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Mississippi Model Set Up (II): Video Tutorials to Assemble the Wooden Paddle Steamer

We continue with the ‘Model Building Tips’ section and with the second part of the video tutorials for the set up of the King of the Mississippi model (20515). The wooden naval modeling kit of the paddle steamer at 1:80 scale represents a faithful replica of the original model. The assembly of this classic North American wooden boat from the 19th century is aimed at modelers with an intermediate level of skills on naval modeling.

Mississippi Model Set Up (II) by Artesania Latina (20515). The perfect paddle steamer model kit.

On this post, first, our team of modelers will show you how to assemble the columns and the railings of the second deck. Second, how to work the windows and the doors. Then, how to handle and place the high-quality photo-etched decoration parts. Next, we will show you how to make the capstan base. And finally, our modelers friends will know how to decorate the chimneys of the steamboat. These videos are a great help during the construction of the King of the Mississippi model. Especially the most difficult parts. Go for it!


We pick up the video where we left off a week ago, when we built the columns and railings of the first deck. On this occasion, we turn to the existing ones on the second deck of the American paddle steamer scale model. This explanation corresponds to Section 14 of the digital instructions. We remind you that you can download them for free in the same product file of the King of the Mississippi.

Apply cyanoacrylate (27650) on one of the wooden columns of the railing. With the help of a reduced size square or bevel (27325), manipulate it until it is completely straight on the second cover, nothing crooked. Repeat the process with the remaining columns -four more- as shown on the video, placing them on the place provided for it. Obviously, before gluing them, they must already be varnished.

Next, we take the curved wooden base of the railing, apply cyanoacrylate to it and adhere it to the front space between the two columns. Help yourself with some straight tweezers (27204) for this whole process. Remember, beforehand, do not varnish the part where you are going to put the glue. Once your photo-etched railing is painted, add a few small drops of cyan to different spots on its underside. Using the same tweezers, carefully place it between the two columns. On top of this, take the wooden upper part, the handrail with the tweezers, paint it with cyan too and fix it to the upper part of the railing. Do the same process with the other curved railing and with the two straight sides. The result should be this:

Mississippi Model Set Up (II) by Artesania Latina (20515). The perfect paddle steamer model kit.


On this seventh video, another of the important processes for King of the Mississippi (20515) model set up. Specifically, the assembly of the windows and doors of all the rooms on the second deck. On the digital instructions, steps between 13 and 24 of Section 15.

Take a pointed needle nose pliers (27213). Fold the tabs of the photo-etched parts of the windows and doors. Paint them with brush and with acrylic water-based paint burnt umber color (27743). Help yourself to grab the part of nails with precision straight pliers (27204). With these, go placing each of the windows and doors. Gently press with your hands to make the lashes fit. Apply cyan to the back of the window and door for a stronger hold.

Work the photo-etched parts from the doors of the windows. Paint them with buff acrylic paint (27740). Use the aforementioned tweezers to make the task easier. With a brush very fine size 000 (17200C), burnt shadow paint, draw the grids on the front. Apply cyan to the back, where you haven’t painted, and using precision straight pliers, glue them to each of the sides of the window. Repeat the process with all the rest. Once they are in place, paint all the interior frames of windows and doors with a brush and burnt umber paint.

Finally, take the different acetate parts -there are six- and check that the size is correct. Put cyan on the wood, on the wall inside of the rooms, and glue the acetates with the tweezers and hands. To put the acetates on the curved parts of the bow and stern, use in this case a curved tweezers (27021).

It should look like this:

Mississippi Model Set Up (II) by Artesania Latina (20515). The perfect paddle steamer model kit.


We continue with the following video tutorial for the construction of the model King of the Mississippi (20515): photoen-etched decorations of the fourth deck. These steps appear on Section 21 of the digital instructions.

Paint them with a flat brush and off-white water-based acrylic paint (27702). Once dry, glue them with cyan and the help of your own hands on the wooden plank of the fourth deck -where the coffer goes-. Before joining one part to another and adding cyan to adhere them, file with a mini diamond file (27015-3) a little the extremes that will be fixed with the others. Repeat this action. When you have to put the last part, if you have left over because it is too long, mark with a pencil where you should cut it. Cut it with a cutting pliers (27211), file and glue carefully. Put cyano on all the balustrade supports and remove the excess with the point of a scalpel cutter (27019). Now, paint all the joints of the different parts with off-white color.

Apply cyano all over the edge of the deck wood plank where you are going to glue the wooden parts on the lower part of the balustrade. Take that base part in wood, previously painted, and glue it under the already placed photoengraving. Repeat the process with the other parts.

