need to assemble is an accurate reflection of the level of detail in the design of the Gallic scale model.

Naval modeling. Belem Training Ship Model 1/75 Scale (22519).

Here you can see even more precisely the impressive winch of the Belem training ship model.

In this video you can see which are the components of the Belem naval modeling kit with greater precision.


But before exposing it, of course, you have to build the model of the Belem school ship. For this, the Artesania Latina‘s modelers have designed the best step-by-step instructions in color. With around 1,500 images and video tutorials in DVD format!

The DVD also includes a magnificent digital poster of the 1/1 scale model of the French ship.

Naval modeling. Belem Training Ship Model 1/75 Scale (22519).

We care about being up-to-date with digital times. At the same time, we preserve forests in these times when taking care of our planet has become a priority objective for Humanity.

The modeler can easily enlarge digital instructions on his computer or tablet, accurately view even the smallest detail. In this way, we combine modernity with tradition, helping and encouraging new generations of modelers to join this wonderful hobby.

The model maker has a specific set of paints and finishes to paint the boat. It is for sale separately and facilitates the painting of the Belem training ship model at 1/75 scale made of wood.

Ship modeling. Paints and Finishes for 1/75 scale Belem Training School Ship Model (22519).

Read the post about the history of Belem here…

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Ship Hull Construction: Assembly of a Wooden Boat Model (III)

Once the modeler who starts in the world of ship modeling has prepared the workshop and has supplied the necessary tools for modeling according to the skill level, the ship model lover can begin to know everything about the ship hull construction of the boat model thanks to this post.

On this way, the steps that will be undertaken to carry out this purpose are divided as follows. Firstly, we emphasize that it is necessary to check the contents of the modeling kit, so that the modeler becomes familiar with the shapes of the different parts. Also, as most of these kits, in this case ship modeling, have a list of parts, we recommend that you make sure that all parts are present. It is also convenient to see if it brings all the plans and instructions for its construction. (Artesania Latina modeling kits bring them on DVD format).

Naval modeling. Wooden Ship Model Captain Boat Santisima Trinidad (19014).


The next action would be the assembly of the keel. It is the fundamental area of ​​the ship’s model structure. It goes from the bow to the stern of the ship longitudinally on the exact center of the model, since everything will be built from this part.

Ship Hull Construction. Assembly of the Wooden Naval Model Keel.

Remember to take the drawings that show the hull assembly and hang them in front of you, at your workshop. On this way, you can quickly and clearly see how to assemble each part.

Ship Hull Construction. Plan for the Assembly of the Wooden Ship Model San Juan Nepomuceno (22860).

The next step would be to adjust the frames to the keel, although the modeler must first make sure that they are not broken. The good thing about Artesania Latina modeling kits is that you don’t have to file the frames before they are placed. They are ready to fit. Just do not paste them until you see that, once placed, all are perfectly.

Ship Hull Construction. Adjustment of the Frames on the Assembly of the Wooden Ship Model.


Afterwards, the modeler must check and fit the decks of the wooden ship model. This action has a great relevance since the decks will make the keel straight, and it help align the frames.

Small scale models, usually aimed at beginner modelers, only have one deck, thus facilitating the work of the novice. Never force the cover on the frames when assembling it, be very careful, or it will yield and damage the hull construction.

Fitting the Decks on the Assembly of the Wooden Ship Model.

As for the installation of the masts, Artesania Latina’s ship miniatures facilitate the assembly to the modelers, because they will only have to insert the masts through holes arranged for it on the deck and the keel. Speaking about other brands, you have to put some wooden blocks to hold the mâsts. But we will comment this later, although we show you below where they would be inserted.

Assembly of the Masts on a Wooden Ship Model.



It is time to assemble and fit the bow and stern parts – the stern reinforcement is not necessary on Artesania Latina’s boat models because it comes to ‘die’ at the end of the last frame-, which will provide a solid base to the wooden strips that will finally cover the hull. The parts provided must be symmetrical and follow the shape of the mentioned hull of the wooden ship model.

Placement of Bow and Stern Parts on the Wooden Ship Model Assembly.

