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Paints for Model Building (II): More Sets to Paint Miniature Naval Replicas

Today we continue breaking down what are the sets of paints for model building that Artesania Latina catalog contains. What’s more, we are going to present you the first novelty of 2022 in this post. In this way, our modelers friends can already clearly know all the existing colors with which they can paint their wooden model ships.

Paints for Model Building. We recommend the use of Artesania Latina Airbrush Sets.

On the one hand, as we have just commented, we offer you specific sets for ship models. They allow you to achieve quick drying and the best finishes by containing acrylic and water-based paints with high quality standards. On the other hand, you can also consult the catalog with dozens of loose paintings. Thus, you can decorate your models and other crafts as you like and paint scale models for which there is no specific set of paints. All of these are contained in 20 ml jars and can be used with both airbrushing sets -we recommend it- as with brush.


First new of 2022! Artesania Latina is happy to be able to present its new Set of Paints (277PACK19) for naval modeling. The one aimed at painting the wooden model of the emblematic Nordic Viking ship at 1/75 scale (19001-N). It is without a doubt one of the sets that our modelers friends asked us about the most. Well… It’s here! It consists of 9 jars of acrylic water-based paints with the following colors. Off White, Off Black, Deep Yellow, Burnt Umber, Gold, Vermilion, Navy Blue, Bright Green and Purple.

Paints for Model Building. Wooden Ship Model Viking (277PACK19).

Wooden Ship Model Viking 1/75 (19001-N).


The second set of paints for model building in this post is the wooden and plastic model of the training ship Juan Sebastián Elcano (277PACK17). It is a pack that brings the optimal paints to paint the new 1/250 scale model of this relevant ship (22260) of the Spanish Armada. It also works for his Chilean twin sister Esmeralda, since the naval modeling kit includes the decoration to assemble both miniatures. The colors included in this set with 6 jars of acrylic and water paint are these. Off White, Off Black, Hull Green, Gold, Semi-Gloss Varnish and Water-Based Dye for Sapele Tone.

Paints for Model Building. Wooden and Plastic Training Ship Model Juan Sebastian Elcano (277PACK17).

Wooden and Plastic Training Ship Model Juan Sebastian Elcano 1/250 (22260).


One of the 2021 novelties, the wooden model of the British ship HMS Endeavour at 1/65 scale (22520), already owns also your own Paints Set (277PACK7). Ideal for excellent finishes on the scale model of the coal and expedition ship with which Captain James Cook sailed the South Seas and discovered Australia. The colors included in this set with 9 bottles of acrylic and water-based paint are Off White, Off Black, Bright Red, Royal Blue, Deep Yellow, Buff, Cocoa Brown, Burnt Umber and Gold.

Paints for Model Building. Wooden Model Ship HMS Endeavour (277PACK7).

Wooden Model Ship HMS Endeavour 1/65 (22520).


The jewel of naval modeling -possibly the most impressive of 2021 worldwide due to its great detail-, the wooden model of the French warship Soleil Royal 1/72 (22904) also requires a fine and perfect paint job. For this, the modeler can acquire, apart from the naval modeling kit, its Paints for Model Building (277PACK16). These colors are included in the set of 12 jars of acrylic and water-based paint. Off White (x2), Off Black (x2), Hull Red, Prussian Blue (x2), Buff, Cocoa Brown, Burnt Umber, Gold and Vermilion.

Paints for Model Building. Wooden French Warship Model Soleil Royal (277PACK16).

Wooden French Warship Model Soleil Royal 1/72 (22904).


Another of the novelties on Artesania Latina wooden models during 2021 has been that of the Swedish warship Vasa (22902) at 1/65 scale. The faithful miniature replica of this very detailed Nordic ship, only behind the Soleil Royal, has its precise Set of Paints for Model Building (277PACK10) specific to this majestic ship. Paint with its 16 bottles of acrylic and water-based paint: Off White (x2), Off Black, Bright Red, Hull Red, Royal Blue, Prussian Blue, Ice Yellow, Deep Yellow, Buff, Cocoa Brown (x2), Burnt Umber, Hull Green, Gold, Bright Green, Purple and Basic Skin.

Paints for Model Building. Swedish Warship Model Vasa (277PACK10).

Swedish Warship Model Vasa 1/65 (22902).


All the different reissues of the beautiful fishing boat Marie Jeanne can be painted with precision thanks to their own Paints Set for Naval Modeling (277PACK12) precise for this vessel. Paint your 1/50 scale model with your 11 jars of acrylic and water-based paint. Colors are Off White, Off Black, Buff, Cocoa Brown, Burnt Umber, Gold, Vermilion, Bright Green, French Blue, Royal Blue and Orange.

