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Naval Modeling for Experts: The Challenge of the Most Beautiful Wooden Ship Models on Market

We update this post aimed at showing the naval modeling kits for experts from Artesanía Latina with our latest and spectacular novelty: the Santísima Trinidad (22901). We are continually expanding the catalog of this level of difficulty to offer the greatest and most beautiful challenges. Small works of art designed for our modeler friends with the highest level of skills and abilities in this passionate hobby. For those who build most difficult wooden ship models.

If they are capable of assembling a naval scale model of this article, there is no doubt, they are master model makers. They have already surpassed levels of knowledge and skills in naval modeling such as initiation, intermediate and advanced. Below, all our naval miniatures so that the elite of this hobby can know them. We start, of course, with the recent incorporation of the Spanish ship of the line Santísima Trinidad.


It is our newest addition to our fleet of expert naval modeling kits. It has been with you since September 2023. And it is a… Absolute and gigantic beauty! We are talking about the wooden model of the Spanish Ship of the Line Santísima Trinidad Trafalgar 1805 Edition at 1:84 scale. It is the flagship of the Spanish Navy, the largest of its time, the largest weapon of war with 144 cannons of the 17th and 18th centuries. It is known as the ‘Escorial of the Seas’. She was one of the few four-decker ships of the line that existed. Unfortunately, her fate was fatal in the Battle of Trafalgar, so she sank.

Naval Modeling for Experts. Wooden Ship Model Santísima Trinidad (22901) by Artesanía Latina.

The naval modeling kit of the Spanish ship of the line Santísima Trinidad -read the model post here- it is incredible in terms of decoration details. Hundreds of high quality parts: 14 sheets of basswood plywood and 6 spectacular photo-etched sheets in brass with parts such as lanterns, railings or details of the cannons. Also, 10 packs of strips and rods, and American oak veneer. With the huge amount of 18 cotton sewn sails ready to be placed. As gifts, exhibition base for display and a set of 5 figurines.

For its assembly, you have a QR code that, when you scan it with your mobile, takes you to the product sheet, where you can download for free the instructions, which are completely redesigned: clarifying step-by-step photographs – more than 800 pages in digital format, not on paper -, in addition to 10 demonstration videos -click here to watch them- with some of the most important steps. Printed instructions not available. Once assembled, it measures 46.88” (1191 mm) length, 35.63” (905 mm) height and 18.26” (464 mm) width.

Naval Modeling for Experts. Wooden Ship Model Santísima Trinidad (22901) by Artesanía Latina. Naval Modeling for Experts. Wooden Ship Model Santísima Trinidad (22901) by Artesanía Latina. Naval Modeling for Experts. Wooden Ship Model Santísima Trinidad (22901) by Artesanía Latina. Naval Modeling for Experts. Wooden Ship Model Santísima Trinidad (22901) by Artesanía Latina.


The second wooden ship model that we propose that expert modelers build… It is another fantastic novelty for this year 2021! The 1/72 scale model of one of the pink diamonds of naval modeling, built and launched in the 17th century by order of the French King Louis XIV. The majestic Gallic warship Soleil Royal is your new challenge. This famous ship of the line with 104 guns was born between 1668 and 1670 in Brest thanks to the engineer Laurent Hubac.

Interestingly, it remained unused in the port of that town for a long time. It sailed the seas again during the Nine Years’ War in 1688, already with 112 guns and 1,200 crewmen. Its role was essential as the flagship of the Escadre du Pont (Squadron of the West) and Admiral Tourville. Its baroque decoration is simply one of the most beautiful and spectacular of the time.

Naval modeling for experts. Wooden ship model French Warship Soleil Royal (22904).

The naval modeling kit for expert modelers with the Soleil Royal warship -read the model post here- is one of the most detailed ever. Hundreds of high precision laser cut plywood and solid wood parts are available. Also many castings in die-cast and photo-etched, not forgetting the magnificent cotton sails sewn by hand ready to be placed. It is a Premium model that also brings as a gift the stand for display and a set of 12 figurines. It contains our comprehensive step-by-step instructions, accompanied by highly accurate video tutorials. All on DVD format. Once assembled, the scale model measures 36.81” (935mm) long x 11.22” (285mm) wide x 34.44” (875mm) high.