Once you have seen the good disposition of the frames and that the decks are not bent or sunk, proceed to glue them, as well as the rest of the ship built, with cyanoacrylate for porous materials because you are working with wood. Once you have pasted everything, let it dry for at least twenty four hours. We will speak about more steps for ship hull construction on next post.

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Buy Modeling Tools: How to Build a Ship Model Made of Wood (Part II)

Buy modeling tools because it is essential for the construction of any ship model. The modeler should know that it is better to spend a little more money on quality tools than buying the cheapest ones on the market. If you choose this last alternative, you could suffer many unwanted setbacks. They are the best friends of the modeler, do not skimp on money in these ones. Good tools for naval modeling will improve the modeler skills, save time and effort, and keep the modeler positive attitude to any kind of challenge.

Buy modeling tools. Specific Modeling Tool Sets.

Like Artesania Latina modeling toolkits, these could be classified into three types: basic, intermediate and expert.


The basic tools are essential to build any type of model, without these ones it would be like building a house without cement, concrete or bricks. We list them here: pliers with different shapes; carpenter’s hammer with small ball; set of saws; chisel; cutters and blades; files; drills and drill bits; electric plank bender or the hand one; rasp; needle threader; tweezers; rules, bevels and compass; awl; clamps and sergeants; sanding block and sandpapers; brushes; metal brush; scissors; vise; glue (cyanoacrylate) or white glue; nailer; pins and nails.

Buy modeling tools. Assortment of Generic Tools for Modeling.


Buy modeling tools for intermediate level will enable you to work better, especially in more difficult scale ship models, but you must make a greater investment, so if you want to try models of that skill before spending a large amount of money on these tools it would be a good idea: electric drill – better with speed modulator-; electric soldering iron; miter box for cutting; rotary table; waterline marker; universal bench screw; magnifying glasses with LED light and without it; hull support; cutting template for the cover and template for the rigging – not necessary on Artesania Latina models-; and brackets for precision drilling.

Buy modeling tools. Intermediate Level Tools.


Speaking about the modeling tools for experts – if the model is built from 0 without any modeling kit -, these ones require greater skills by the modeler: electric bench sander with disc and belt; electric bench grinder; lathe; mini vacuum cleaner; electric marquetry saw; and electric disc saws.

Buy modeling tools. Modeling Tools for Experts.

There are also specific micro tools or mini tools for modeling created by Artesania Latina that any modeler must have in the workshop. They are the Micro Tools: micro shapers, micro saws, micro rules and micro simulation template in wood, to which we will add two more, it will be a surprise!

Buy modeling tools. Specific Micro Tools for Modeling.


It is time to organize all the modeling tools and create a workspace, so we will now talk about the modeler’s workshop. This should be as large as possible to be able to build any size of ship model and to house all the necessary tools.

It is convenient that the modeler workshop also has drawers for storing, for example, small tools such as drill bits and blades, and tiny parts of the scale model that is intended to be built so that they do not get lost. You can place the drawers on the table at the ends or behind.

Or if you do not have these, we offer you another Artesania Latina’s wonderful product: the Compact Modeler Workbench and the Paints Organizer.

Compact Workshop (27648) and Modeler's Paintings and Tools Organizer (27648P).

Remember, when you assemble your modeling workshop, arrange the plugs in front of you so that when you use the power tools, the cables reach your work area. Once the day is over, you can unplug them or disconnect them if you use a power strip with switch. Also, on the front, hang in front of where your model is assembling the scale model planes, so you can continually consult any questions about its assembly.


It is also important that you protect your work table if you do not want to be full of grooves and holes in the future, therefore, use cutting mats such as these ones: sizes A2, A3 and A4, depending on your needs.

Cutting Mats A2, A3 and A4 to protect the work table.

As for the lighting that the room and the table where the modeler works should have, we recommend that you put two white light LED bulbs of 12 watts on the ceiling, and as a direct table light a white light LED bulb, but in this case 2/5 watts. For this last lighting, we strongly recommend our reading lamp with magnifying glass, 60 white LED lights and three magnifications.

Reading Lamp with 60 LED & Magnifying Glass 3x.