Once it is finished, it should be like this:


The ninth tip that we show you for the set up of the wooden model of the paddle steamer King of the Mississippi (20515) is the building of the capstan base. Steps 1-4 of Section 29 on the digital instructions. Let’s continue with this classic jewel of the ship modeling that It reminds us of literary characters like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain.

Take the parts and paint them with a flat brush and off-black acrylic paint (27703). Use some precision straight tweezers (27204) to hold parts while painting. Glue a strip -previously painted- completely centered on the cover. Use a small centering ruler (27326) to make sure it sits perfectly straight in position. Next is the small star-shaped base part of the capstain. When it comes to gluing the four ribbons on cross shape and the rest on the shape of a star, also use an tiny square (27325). This way everything will be uniform. Continue repeating the process as seen on the video tutorial. Lastly, paint the edges of the star-shaped base part of the capstan with off-white.

When the modeller have done the task, it should look like this:

Mississippi Model Set Up (II) by Artesania Latina (20515). The perfect paddle steamer model kit.


The tenth and last video tutorial refers to the decoration of chimneys. Steps 15 and 16 of Section 33 on the digital instructions for the set up of the magnificent wooden model of the King of the Mississippi, at scale 1/80 (20515).

Fold the photo-etched part look like some poles with the help of a flat-pointed grip pliers (27213). Give it a round shape, for example, using the handle of the scalpel cutter and your own hands. Using some curved fastening tweezers (27021), insert it into each of the two chimneys through the ‘rings’ half-closed you just created. Glue the part with cyanoacrylate so that it is completely fixed by pouring it on the inside of the aforementioned rings.

The end result should be similar to this:

We hope that these video tutorials that guide the modeler through some of the most precise or difficult parts of the assembly will help. Do not forget that you have, for sale separately, a King of the Mississippi Set of 18 Metal Figures (20515F) that will give life to your paddle steamer model. Likewise, you can also acquire the Specific Acrylic Paints Set (277PACK6) for this model, and forget about having to look for them.

Set of 18 Metal Figurines: King of the Mississippi (20515F).

Paints Set for Ship Model: Steamboat King of the Mississippi (277PACK6).

Finally, if you want to have everything your modeling kit needs, treat yourself or surprise a loved one who loves naval modeling with the King of the Mississippi Gift Pack (20515L), which includes the model, the figures, the paints and some tools.

Gift Pack with Ship Model, Figurines, Paints and Tools: King of the Mississippi (20515L).

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Mississippi Ship Model Assembly (I): Audiovisual Guide to Build the Miniature Replica of the Wooden Paddle Steamer

The building process of ship and aircraft models is one of the fundamental actions of modeling in general, and of the naval modeling specifically. That is why, for our scale models, Artesania Latina team of modelers and designers record, create and edit demonstration videos during their construction. The objective? Facilitate our client friends the Mississippi ship model assembly, as is the case that concerns us on this post. Thus, they can clearly see different particular work moments in which expert help never hurts. So today we propose some tricks so that your faithful miniature replica of the King of the Mississippi paddle steamer, at 1/80 scale, is perfectly finished through our video tutorials.

Mississippi Ship Model Assembly by Artesania Latina (20515).


On this first video of the assembly of the Mississippi model, we focus on the frames and doors of the North American steamboat. We teach how to varnish and how to glue these elements. Steps 43 to 47 of section 5 On the digital instructions. Take a look!

Using a flat brush and a vise grip, paint the door with satin oak stain. Next, with a round brush and sapele dye, the door frames. If any of the frame pieces are a bit large, sand them down with our sanding block. Next, apply cyanoacrylate to each of the frame pieces and glue them together using the pliers. Press a little with your hands to fix them better.

Now check that the door fits through the frame. Take the metal trim part from the door window with the pliers, and paint it with a burnt shadow paint. Stick it to the door and then the acetate part -the transparent window- on top. Apply cyan to all three sides of the door and adhere it to the model ship. With this we finish the explanation of the first video of the Mississippi ship model assembly of Artesania Latina. From the most beautiful and highest quality faithful miniature replica of the paddle steamer.

Mississippi Ship Model Assembly by Artesania Latina (20515).

Our modeler has used the following tools and finishing products for modeling:


The second video of help for the Mississippi ship model assembly at 1/80 scale refers to the lining of the deck, we mean, deck planking. Steps from section 7 of the instructions.

Take the wooden plank and a ruler. Place the ruler right in the middle of it, and with a pencil mark the center lengthwise. Next, in the center of the sheet, place a protractor and mark where the 45º are on each side of it. Next, use a pencil and a smaller ruler to draw the straight lines of those angles: a kind of elongated ‘M’ will be drawn. Continue with the process as shown on the video until you have drawn all the lines.