The third wooden ship model that we show you is a novelty arriving in autumn 2022. The 1:84 scale model of the Spanish ship of the line Santa Ana is one of the most demanded ships for years by our client friends. It’s here! It is a true jewel of naval modeling for expert modelers, now presented on the limited edition Trafalgar 1805. It was fundamental, precisely, in the battle that bears the same name against the English, although it was launched at the end of the 18th century.

This marvelous vessel with three decks was part of a series of ships called Meregildos, the Santa Ana was the pioneer. It had 112 guns, although more were added later along with other weapons. It was one of the banners of the Spanish Armada, but it sank in Havana when trying to hide the French.

Naval Modeling for Experts: Spanish Ship of the Line Santa Ana Trafalgar Edition 1805 (22905-N) by Artesania Latina.

The Santa Ana -read the model post here- modeling kit box contains high-quality parts such as solid wood and precision laser-cut lime plywood, brass photo-etched sheet with parts such as the lanterns, railings or details of the cannons, sails with cotton fabric -ready to be placed-, cotton threads and, as a gift so that the model is perfectly exposed, as a work of art that it is, a base in wood with name metal plate. To assemble it, you need our step-by-step instructions on DVD format. Once it is built, Santa Ana measures 46.45” (1180 mm) length, 34.25” (870 mm) height and 18.11” (460 mm) width.


The fourth wooden model ship that we urge expert modelers to build… It’s new in 2021! The 1/65 scale model of a jewel of naval modeling created in the 17th century: the Swedish bronze warship with 64 guns called Vasa, which is part of the naval history of your country, Europe and the planet: it sank within a kilometer of being launched in 1628 after an economic outlay and use of enormous natural resources by King Gustav II, who wanted the ship to participate in the Thirty Years’ War. It was the most powerful of its time until the US Constitution frigate appeared.

Wooden ship model for expert modelers Swedish Warship Vasa (22902).

The Vasa Swedish warship modeling kit -read the model post here- is one of the most detailed in history on the market, it has a large number of sculptures on its stern and bow. The expert modeler will find a large set of decorative parts in die-cast and photo-etched and Premium quality wood pieces. Of course, hand-sewn sails ready to be placed, multimedia instructions in nine languages and… Two gifts included! A wooden base with a metal name plate and six figures that will give this naval jewel even more realism than it would have without them. Very detailed step-by-step instructions and video tutorials, all on DVD format.

Once it is built, the Vasa wooden ship model has these dimensions: Long 42.12” (1070 mm) x Wide 15.74” (400 mm) x High 34.25” (870 mm).


The fifth proposal that we make of a naval modeling for experts kit is the wooden model ship of the well-known British tea clipper Cutty Sark, at 1/84 scale. It was one of the fastest vessels during the 19th century on its many voyages to the East. The Cutty Sark was dedicated in the early days after its launch in 1869 to the tea race. He tried to unite China and London in the shortest time possible for eight ‘tea seasons’. Later, he took on another role, in this case on the wool trade from Australia. Later he assumed the transport of goods between Porto, Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, Lisbon and the Portuguese colonies. It was operational until 1954, the year in which it was decided to exhibit as a museum ship.

Naval Modeling for Experts. Wooden Ship Model Tea Clipper Cutty Sark (22800).

The British Cutty Sark Tea Clipper naval modeling kit for experts features high precision laser cut board parts, hardwoods, brass, cast iron and fabric. For the assembly you can follow our complete step-by-step guide in 7 languages ​​and in full color, accompanied by the full-scale plans of the finished ship. All on DVD format. Once built, the model measures 40.62” (1032mm) long x 13.77” (350mm) wide x 24.56” (624mm) high.


The sixth alternative of naval modeling for experts is the wooden ship model of the 18th century British merchant vessel HMS Bounty, 1/48 scale model. This boat was the scene of one of the most famous riots in history. In 1787, the HMS Bounty left England for Tahiti to transport breadfruit trees to the Caribbean, encountering a great storm that forced them to change course, and to land and stay in Tahiti for several months. The crew got used to life with the natives and mingled with their women, until in 1789 they sailed again, but 24 days later they mutinied.

Naval Modeling for Experts. Wooden Ship Model Frigate HMS Bounty (22810).