Optimum ventilation is essential when you are working at your workshop, keep in mind that you will continually use products with chemicals such as cyanoacrylates – glues -, white glues, varnishes, paints and solvents. If you are very far from a window, it would be convenient to put a fan, odors and fumes exhaust like those that are usually placed in the bathrooms near your mounting area.

Another need for the modeler’s workshop, if you do not live alone, is the installation of a small sink for rinsing, because it is not good idea to clean the products in a place like the kitchen or bathroom if you live with more people.

Finally, a hung plank, facing the vision of the modeler, to place the tools you usually use would facilitate your work and save efforts. Live the ship modeling with us!

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Building a Ship Model Made of Wood (Part I): Choice of the Modeling Kit

The writing of this post is motivated to help new modelers. Building a ship model made of wood is what you will know, so we are going to introduce you on ship modeling. Of course, you can also clarify some concepts to modelers already initiated or provide other ideas that were still unknown. These two actions will be developed thanks to the fifty years of life and experience of the most important company in the world in naval modeling. Artesania Latina, present since 1970.Artesania Latina. More than 50 years building models.

A built scale ship model represents the effort and perseverance of a modeler to achieve the final result. It will take you many hours, you will encounter conflicting emotions, being positive when successes or negatives when some part of the assembly presents greater difficulties.

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of the Galleon San Francisco II 1/90 (22452N).

In this sense, the best modeling tool that you can use is not made of metal or plastic or wood. It will be the dedication that the modeler gives to the modeler, the passion and perseverance you put. Here we will show you how to build step-by-step a ship miniature. What tools to choose, how to organize and adapt a workshop, what ship modeling kit to choose. Everything so that in the end you spend more hours showing the final product created, this is, the ship model you have built, than assembling it.

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of the Galleon San Francisco II 1/90 (22452N).

Building a ship model made of wood should be shared with the family, involving their partners in the project, whether women or men. It also can be used for encouraging children to help in any aspect of this wonderful hobby. The modeler can thus keep alive the art of assembling ship models for another generation.

Children are also learning how to assemble a wooden model ship with junior kits.


The first thing that a future modeler must face – or one already with knowledge in naval modeling – is the choice of the ship model that you will built. How to choose the ideal kit and modeling tools for each of us? It is essential that you like a lot the ship scale model you choose, the decision must be based on your mood and the pleasure that you think it will report once the model is finished.

How to build a wooden model ship. Choose your modeling kit and tools wisely.

Of course, you should also ask yourself these questions. How much money do you want to spend? What experience do you have in naval modeling? Which workshop do you have or do you want to create? What types of ship attract you? How much time can you spend on your modeling workshop to assemble the miniature?

The modeler looks for a challenge, but not a huge frustration, so it is recommended that the beginner thinks about the simplest for your first assembly. We do not recommend very complicated scale models for those who intend to start on this hobby. Finally they will not finish building them, as can be the one in the image below, for advanced modelers.

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of San Juan Nepomuceno 1/90 (22860).


Therefore, we recommend simple, small and attractive ship models for beginners: a boat with a single deck, one or two masts and a rigging as simple as possible. Examples can be our model ships such as the Viking (19001-N), Swift (22110-N), Providence (19018), Elcano lifeboat (19019), Provençale (19017), the lifeboat of the Titanic (19016), the boat of the captain of the HMS Bounty (19004), the french doris Saint Malo (19010), the scallop fishing boat Bon Retour (19007) or captain’s boat of Santisima Trinidad (19014), among many other miniatures.

Catalog of Wooden Ship Models for Beginners.

You can consult the complete catalog of naval scale models for beginner modelers here. For intermediate scale models, the following in terms of required skills, here.

As for the cost, no ship model for beginners should not cost more than € 100.00. Thus, Artesania Latina has the best offer in the market regarding to the quality / price ratio, with initiation models starting at € 59.99, a more than reasonable price, for example, for the scale model of the Captain’s Boat of HMS Endeavour (19015).

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of Captain's Boat HMS Endeavour 1/50 (19015).