Paints for Model Building. French Fishing Boat Model Marie Jeanne (277PACK12).New Wooden Fishing Ship Model Marie Jeanne (22175).


Indispensable for ship models to come to life, the figurines made of metal are another essential part in this wonderful hobby. For this reason, Artesania Latina also has its Paints Sets for Naval Modeling for sale. One of the levels is Basic (277PACK14) with 6 jars to color your crews and passengers. Off Black, Off White, Royal Blue, Deep Yellow, Vermilion and Basic Skin.

Paints for Model Building. Basic Set for Metal Figurines (277PACK14).

Metal Figurines for Wooden Ship Models.

And another level, Advanced (277PACK15), with 12 jars and many more colors to paint the humans, animals and accessories that travel in the ship models. Off White, Off Black, Bright Red, Ice Yellow, Cocoa Brown, Dark Red Leather, Aluminium, Gold, Navy Blue, Bright Green, Basic Skin and Sunny Skin. Decorate with these colors and with the specific set of 4 brushes for figurines (17120).

Paints for Model Building. Advanced Set for Metal Figurines (277PACK15).

Do you want to know how to paint the figurines that will decorate your model ship? Take a look at the two video tutorials made by our team of modelers.

Finally, we recommend that you read the previous post which also refers to the extensive and varied catalog of paint sets for Naval Modeling.

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Finishing Touch for Ship Model: Assembly Details (VI)

Once the hull and the rigging are built, it is the turn to give the finishing touch for the ship model made of wood, build and / or place the lifeboat or shallop – if the ship modeling kit brings it -, to paint and to put the anchors and flags -and the rest of the details that the box contains-.

The lifeboats that come assembled only need to be carved and filed the possible burrs, and be painted and put on the lifeboat, however, there are some kits that force the construction of the miniature, which will provide, for sure, more entertainment and a new challenge for the ship modeler.

When you have to build the lifeboat, make sure the frames are properly centered on the keel before gluing them. Cover the outer edges of the frames with masking tape. Place a strip inside the frames as a temporary crossbar to help keep them in place. Adjust the strips as you would like on any boat and use double hull cover, making sure that the second layer covers the mistakes you may have made in the first phase. Once the second cover is finished, remove the frames and sand inside of the lifeboat’s hull.

The anchors have undergone numerous modifications over the centuries. In the Artesania Latina modeling kits, the anchors are already manufactured, in the absence of sanding and painting.

At the beginning of time, the anchors were placed on the outside of the ship’s hull, tied with the chain to it. Later, the anchors were stored inside the hull.


Now we need to know how to achieve the perfect finishing touch for any ship model made of wood, for any naval modeling kit. Depending on the period and style of the ship model you are building, the modeler can either leave the model to scale with its natural wooden color or paint it. Also, you can take an intermediate action: leave the natural color above the waterline and paint the hull under it. Of course, avoid glossy finishes on the vintage boat models when varnishing.

Therefore, use matte acrylic varnishes. Apply a first layer, let it dry and sand gently with very fine sandpaper. Then, give another layer of varnish and sand again. As an alternative, you can use varnishes on an acrylic base already applied to obtain a darker shade and greater protection. Of course, in the most modern scale ship models you can use medium acrylic gloss and varnish.

Ship Modeling. Finishing Touch for Ship Model Made of Wood.

Ship Modeling. Finishing Touch for Ship Model Made of Wood.

If you decide to paint the ship miniature, prepare the wooden surface of the hull to achieve better results. Apply a layer of acrylic putty with a trowel in the areas that you appreciate that there are small holes or where you want to subsequently sand them until the area is smooth.

Ship Modeling. Finishing Touch for Ship Model Made of Wood.

Ship Modeling. Finishing Touch for Ship Model Made of Wood (Airbrushing).

This action will facilitate you an easy way to paint with the color you have chosen. Very important! Use acrylic and water-soluble paints, if you must use oil-based paints, only use them in metal parts and in very small areas.

Esta acción supondrá una gran facilidad a la hora de pintar con el color que haya elegido. ¡Muy importante! Utilice pinturas acrílicas y solubles en agua. We recommend painting with an airbrush or airbrush set. Eso sí, si debe usar pinturas con base de petróleo, solo empléelas en piezas de metal y en áreas muy reducidas.


The flags and banners are included in the Artesania Latina ship modeling kits, the modeler just has to take them out of the box and paste them into the ship model she / he is building.

It is only necessary to prepare the nominative metal plate of the ship model – if the kit brings it – and put the scale model on its base. A jewel of naval modeling that will brighten the sight of all those who see it at home or at work. With this post about the finishing touch for ship model made of wood and about the details for your naval scale model, we have finished the guide called How to Assembly a Wooden Ship Model. For any questions, you can consult our modelers here.

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