Naval modeling kit for experts of the HMS Bounty merchant vessel composed of parts of high precision laser cut board. In addition, it has noble woods such as birch, brass, cast iron, fabric, cotton threads, hand-sewn candles ready to be placed … And most importantly! For the assembly of the scale model you will have our complete step-by-step instructions in four languages ​​in full color, accompanied by the real-scale drawings of the completed ship. All on DVD format. As a differential fact of this scale model, the HMS Bounty boat allows one of the hull bands to be left open to see its interior precisely. When the scale model is finished, it measures 35.58” (980mm) long x 13.97” (355mm) wide x 30.03” (763mm) high.


The seventh option for the expert modeler with a high level of knowledge and skills in building wooden model ships is the American frigate USS Constellation, a 1/85 scale model of the US Navy. He had to develop numerous and different activities during all the years in which he was on duty. The frigate was built at the end of the 18th century, specifically, in 1797 in Baltimore. It served to seize many ships, prevent the British from annexing the Hawaiian Islands in 1843, and for the United States to arrive in China for the first time a year earlier. From 1845 to 1849, he was in charge of transporting food to Ireland to fight the potato famine. In 1871 it would become a naval training ship. Today it is a beautiful museum ship that can be visited.

Naval modeling kit for expert modelers with a wooden ship model US Constellation Frigate (22850).

The ship model of the USS Constellation frigate features high precision laser cut board parts, hardwoods, brass, cast iron and sewn cotton sails ready to be laid. Contains our comprehensive step-by-step instructions in five languages, accompanied by full-scale plans of the completed ship. All on DVD format. After building, the model measures 40.74” (1035mm) long x 12.99” (330mm) wide x 27.95” (710mm) high.


What is the eighth expert naval modeling kit we showcased? A legend in Spanish naval history, the 1/90 scale wooden model of the Spanish online ship with 74 cannons San Juan de Nepomuceno, from the 18th century. He was part of the Spanish Armada between 1766 and 1805. He was captured in Trafalgar by the British and transferred to Gibraltar, although he represents a beautiful demonstration of the heroism and bravery of the Iberians in the battle that took place on the coasts of the province of Cádiz.

Wooden ship model San Juan de Nepomuceno Onlie Warship (22860).

The model boat kit of the San Juan de Nepomuceno warship has parts of high precision laser cut board, noble woods, brass, cast iron and fabric. Contains our comprehensive step-by-step instructions in four languages, accompanied by full-scale plans of the completed ship. All on DVD format. Once assembled, the scale model measures 37.79” (960mm) length x 15.74” (400mm) width x 29.52” (750mm) height.

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Finishing Touch for Ship Model: Assembly Details (VI)

Once the hull and the rigging are built, it is the turn to give the finishing touch for the ship model made of wood, build and / or place the lifeboat or shallop – if the ship modeling kit brings it -, to paint and to put the anchors and flags -and the rest of the details that the box contains-.

The lifeboats that come assembled only need to be carved and filed the possible burrs, and be painted and put on the lifeboat, however, there are some kits that force the construction of the miniature, which will provide, for sure, more entertainment and a new challenge for the ship modeler.

When you have to build the lifeboat, make sure the frames are properly centered on the keel before gluing them. Cover the outer edges of the frames with masking tape. Place a strip inside the frames as a temporary crossbar to help keep them in place. Adjust the strips as you would like on any boat and use double hull cover, making sure that the second layer covers the mistakes you may have made in the first phase. Once the second cover is finished, remove the frames and sand inside of the lifeboat’s hull.

The anchors have undergone numerous modifications over the centuries. In the Artesania Latina modeling kits, the anchors are already manufactured, in the absence of sanding and painting.

At the beginning of time, the anchors were placed on the outside of the ship’s hull, tied with the chain to it. Later, the anchors were stored inside the hull.


Now we need to know how to achieve the perfect finishing touch for any ship model made of wood, for any naval modeling kit. Depending on the period and style of the ship model you are building, the modeler can either leave the model to scale with its natural wooden color or paint it. Also, you can take an intermediate action: leave the natural color above the waterline and paint the hull under it. Of course, avoid glossy finishes on the vintage boat models when varnishing.

Therefore, use matte acrylic varnishes. Apply a first layer, let it dry and sand gently with very fine sandpaper. Then, give another layer of varnish and sand again. As an alternative, you can use varnishes on an acrylic base already applied to obtain a darker shade and greater protection. Of course, in the most modern scale ship models you can use medium acrylic gloss and varnish.