What should you look for, then, in a naval modeling kit? Logically, you may not even be a scholar in the matter, but you don´t need it to choose a good one. Just check the quality of its contents once you have the box in your hands and that all the kit parts from the parts list are there.

If any part is missing, such as the Artesania Latina kits have a two-year warranty. Our warehouse will be immediately replenished once the purchase ticket has been submitted without any extra cost or shipping. Our parts are high quality, made of birch or lime wood, of stainless steel photo-etched and of die-cast.

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of Viking 1/75 (19001N).

The next thing to pay attention to when you are purchasing a naval modeling kit is to check how the plans and instructions are. The plans include all the drawings you need to assemble the naval model and the numerical correspondence so you can read the texts. On this aspect, the degree of precision and quality of these ones will mark the joy or impotence of the novice modeler.

Instructions for the Belem wooden model ship 1/75 (22519).

The instructions explain the plans drawing, they are the textual clarifications or icons and keys of those drawings. They are numbered in relation to those plans. You can also find model ships that have an illustrated and clarifier step-by-step. On Artesania Latina web you can free download the plans and the instructions on each product file are the attached files, in case you want to check how they are.


Speaking of the different hull types of the ship models, you will find three different. Firstly, the one piece solids – they don´t need to be built, the beginner does not acquire experience in the assembly of the hull-. Secondly, those that have a structure of frames to assemble and we must put the wooden strips on that structure from a pre-cut laser board – most of those manufactured by Artesania Latina, the one that provides the most knowledge and the most real-. Finally, those that, on the structure, are placed large parts to build the hull.

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Expansion of the Ship Models Catalog by Nationalities: Love of Modeling (II)

Tastes of ship models and aircrafts models of the modelers are diverse as they are a very wide spread across all the countries on The Earth. For that reason, Artesania Latina has created a wide range of scale models. Discover here our ship models catalog and aircraft models catalog according to their nationalities, obviously paying more attention to historical potentials, but gradually we are interested in designing and incorporating to our list new miniatures that represent many other countries.

We currently have wooden ship models of Spain, France, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China, Netherlands, Nordic Countries and Arab Countries. It can be said that Artesania Latina will count with more nationalities for its naval scale models catalog soon.


Firstly, from Spain, we offer the following naval scale models: the captain’s boat of the ships San Juan de Nepomuceno and Santísima Trinidad; the lifeboat of Juan Sebastián Elcano; the fishing boats Mare Nostrum, Marina II and Carmen II; La Niña, La Pinta and La Santa María caravels; the San Francisco II section and the complete galleon model; and the San Juan de Nepomuceno ship.

Ship Models Catalog. Models of historic Spanish ships.

Secondly, from France, the following wooden miniature boats: Bon Retour, Saint Malo, La Provençale and Marie Jeanne fishing boats; the Belem school ship; the great Soleil Royal; and the cutter Jolie Brise.

Ship Models Catalog. Models of historic French ships.

Thirdly, from the UK, these naval replicas: HMS Endeavour and HMS Bounty captain’s boats; lifeboat of the RMS Titanic; Providence whaling ship; the Scottish Maid schooner; the Cutty Sark clipper; and the ships HMS Endeavour, HMS Bounty and Mayflower.

Ship Models Catalog. Models of historic British ships.

Finally, from the Nordic countries, the traditional Viking ship and the Swedish warship Vasa. From Netherlands, the fishing boat Botter.

Ship Models Catalog. Models of historic Nordic ships.



From the United States and Canada, Virginia American and Bluenose II schooners; Swift pilot boat; USS Constellation ship; and the famous paddle steamer King of the Mississippi. From China, the Chinese junk Red Dragon. And from the Arab countries, the Sultan dhow.

Ship Models Catalog. Models of historic North American ships.


It is thus proven that Artesania Latina products are designed to reach and entertain all cultures on the planet, regardless of race or nationality. Our ship models and aircraft models have been globalized in the positive sense. We maintain the traditional essence of the modeling, to which the latest technologies have been incorporated and applied in favor of a more optimal assembly and conservation of our environment.

We deliver our models all over the planet with UPS.