Stick with cyanoacrylate the small strips with that M shape along and across the sheet. Make a round hole for the mast with a utility knife in the area where the battens have covered it and sand with a small file to remove burrs. Turn the iron over, holes and internal tabs that have been covered, open them. Cut all the outer excess of the sheet and pass the sanding block along all the sides. Glue with cyanoacrylate all the edges of the cover.

Here, our modeler has used:


Let’s go with the third video of the audiovisual guide for the Mississippi ship model assembly. Construction of the paddle wheel, symbol of this type of steamboat. In the instructions, this video corresponds to sections 9 and 34.

Take the different parts, apply cyanoacrylate where you need to stick them and fit them into the tabs provided for it. Use the sanding block to prepare the surface and glue two small ribbons on the inner sides. With a cutter also remove leftovers. File all the pieces. Subsequently, paint with transparent satin varnish and a flat brush all the pieces already fitted and glued. The sides, meanwhile, with oak-colored satin stain varnish.

Thread the motor cable through the two wooden grommets. Then place the motor on these. Stick the fixing wedges so that it is totally immovable. Take three small washers and glue them together, the smallest should go in the middle, repeat the process. Help yourself with straight pliers. Insert the stick through the lateral circumference of the base. Before inserting it through the second one, insert the three small circles already attached. Next, each of the parts that will make up the wheel. And, finally, the other three small circumferences adhered, after introduce the stick through the other circumference of the base.


Fix the four wheels with the other many pieces created for that reason (without gluing them). Take the two elastic bands and tighten them. Glue with cyanoacrylate the strips that will make the blades of the wheels. Remove both the rubbers and the fixing pieces. Paint the pistons with acrylic paint (off black).

Mississippi Ship Model Assembly by Artesania Latina (20515).

What have we used on this phase?


Fourth video, penultimate of this post. How to build the spiral stairs of the marvelous King of the Mississippi wooden paddle steamer model. The steps of this assembly, sections 11 and 12.

Using tweezers and cyanoacrylate, glue the parts of the rungs as shown in the image. The rectangular rungs belong to the straight part of the ladder, the wedge-shaped rungs to the curved part. Once the rectangular ones and the first wedge have been glued, glue the wooden ‘bar’ on the inner side at the height of the wedge rung. Proceed carefully up the steps. If burrs remain, remove them with a cutter.

Paint them with acrylic water-based paint (buff). Take the two metal pieces of the railing and paint them too with acrylic paint (off white) and a flat brush. Put cyan on all the sides of the steps – first on the straight ones – and glue the railing. Shape the curved part with your own hands. Now apply cyan on the side steps and glue the curved part of the ladder. Repeat the process on the other side of the ladder. Glue the two wooden handrails onto the railing. Paint them with oak-colored varnish.

Mississippi Ship Model Assembly by Artesania Latina (20515). Mississippi Ship Model Assembly by Artesania Latina (20515).

What have we used?


Today’s last video clearly explains how to assemble the columns of the first deck.

With a ruler and a pencil mark the points where you want to put the columns. Take the column and apply cyan to the two ends. Glue it down and attach it to the model. Check that it is straight with a square. Repeat the process with all the columns checking that the distance between them is the same and that they are not crooked.

Here, we have used:

We encourage modelers who still do not have this indispensable 1/80 scale model of the paddle steamer King Of The Mississippi (20515) to assemble it… And now as a novelty you can also acquire the Gift Pack of the King of the Mississippi (20515L)! It brings, in addition to the model, figurines, paints and some very useful tools.

Gift Pack of King of the Mississippi Ship Model at 1:80 scale, Figurines, Paints and Tools (20515L).

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Paddle Steamer Model in Wood: New King of the Mississippi 1/80 Has Already Come to Life

One of the scale models most desired by Artesania Latina friends has returned in 2021 with a renewed appearance and many improvements. The new King of the Mississippi paddle steamer model in wood, 1/80 scale, is a jewel of naval modeling. Next, we are going to detail all the novelties that this fantastic and classic steamboat model incorporates.

Ship Model Building. Wooden Paddle Steamer Model Renewed King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).

The 3D redesign and assembly process has been painstakingly developed over months by Artesania Latina designers and modelers. In this way, the miniature replica of the King of the Mississippi can be built very pleasantly.

Ship Model Building. Wooden Paddle Steamer Model Renewed King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).