Ship Modeling. Finishing Touch for Ship Model Made of Wood.

Ship Modeling. Finishing Touch for Ship Model Made of Wood.

If you decide to paint the ship miniature, prepare the wooden surface of the hull to achieve better results. Apply a layer of acrylic putty with a trowel in the areas that you appreciate that there are small holes or where you want to subsequently sand them until the area is smooth.

Ship Modeling. Finishing Touch for Ship Model Made of Wood.

Ship Modeling. Finishing Touch for Ship Model Made of Wood (Airbrushing).

This action will facilitate you an easy way to paint with the color you have chosen. Very important! Use acrylic and water-soluble paints, if you must use oil-based paints, only use them in metal parts and in very small areas.

Esta acción supondrá una gran facilidad a la hora de pintar con el color que haya elegido. ¡Muy importante! Utilice pinturas acrílicas y solubles en agua. We recommend painting with an airbrush or airbrush set. Eso sí, si debe usar pinturas con base de petróleo, solo empléelas en piezas de metal y en áreas muy reducidas.


The flags and banners are included in the Artesania Latina ship modeling kits, the modeler just has to take them out of the box and paste them into the ship model she / he is building.

It is only necessary to prepare the nominative metal plate of the ship model – if the kit brings it – and put the scale model on its base. A jewel of naval modeling that will brighten the sight of all those who see it at home or at work. With this post about the finishing touch for ship model made of wood and about the details for your naval scale model, we have finished the guide called How to Assembly a Wooden Ship Model. For any questions, you can consult our modelers here.

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Cover the Model Ship Hull: Assembly of a Wooden Boat Model (IV)

We have to cover the model ship hull during the assembly of a wooden naval model, but before we have to sand the frames. Specifically, its more square edges, in order to make them blunt so that, later, they fit better with the cover as they are a little curved. To do this, you can use our sanding block and sandpaper.

In this image, how to sand the ship frames of a naval modeling kit.

Later, proceed to cover the deck with wood veneer with glue. We recommend our dense cyanoacrylate and spray accelerator or the white glue. You can also make it with nails, a magnetic nailer and a modeler’s hammer. It all depends on the age and make of the naval scale model you have purchased, or the method you like best.

In this image, how to cover the ship deck of a naval modeling kit.

It is time to start covering the boat hull with, in this case, the first layer of wooden strips, as can be seen in the image below. Artesanía Latina electric plank bender tool will help you shape the strips. Wet the strips for at least half an hour and apply the heat of the aforementioned tool to shape them. You can also use the manual plank bender tool.

In this image, how to cover model ship hull from a naval modeling kit.

Then, make the holes where the cannons will come out, that is, the cannon ports, as we said, once you have built the first layer of the hull cover. We recommend the use of a template so that the distance between the loop-holes is the same and to facilitate this thorough work. We also recommend tools like drill, cutter and file.

In this image, how to cover model ship hull from a naval modeling kit.

In this image, how to cover model ship hull from a naval modeling kit.

It is time to cover the model ship hull with the second layer, but this time with wooden veneer.

In this image, how to cover model ship hull from a naval modeling kit.


When the hull cover is finished, sand the entire hull gently and varnish it. Depending on the ship model being worked, some will require that your hull be painted with some color and some brush.

In this image, how to cover model ship hull from a naval modeling kit.

You already have the ship model ready for the rigging installation. This process will be seen in the next post dedicated to any wooden model ship building process. In this sense, Artesania Latina‘s ship modeling kits are the best in value for money.

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Buy Modeling Tools: How to Build a Ship Model Made of Wood (Part II)

Buy modeling tools because it is essential for the construction of any ship model. The modeler should know that it is better to spend a little more money on quality tools than buying the cheapest ones on the market. If you choose this last alternative, you could suffer many unwanted setbacks. They are the best friends of the modeler, do not skimp on money in these ones. Good tools for naval modeling will improve the modeler skills, save time and effort, and keep the modeler positive attitude to any kind of challenge.

Buy modeling tools. Specific Modeling Tool Sets.

Like Artesania Latina modeling toolkits, these could be classified into three types: basic, intermediate and expert.