With the help of our carrier UPS, the best in the sector, we deliver our scale models, our accessories and our modeling tools to all countries of the world, on record time, at a reduced price with safe delivery thanks to reliable and accurate tracking of packages.

To check the estimated delivery time and shipping costs to the different countries, click here.

Join Artesania Latina‘s large and diverse ship modeling and aerial modeling community!


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Love of Modeling (I) Is All over the World thanks to Our Models

Everyone says that things made or created with love have its own soul. The love for detail leads to more beautiful and optimal results. Also, the love that is shared makes the subject learn more and better about life. The private or public exposure of love produces happiness and satisfaction. In conclusion, the love crosses and demolishes borders. All these forms of love happen on ship modeling and aircraft modeling. Yes, that’s right, with the hobby of building wooden ship models and scale models of fighters -airplanes- made of wood, metal and plastic. And worldwide! That is love of modeling!

Our Love for Modeling is distributed with UPS in all countries.

Thanks to the work, commitment and enthusiasm of Artesania Latina, the best brand on this sector since 1970, modeling in general transcends Spanish national limits to reach every cardinal point on the planet.

Our Love for Modeling is distributed with UPS in all countries.


How is that? Our modeling friends surely intuit the answer, although those people who still do not know this hand-made art or are learning from this noble entertainment may not. We explain it: thanks to these “traced” miniatures of ships and airplanes, the modeler puts his soul into building a artwork from scratch. Pay meticulous attention to detail so that the placement of the piece is perfect, it is in harmony. Consult and share theoretical and practical knowledges with other modeling enthusiasts. She/He exhibits her/his ship model or finished aircraft model at some room of the home or office, or in a modeling meeting, a fact that brings great pride. Finally, now more than ever, modeling is a worldwide hobby.

Naval modeling. Wooden Model Ship Kit: Sultan Arab Dhow 1/85 (22165).

This motivating passion for naval modeling and aircraft modeling, we meet all kinds of people regardless of race, age or social status. All of them are looking for a living space to use: they want to build the scale model they need to see finished and exposed.

Aircraft modeling. Sopwith Camel 1/16 Metal and Wood Model Kit (20351)


We are very lucky to have friends modelers from four of the five continents – we have not yet arrived in Antarctica J- Throughout the planet, Artesania Latina has loyal customers of its products, due to its high quality standards and its adjusted price on all their excellent wooden ship models and on their impressive aircraft models from the catalog.

Naval modeling. Wooden Model French Ship Belem 1/75 (22519).

If you don’t know it yet, Artesania Latina sends its fantastic products to everyone on the globe with the help of the great UPS transport service. The firm collaboration that we have established jointly demonstrates the effectiveness and regularity in the delivery of orders. The best of all is that the shipping costs have been reduced so the designers of all the countries of the world can enjoy the ship modeling and the aircraft modeling, the construction of miniatures with their own hands.

Our Love for Modeling is distributed with UPS in all countries.

If you want to know the shipping costs to your country, you just need to click here. Live the love of modeling now!

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Realism for Ship Models thanks to the Set of 10 Metal Figures for Caravels and Galleons (II)

We continue to report on the set of 10 figures for ship models: caravels and galleons where we had left it. In this sense, we will finish explaining which are the characters that you can find in this Artesania Latina kit.

Ship Modeling Accessories. Set of 10 Metal Figures for Caravels and Galleons (22411F).

  • Martín Alonso Pinzón (1441-1493) and Vicente Yáñez Pinzón (1462-1515). These Spanish sailing brothers were also shipbuilders and explorers. They sailed with Christopher Columbus to the New World in 1492, Martín as captain of La Pinta and Vicente as captain of La Niña.
  • Rodrigo de Triana (1469-Unknown). He is believed to have been the first European to see America since Leif Ericson.
  • 5 Sailors. Columbus and his captains, obviously, could hardly have accomplished such a feat without the help of their sailors. It is estimated that in such a great endeavor to find new sea routes through the West to the East Indies, between 90 and 120 sailors were needed.

Ship Modeling Accessories. Set of 10 Metal Figures for Caravels and Galleons (22411F).