Among the improvements made, excellent step-by-step color instructions have been created, more elaborate than ever, in DVD format. The objective is that the assembly made by the modeler is enjoyable and precise. The construction process of this wooden paddle steamer model is explained in detail without any doubt. In this sense, 240 digital pages with hundreds and hundreds of photos accompanied by their explanatory captions support this fact.

We cannot forget the numerous online video-tutorials that the modeler can find on our official YouTube channel. They will also save you from any possible trouble. Artesania Latina professionals have made a great effort for the modeler to enjoy naval modeling.

On the other hand, this impressive modeling kit is designed to the millimeter so that the parts fit together perfectly. So, once it’s built, it will look the way it deserves. All parts of hardwoods such as birch and linden are cut by high precision laser. It contains 8 board sheets! The parts of this wooden paddle steamer model are fully assembled. They fit easily in their right, concrete place, thus avoiding headaches.


The King of the Mississippi paddle steamer model has also been extensively revamped in terms of photoe-etched parts. “This new scale model includes many more photo-etched parts, and much more detailed than the ones that belonged to the old model”, assures Artesania Latina designer, who adds that “windows, door windows, capitals, railings, decorative ribbon of the service chamber rof and stairs”. Contains 2 large photo-etched sheets (11.57” x 6.14” and 10.12” x 4.80”) with never seen before die-cast and brass decoration details.

We start with the windows, which were previously opaque die-cast, and the windows in the doors. “They all now have a more elaborate design, are very easy to assemble and allow light to pass into the different compartments through the transparent acetate”, underlines the professional.

We continue with the ribbon that adorns the ceiling of the service chamber, the exterior railings and the capitals. They have been made much more stylized than the previous ones. The contrast of colors of these parts in white with the colors, dyes and varnishes used on floors and walls of the rest of the ship is spectacular.


Finally, the new photo-etched stairs of this 1/80 scale model “have been very popular”, according to the modeling friends who have had the kit in their hands. Compared to the old ones, their design is now much more delicate and they are easier to assemble. “Putting special care in painting, gluing and building the photo-etched – which makes up the railings – with the steps and handrails, the result obtained is simply extraordinary”, exclaims the designer. As it stands on the prow of the new King of the Mississippi wooden paddle steamer model, it stands out to the first-time appreciator. It’s a great cover letter!


One of the pleasant surprises of this beautiful wooden paddle steamer model is the improvement that has been made so that it has light, shine with its own light. “Small supports have been added in different compartments so that the modeler who wishes can add LED lights and bring to life the scale model of the King of the Mississippi,” explains our 3D designer.

Ship Model Building. LED Lights in Wooden Paddle Steamer Model Renewed King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).

As an informative note, Artesania Latina has, for sale separately, a Set of LED Lights with switch and battery holder, which allows you to play with the effect generated by the fixed lights or the candle effect. It looks like this, impressive!

Ship Model Building. LED Lights of Wooden Paddle Steamer Model Renewed King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).


Other improvements applied to the new King of the Mississippi paddle steamer model made of wood are the funnels and the turbine. As for the former, the scale model has been designed so that if the modeler wants he can, on his own, make the funnels emit smoke. They are hollow.

Find an electronic smoke dispenser – not included in this modeling kit – and attach it to the steamboat model. As the service chamber is ‘detachable’, whenever it deems appropriate it will be able to access the interior of the cabin. There the bases of the funnels are housed to recharge the liquid tank that creates the smoke.

And what about the dazzling new mobile turbine, a dream come true! Our team greatly appreciated the ability to move the blades to recreate the motion of the turbine that pushes the real ship. Thought, planned and done. A system was devised that “allows a small engine to be attached to the stern wall and transmit power to the turbine by means of a rubber band and a pulley”, points out the model maker of the project.

Ship Model Building. Motor of Wooden Paddle Steamer Model Renewed King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).

The entire set of aft wall + turbine supports + turbine is practicable. The modeler can thus access the interior and make adjustments to the motor or the rubber band. Should the rubber wear out in the distant future, it could be changed even when the model is finished. The Motion Motor Set will be available for separate sale soon.


Seeing that our King of the Mississippi paddle steamer model made of wood has movement in its blades, light in different compartments and smoke coming out of the funnels will leave you totally speechless. In addition, its large dimensions, once built, also help to do this: 25.98” (660 mm) length, 11.81” (300 mm) height and 5.11” (130 mm) width. The modeling kit includes adhesive fabric flags and pedestal with nameplate. Build this world naval benchmark at your own modeler workshop!

Ship Model Building. Wooden Paddle Steamer Model Renewed King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).

Discover this artwork of naval modeling in wood on the video under these words:

Buy the King of the Mississippi wooden paddle steamer model from home, click here.

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