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Modeling on Black Friday 2022: Take Advantage of the 15% Off on Model Ships, Planes and Carriages, Tools and Accessories!

It’s here, the campaign awaited by all our modelers friends has arrived. Yes, we celebrate Modeling on Black Friday 2022 with Artesania Latina! The complete online catalog of products, the largest on the market, with a 15% off! And this year… We’re giving you one more day to take advantage of the offers and make your purchases with greater peace of mind!

In the last edition of Modeling on Black Friday 2021, we started on Thursday, now we start on Wednesday! From November 23rd at 12:00 a.m. (CET) to Sunday, November 27th at 11:59 p.m. (CET), your opportunity to advance the purchase of Christmas gifts, everything you want and need. Wooden ship models, aircraft models in wood, metal and photo-etched, models for children, tools for modeling, naval accessories and paint sets to achieve the best finishes on their mini replicast. And much more!

Modeling on Black Friday 2022 by Artesania Latina.

The more products you add to the cart during our Modeling on Black Friday 2022, the lower will be the invoice, euros savings -or dollars, depending on the country from which you visit the web-. It may be that you have been wanting to build one of our models that is priced a little out of your budget for months. At your workshop, you realized that you required specific tools to be able to better build a part of the miniature. You were eager to complete your artwork with an accessory to, for example, illuminate it once it was built. Or, simply, you were waiting for these dates to collect numerous kits and other products… Well, this is the moment! Don’t forget, five days with a 15% Off!


During the last three years, the team of professionals at Artesania Latina has been concerned with continuing designing and creating more reasons for satisfaction and entertainment for our loyal customers -there are already more of 50 years with your confidence-. There are seven new and renovated models of illustrious banners of naval history. In winter, we brought two traditional models from our house back to the market. We completely redesigned them so that the assembly experience was optimal. Parts that fit precisely, redesigned instructions and a brand new image that can be seen on the presentation of their boxes.

On the one hand, the wooden miniature for modelers with an intermediate level of the French tuna boat Marie Jeanne (22175) at 1:50 scale. On the other hand, the wooden model of the HMS Endeavour’s captain’s longboat (19005), also at 1:50 scale, but aimed at those who want to get started on naval modeling or those who want to add it as a companion to its mother boat HMS Endeavour (22520).

Modeling on Black Friday 2022: Wooden Model Ship French Tuna Boat Marie Jeanne (22175) by Artesania Latina.Modeling on Black Friday 2022: Wooden Model Ship HMS Endeavour Captain's Longboat (19005) by Artesania Latina.

Spring brought us the return of the model of the French frigate Hermione La Fayette (22517-N) at 1:89 scale. A fantastic reissue of the ‘Liberty Frigate’ for modelers with an advanced level.

Modeling on Black Friday 2022: Wooden Model Ship French Frigate Hermione La Fayette (22517-N) by Artesania Latina.In the summer, we introduced two more top sellers after undergoing improvements. On the one hand, the beautiful American schooner Virginia (22115) at 1:41 scale for beginners. On the other, the surprising Dutch fishing boat Botter (22125) at 1:35 scale for hobbyists with intermediate skills.

Modeling on Black Friday 2022: Wooden Model Ship American Schooner Virginia (22115) by Artesania Latina.Modeling on Black Friday 2022: Wooden Model Ship Dutch Fishing Boat Botter (22125) by Artesania Latina.

In autumn, two models that are highly requested by our clients. Two jewels of naval modeling. The American schooner Harvey (22416) at 1:60 scale with intermediate difficulty and the expected Spanish ship of the line Santa Ana (22905-N) at 1:84 scale for the elite modelers.

Modeling on Black Friday 2022: Wooden Model Ship American Schooner Harvey (22416) by Artesania Latina.Modeling on Black Friday 2022: Wooden Model Ship Spanish Vessel of the Line Santa Ana (22905N) by Artesania Latina.


If the person reading this post is a relative or a friend of a modeler whom you want to surprise soon, our products are sure success, it will be greatly appreciated. Don’t know what to give away? To help you, we have launched a whole series of Gift Packs that include the naval or aerial model, the paintsthat must be used on it, the figures that give it life and some fundamental tools during the construction process. They are very varied, so take a look and choose the one that you like the most as a gift for the dates that are approaching.

Modeling on Black Friday 2022: Gift Packs with Model, Paints, Figures and Tools by Artesanía Latina.