The Set of 10 Metal Figures for Caravels and Galleons 1/65 has been made with the die-cast technique and with the highest quality standards. This consists of using a die casting method.

Ship Modeling Accessories. Set of 10 Metal Figures for Caravels and Galleons (22411F).

As an adhesive to stick the figures with fast drying, we recommend our Thick Instant Glue (Cyanoacrylate) Pack 50 gr. & Accelerator Spray 200 ml, which will facilitate assembly for the ship modeler.

Accessories for Modeling. Pack Thick Instant Glue 50 gr. and Spray Activator.


Artesania Latina ship modeling friends already have the highly requested set of figures for Spanish caravels and galleons, also useful for other ship models with a similar scale and from a similar era.

Ship Modeling. Spanish caravels and galleons models.

For more information and/or to order caravels and galleons, click here.

Ship Modeling Accessories. Set of 10 Metal Figures for Caravels and Galleons (22411F).

For more information and/or to order this necessary naval modeling accessory, the set of 10 metal figures for caravels and galleons, click here. Indispensable to give life to model ships.

Here below you can watch a video showing the contents of the set of figurines:

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Artesanía Latina presents its new models for building at International Toy Fair Spielwarensse

With more than 50 years of life, Artesania Latina is a world reference on design and manufacture of kits for the construction of wooden models, above all naval and aerial. We have been successfully presenting our model building novelties at the International Toy Fair, Spielwarenssem. It has celebrated the past month, February, in Nuremberg (Germany).


Model Building. Public enjoying Artesania Latina models at its Spielwarensse stand.



The fair serves eminently to establish business contacts and, above all, to present to the public the news regarding products. Artesania Latina, the Spaniard company, has shown during this year’s edition its new creations in the world of modeling. The model building novelties are Sopwith Camel and Messerschmitt BF 109G aircrafts, as well as the French School Ship Belem, and the Atlantic Tugboat, prepared for radio control.

Aircraft modeling. Metal and photoetched model Messerschmitt BF 109G (20356).

Here you can see other of the beautiful creations for this year presented in the Spielwarenmesse. The wooden model of the Sopwith Camel biplane.

Aircraft modeling. Metal and wooden model Sopwith Camel 1/16 (20351).

In the image, the overwhelming greatness of the wooden model Ship Military School of France, already on sale: Belem 1896.

Ship modeling. Wooden model ship Belem 1/75 (22519).

Last but not least, Artesania Latina has presented another model building novelties as a model that is demanded a lot by our friends who love radio control models: the Atlantic tugboat.

Ship modeling. ABS plastic and wooden ship model Tugboat Atlantic 1/50 (20210).


Hundreds of interested people have gone through the Artesania Latina stand, not only to contemplate the novelties. They also have known first-hand a large model list from our catalog thanks to the numerous wooden models, all of them great classics of modeling. The King of the Mississippi Steamboat, Stage Coach 1848, the French frigate Hermione La Fayette, the Santa Maria, La Pinta and La Niña caravels, the San Francisco II galleon, the Red Baron plane, Fokker Dr. I … And a long number of beautiful models from the design team and modelers from Artesania Latina!

Model Building. Artesania Latina models at its Spielwarensse stand.

Model Building. Public enjoying Artesania Latina models at its Spielwarensse stand.

All those interested in the Artesania Latina models have received the precise explanations of the owner of the multinational company, Michel Martin, who, at first hand, has been involved to the fullest in making known all the wonderful catalog of high quality models, an absolute benchmark for modeling around the world.


Clearly, because it is the world’s largest showcase for modeling, here the ‘Spirit of Play’ is experienced, as the slogan of the event itself prays. It is enough to appreciate the data provided by the organization of the International Toy Fair of Nuremberg. More than 2,900 exhibitors from 68 countries, of which 895 are not represented at any other fair. 70,000 visitors from 130 nations. More than 1 million products and 120,000 novelties, of which four have been presented by Artesania Latina.

Finally, if you want to know what it is moving on the modeling world and the models to build, the Spielwarenmesse is a fair to which you must go. We will wait for you next year! If you can not attend, do not worry, we present here the news firsthand without getting up from your seat.