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Wooden Galleon Model San Francisco II: Precious Faithful Replica in Miniature in Wood of the 16th Century Spanish Ship

The naval modeling is lucky thanks to the existence of this artwork, of this museum jewel, of the faithful miniature replica of the most famous galleon in Spanish naval history. The wooden galleon model San Francisco II (22452-N) from the 16th century made by Artesanía Latina contains the 1:90 scale model in from a ship that delights both beginners and more experienced modelers. Of course, it is aimed at those who have a intermediate level of skills and knowledge. You can enjoy beautiful decks, cannons, boats, anchor, shields and, in short, a very detailed decoration.

Galleon Model in Wood San Francisco II (22452-N) 1:90 Scale for Intermediate Level Modelers.

Wooden galleon model San Francisco II has more than 1,400 parts made of the highest quality woods. We assure you great enjoyment during the assembly process of this magnificent model ship. Its construction system using false keel and frames is the most similar to that of the real boat, making this miniature a great modeling wonder. Show off a beautiful galleon with your family and friends, we guarantee that they will be amazed. Once built, it can be placed in any room at your home or office due to its compact dimensions. It measures 26.77” (680mm) length, 20.47” (520mm) height and 9.44” (240mm) width. Let’s check the great contents of this ship model kit.

Galleon Model in Wood San Francisco II (22452-N) 1:90 Scale for Intermediate Level Modelers.


The kit contents with wooden galleon model of San Francisco II (22452-N) are qualified with a simple adjective: excellent. It has a laser-cut wooden structure, birch strips and sapele veneer. It also offers brass photo-etched decoration to increase realism. Without forgetting its cotton sails -and threads- sewn by hand and flags prepared to be placed.

Galleon Model in Wood San Francisco II (22452-N) 1:90 Scale for Intermediate Level Modelers.

Galleon Model in Wood San Francisco II (22452-N) 1:90 Scale for Intermediate Level Modelers.

As a gift bonus, the San Francisco II wooden galleon model includes a wooden exhibition base with a metal name plate for the Spanish ship. In addition, five metal figures to be painted totally free.

Galleon Model in Wood San Francisco II (22452-N) 1:90 Scale for Intermediate Level Modelers.

For more info, under these lines you can watch the video of the ‘Unboxing’ in which all the contents of this fabulous naval modeling kit are shown.


And the construction of the boat… We have made it more comfortable for the modeler! Our 3D designers and modelers have worked hard for hours, days and weeks so that Artesania Latina customers who buy this wooden ship do not suffer. Without more complications than due when assembling all the elements related to the rigging: the poles, the lines and the sails. They have thought of everything to make your assembly easy and pleasant.

Galleon Model in Wood San Francisco II (22452-N) 1:90 Scale for Intermediate Level Modelers.

This process is precisely explained in a simple way on its very detailed instructions multimedia on DVD format for computer (Windows and Mac). With twenty video tutorials and more than 1,000 color images with all the steps!


If the modeler who builds the wooden galleon model San Francisco II (22452-N) wants to achieve the best finishes, we have the solution. For sale separately, the Paints Set for Galleons and Caravels (277PACK8) by Artesanía Latina is the optimal alternative. 12 jars of 20 ml with quick-drying water-based acrylic paints so that your miniature replica of this historic ship shines at your room.

Paints Set for Caravels and Galleons Models (277PACK8) by Artesanía Latina.

Galleon Model in Wood San Francisco II (22452-N) 1:90 Scale for Intermediate Level Modelers.


The GalleonsThe most important ships of Spanish and perhaps world naval history. San Francisco II sailed the planet’s seas during the 16th and 17th centuries, it was the most relevant of all due to its great power and was part of the well-known Spanish Armada.

For more than a century and a half, they were the quintessential vessels thanks to their great cargo capacity and their weapons power. They sailed the waters of the Earth during long voyages between Spain and the Indies. Not only for commercial issues but also for military purposes.

Everything has been said, all you have to do is assemble this wonderful naval modeling kit with the wooden galleon model San Francisco II (22452-N) to realize something important. You will have fun and feel proud!

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Realism for Ship Models thanks to the Set of 10 Metal Figures for Caravels and Galleons (I)

One of the greatest satisfactions for the ship modeler occurs when he sees his work finished. When he appreciates that the ship model has been finished after a great and continuous manual work of months to which he has incorporated a great passion. The same thing happens to Artesania Latina modeling team. To provide more realism to the finished scale model, how about adding a caravels and galleons figures, in this case.

Ship Modeling. Wooden Ship Model Galleon San Francisco II 1/90 (22452N).

Then the ship modeling enthusiast decides the location where he is going to place the magnificent scale model of the ship he has assembled. The modeler chooses the room, places it and gets excited. But he/she also realizes that, even though it is a perfect and very reliable naval miniature replica, it could be given much more realism.

Ship Modeling. Wooden Ship Model Caravel La Pinta 1/65 (22412).

How to make your wooden ship models come to life even more? How to make, for example, the reduced naval models of Spanish caravels and galleons look like they can sail the seas and oceans? Many of our ship modeling friends have proposed it to us. They sent emails to us and commented on the posts of this blog and on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. As we anticipated previously, with marine figurines that give the boat that human touch.

Ship Modeling Accessories. Set of 10 Metal Figures for Caravels and Galleons (22411F).

We have made your request come true because Artesania Latina ensures the satisfaction of ship model makers who have trusted our high-quality products for fifty years. We have designed and manufactured a wonderful Set of Metal Figures for Caravels and Galleons (22411-F). In this case 1/65 scale, it serves in addition for other wooden ship models of the same period that have a similar scale.

Ship Modeling Accessories. Set of 10 Metal Figures for Caravels and Galleons (22411F).


The Set of 10 Caravels and Galleons Figures 1/65 has a ten of the most important marine characters in the history of navigation and Humanity. They are designed to be assembled and painted – no glue or paints are included in this reference- .

Ship Modeling Accessories. Set of 10 Metal Figures for Caravels and Galleons (22411F).

Speaking about the identities of the figurines, below we highlight who makes up this wonderful set of caravels and galleons figures. Christopher Columbus, Juan de la Cosa, Martín Alonso Pinzón, Vicente Yáñez Pinzón, Rodrigo de Triana and five sailors. Let’s know a little more about these legendary men of the sea and their subordinates.

  • Christopher Columbus (1451-1506): He was an Italian explorer and colonizer who completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean thus opening the New World to conquest. Columbus left Castile in August 1492 with three small ships – La Niña, La Pinta, and La Santa Maria – in order to find a way west to the East Indies to profit from the spice trade. But instead, on October 12 of that same year, he came across the land of one of the islands of the Bahamas. Later, he came across different and numerous islands until he decided to establish a colony in what is now known as Haiti, the first European settlement in America after the arrival of the Vikings five hundred years earlier, according to the latest studies.
  • Juan de la Cosa (1450-1510): He was a Castilian navigator and cartographer, known for designing the oldest European map of the world by including the territories of the Americas. De la Cosa was the captain and owner of the Santa María, a vessel in which Christopher Columbus traveled in the Discovery of America, the West Indies.

Here below you can watch a video showing the contents of the set of figurines:

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