You can also give it to yourself! The Gift Pack already has a reduced price compared to if you buy the products separately… Well, also add 15% off from the price during this season! Modeling campaign on Black Friday 2022!


From this Wednesday, November 23rd at 12:00 a.m. (CET) to next Sunday, November 27th at 11:59 p.m. (CET), both included, we celebrate these days of online sale of Modeling on Black Friday 2022 what is it-. That 15% off also comes as a glove to get the tools that are missing at your workshop: loose tools, micro, in set and specific for naval modeling.

Modeling on Black Friday 2022. Micro Tools for Ship Modelling by Artesania Latina.

Ship Modelling Tools Sets by Artesania Latina.

As a great novelty in 2022, we have released one of the most useful instruments for naval modeling: the Waterline Marker for Model Ships (27649). You can now draw with a pencil on the hull of your model ship. Accurately, your pulse won’t quiver. It was one of the biggest requests from our modeling friends, fulfilled!

Ship Modeling Tools. Waterline Marker for Model Ships (27649) by Artesania Latina.


When you finish your model, it still asks you for some detail to make it perfect. In this case, add to your ship the set of figurines corresponding to your model in order to make it look even more real. Made of metal and ready to be assembled – use our cyanoacrylate (27650)- and painted, get a 15% Off on these figurine sets. Any type of vessel cries out for its crews and passengers on deck. Remember that, for sale separately, as a new 2022 two packs of acrylic paints are available to paint them. The Basic (277PACK14) and the Advanced (277PACK15).

Figurines for Ship Models Sets by Artesania Latina.You can also illuminate your model if you have LED pre-installation or if you have created it yourself with Set of LED Lighting for Models and DIY Projects (27590). Perplexed to see your ship model in light! On the other hand, have your own spare parts by taking a look at the section Accessories.

LED Lightning Set for Scale Models and DIY Projects (27590) by Artesania Latina.


If you want to achieve the best finishing on your model, this 2022 we have also expanded the assortment of fast-drying water-based acrylic paints loose or on sets for specific scale models. Without forgetting all our airbrushes, brushes and other tools so that your miniature replica looks as it should. Yes, yes, everything with a 15% off as well, until next Sunday the 27th!

In short, take advantage of this opportunity offered by Modeling on Black Friday 2022 by Artesania Latina to get… Everything you dream of!

Modeling on Black Friday 2022 by Artesania Latina.

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HMS Endeavour Ship Model: 2021 Renewed Naval Modeling Kit for Modelers Intermediate Level

It was one of Artesania Latina scale models preferred by our modeling friends for decades. Now it will be again! Our team of 3D designers and modelers had the task of renovating the 1/65 scale HMS Endeavour ship model. They knew the importance of this faithful British naval replica. For all this, we are proud to present your new 2021 modeling kit, totally improved and adapted to the demands of these times.

Naval Model Building. New 1/65 HMS Endeavour Ship Model (22520).

The iconic British exploration and research vessel – formerly a coal boat – with which Captain James Cook discovered Australia can now be built again. The HMS Endeavour naval modeling kit, an 18th century boat, aimed at modelers with an intermediate skill level, can be assembled like the real ship at your own workshop. This is due to the fact that the actual construction system of the ship using false keel and frames is the one that has been adopted for the model itself.

Naval Model Building. New 1/65 HMS Endeavour Ship Model (22520).

The 1/65 scale wooden ship model of the HMS Endeavour has been completely redesigned. Our team has reliably relied on all the existing information about the ship. Target? Make the miniature as similar as possible to the ship that sailed the South Seas. Below we highlight all the improvements made, one by one.


The first thing any modeler looks at as soon as he opens a naval modeling kit is the quality of the wooden parts. The structure that holds the scale model firm is essential along with the parts that cover it.

Naval Model Building. New 1/65 HMS Endeavour Ship Model (22520).

Well, the parts of the HMS Endeavour ship model are made of high-quality birch and linden wood, as well as the seven oak veneers – to complete the hull – and, also, linden. All of them have been cut on a micron way and comply with that high standard that we propose in our product catalog. This is so because we use a very high precision laser so that, later, all the parts fit together perfectly. Almost effortless. It is as if they attract each other like a magnet.

Naval Model Building. New 1/65 HMS Endeavour Ship Model (22520).