The basic tools are essential to build any type of model, without these ones it would be like building a house without cement, concrete or bricks. We list them here: pliers with different shapes; carpenter’s hammer with small ball; set of saws; chisel; cutters and blades; files; drills and drill bits; electric plank bender or the hand one; rasp; needle threader; tweezers; rules, bevels and compass; awl; clamps and sergeants; sanding block and sandpapers; brushes; metal brush; scissors; vise; glue (cyanoacrylate) or white glue; nailer; pins and nails.

Buy modeling tools. Assortment of Generic Tools for Modeling.


Buy modeling tools for intermediate level will enable you to work better, especially in more difficult scale ship models, but you must make a greater investment, so if you want to try models of that skill before spending a large amount of money on these tools it would be a good idea: electric drill – better with speed modulator-; electric soldering iron; miter box for cutting; rotary table; waterline marker; universal bench screw; magnifying glasses with LED light and without it; hull support; cutting template for the cover and template for the rigging – not necessary on Artesania Latina models-; and brackets for precision drilling.

Buy modeling tools. Intermediate Level Tools.


Speaking about the modeling tools for experts – if the model is built from 0 without any modeling kit -, these ones require greater skills by the modeler: electric bench sander with disc and belt; electric bench grinder; lathe; mini vacuum cleaner; electric marquetry saw; and electric disc saws.

Buy modeling tools. Modeling Tools for Experts.

There are also specific micro tools or mini tools for modeling created by Artesania Latina that any modeler must have in the workshop. They are the Micro Tools: micro moulding scrapers / micro shapers, micro saws, micro rules and micro simulation template in wood, to which we will add two more, it will be a surprise!

Buy modeling tools. Specific Micro Tools for Modeling.


It is time to organize all the modeling tools and create a workspace, so we will now talk about the modeler’s workshop. This should be as large as possible to be able to build any size of ship model and to house all the necessary tools.

It is convenient that the modeler workshop also has drawers for storing, for example, small tools such as drill bits and blades, and tiny parts of the scale model that is intended to be built so that they do not get lost. You can place the drawers on the table at the ends or behind.

Or if you do not have these, we offer you another Artesania Latina’s wonderful product: the Compact Modeler Workbench and the Paints Organizer.

Compact Workshop (27648) and Modeler's Paintings and Tools Organizer (27648P).

Remember, when you assemble your modeling workshop, arrange the plugs in front of you so that when you use the power tools, the cables reach your work area. Once the day is over, you can unplug them or disconnect them if you use a power strip with switch. Also, on the front, hang in front of where your model is assembling the scale model planes, so you can continually consult any questions about its assembly.


It is also important that you protect your work table if you do not want to be full of grooves and holes in the future, therefore, use cutting mats such as these ones: sizes A2, A3 and A4, depending on your needs.

Cutting Mats A2, A3 and A4 to protect the work table.

As for the lighting that the room and the table where the modeler works should have, we recommend that you put two white light LED bulbs of 12 watts on the ceiling, and as a direct table light a white light LED bulb, but in this case 2/5 watts. For this last lighting, we strongly recommend our reading lamp with magnifying glass, 60 white LED lights and three magnifications.

Reading Lamp with 60 LED & Magnifying Glass 3x.

Optimum ventilation is essential when you are working at your workshop, keep in mind that you will continually use products with chemicals such as cyanoacrylates – glues -, white glues, varnishes, paints and solvents. If you are very far from a window, it would be convenient to put a fan, odors and fumes exhaust like those that are usually placed in the bathrooms near your mounting area.

Another need for the modeler’s workshop, if you do not live alone, is the installation of a small sink for rinsing, because it is not good idea to clean the products in a place like the kitchen or bathroom if you live with more people.

Finally, a hung plank, facing the vision of the modeler, to place the tools you usually use would facilitate your work and save efforts. Live the ship modeling with us!

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Building a Ship Model Made of Wood (Part I): Choice of the Modeling Kit

The writing of this post is motivated to help new modelers. Building a ship model made of wood is what you will know, so we are going to introduce you on ship modeling. Of course, you can also clarify some concepts to modelers already initiated or provide other ideas that were still unknown. These two actions will be developed thanks to the fifty years of life and experience of the most important company in the world in naval modeling. Artesania Latina, present since 1970.Artesania Latina. More than 50 years building models.

A built scale ship model represents the effort and perseverance of a modeler to achieve the final result. It will take you many hours, you will encounter conflicting emotions, being positive when successes or negatives when some part of the assembly presents greater difficulties.

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of the Galleon San Francisco II 1/90 (22452N).

In this sense, the best modeling tool that you can use is not made of metal or plastic or wood. It will be the dedication that the modeler gives to the modeler, the passion and perseverance you put. Here we will show you how to build step-by-step a ship miniature. What tools to choose, how to organize and adapt a workshop, what ship modeling kit to choose. Everything so that in the end you spend more hours showing the final product created, this is, the ship model you have built, than assembling it.

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of the Galleon San Francisco II 1/90 (22452N).

Building a ship model made of wood should be shared with the family, involving their partners in the project, whether women or men. It also can be used for encouraging children to help in any aspect of this wonderful hobby. The modeler can thus keep alive the art of assembling ship models for another generation.

Children are also learning how to assemble a wooden model ship with junior kits.


The first thing that a future modeler must face – or one already with knowledge in naval modeling – is the choice of the ship model that you will built. How to choose the ideal kit and modeling tools for each of us? It is essential that you like a lot the ship scale model you choose, the decision must be based on your mood and the pleasure that you think it will report once the model is finished.

How to build a wooden model ship. Choose your modeling kit and tools wisely.

Of course, you should also ask yourself these questions. How much money do you want to spend? What experience do you have in naval modeling? Which workshop do you have or do you want to create? What types of ship attract you? How much time can you spend on your modeling workshop to assemble the miniature?

The modeler looks for a challenge, but not a huge frustration, so it is recommended that the beginner thinks about the simplest for your first assembly. We do not recommend very complicated scale models for those who intend to start on this hobby. Finally they will not finish building them, as can be the one in the image below, for advanced modelers.

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of San Juan Nepomuceno 1/90 (22860).


Therefore, we recommend simple, small and attractive ship models for beginners: a boat with a single deck, one or two masts and a rigging as simple as possible. Examples can be our model ships such as the Viking (19001-N), Swift (22110-N), Providence (19018), Elcano lifeboat (19019), Provençale (19017), the lifeboat of the Titanic (19016), the boat of the captain of the HMS Bounty (19004), the french doris Saint Malo (19010), the scallop fishing boat Bon Retour (19007) or captain’s boat of Santisima Trinidad (19014), among many other miniatures.

Catalog of Wooden Ship Models for Beginners.

You can consult the complete catalog of naval scale models for beginner modelers here. For intermediate scale models, the following in terms of required skills, here.

As for the cost, no ship model for beginners should not cost more than € 100.00. Thus, Artesania Latina has the best offer in the market regarding to the quality / price ratio, with initiation models starting at € 59.99, a more than reasonable price, for example, for the scale model of the Captain’s Boat of HMS Endeavour (19005).

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of Captain's Boat HMS Endeavour 1/50 (19005).


What should you look for, then, in a naval modeling kit? Logically, you may not even be a scholar in the matter, but you don´t need it to choose a good one. Just check the quality of its contents once you have the box in your hands and that all the kit parts from the parts list are there.

If any part is missing, such as the Artesania Latina kits have a two-year warranty. Our warehouse will be immediately replenished once the purchase ticket has been submitted without any extra cost or shipping. Our parts are high quality, made of birch or lime wood, of stainless steel photo-etched and of die-cast.

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of Viking 1/75 (19001N).

The next thing to pay attention to when you are purchasing a naval modeling kit is to check how the plans and instructions are. The plans include all the drawings you need to assemble the naval model and the numerical correspondence so you can read the texts. On this aspect, the degree of precision and quality of these ones will mark the joy or impotence of the novice modeler.

Instructions for the Belem wooden model ship 1/75 (22519).

The instructions explain the plans drawing, they are the textual clarifications or icons and keys of those drawings. They are numbered in relation to those plans. You can also find model ships that have an illustrated and clarifier step-by-step. On Artesania Latina web you can free download the plans and the instructions on each product file are the attached files, in case you want to check how they are.


Speaking of the different hull types of the ship models, you will find three different. Firstly, the one piece solids – they don´t need to be built, the beginner does not acquire experience in the assembly of the hull-. Secondly, those that have a structure of frames to assemble and we must put the wooden strips on that structure from a pre-cut laser board – most of those manufactured by Artesania Latina, the one that provides the most knowledge and the most real-. Finally, those that, on the structure, are placed large parts to build the hull.

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