Another great improvement is that the kit now includes “paper templates that, once positioned, greatly facilitate the marking and cutting of how many holes, slots and perimeter contours, among other actions, must be carried out,” says Artesania Latina team. They also adds that “it is not an easy task when it has to be done using other more rudimentary methods -such as those used on numerous occasions by other companies in the sector- that cause irreparable disruptions in the face of the final scale model finish”.

Use the paper templates for the new HMS Endeavour 1/65 ship model! (22520).


This new HMS Endeavour ship model has much more realistic finishes compared to the old one, now discontinued. Meticulousness would be the noun with which they have been thought and reflected in its photo-etched and die-cast details.

Its photo-etched plate contains parts that replace some of the previous model, now they are much finer and more elegant. But also other totally new ones, “thus helping the modeler during the assembly”, comment our modelers. Both types give spectacular finishes to this jewel of naval modeling.

Naval modeling. Window photo-etched on New 1/65 HMS Endeavour Wooden Ship Model (22520).

Among others, the improvements made in photo-etched parts focus on the windows, base, horizontal capstan, chains, gratings and lifeboats.

Naval modeling. The windows allow light to shine on the New 1/65 HMS Endeavour Wooden Ship Model (22520).

The transom windows and the rear side windows -both before made of die cast opaque-, the skylight -before nonexistent- and the fishing lights now have a more elaborate design. They are very easy to assemble and allow the interior light to pass through different compartments and its transparent acetate.


On the new ship model of the British vessel HMS Endeavour we have developed a system for the pre-installation of LED lighting. “Small supports have been added in different rooms of the ship such as the aft cabins, under the skylight and inside the fishing lights”, the 3D designer specifies.

The modeler friend who wishes can attach LED lights in order to make the scale model of the ship comes to life.

If you want to illuminate your 1/65 scale ship model of HMS Endeavour, Artesania Latina offers you the possibility of acquiring the Set of LED Lightning for Scale Models and DIY Projects, not included in your naval modeling kit. This set has fixed lights and candle effect, battery holder and on / off switch to turn it on and off.

Accessory New Ship Model HMS Endeavour (22520). LED Lighting Set for Models and DIY Projects.

Also, don’t forget one last improvement in this regard! The base is prepared so that the modeler can choose between putting the photo-etched part with the nbota name on it or not putting it on if he prefers that the light passes through the name cut into one of the wooden stringers.

The base of the new 1/65 Ship Model HMS Endeavour (22520) allows the output of LED light.


As we mentioned in the previous section, Artesania Latina team has improved many other photo-etched parts on the HMS Endeavour ship model. This is the case, first, of the horizontal capstan, now much more stylized and easier to work with than with the previous model.

The fusion between photo-etched, wood and die-cast, together with the contrast of colors of the parts that compose it -red and black- with the veneer used on the floor, make this a truly beautiful set compared to what makes the competition.

Chains for the dead eyes are now made of photo-etched and it is presented on various sizes, thus resulting less arduous assembly for the modeler. The contrast of black colors –chains- and gold –links- “enhances the ship when a visual sweep is made along the entire side of the ship,” underlines our 3D Design team.

The gratings have been transformed into rooms, with photo-etched details both on the walls – trim plates – and on the ceiling -hinges-. Speaking of LED lighting, the battery holder is perfectly concealed under what was previously a grating. In this way, the modeler can access to the on / off switch whenever he wants, as well as change the batteries when they are exhausted.

The latest photo-etched improvements are the lifeboats. The modeler only has to choose and apply the appropriate paints on these to achieve an immense quality of finish.


This new scale model of the British ship HMS Endeavour has extensive and precise step-by-step instructions, they are very elaborate and have full color photos. Artesania Latina makes it even easier for the modeler with the inclusion of video tutorials. All on DVD format for the computer.

Artesania Latina modelers explain in detail and without giving rise to the slightest doubt the assembly process of the entire model of the ship in its more than 500 digital pages.

Once built, the wooden ship model measures 32.08” (815 mm) long x 11.81” (300 mm) wide x 25.59” (650 mm) high. Learn more about this wonderful and 2021 renewed ship model kit of the British HMS Endeavour, watch the two existing videos under these lines.


For sale separately, the HMS Endeavour wooden ship model has a set to achieve the best finishes and to further highlight its majesty. On the one hand, the modeler can already find its exclusive Paints Set on our website. 7 jars of 20 ml each with quick-drying water-based acrylic paints. Its colors: off-white, off-black, bright red, royal blue, deep yellow, buff, cocoa brown, gold and burnt umber.

Set of 9 Acrylic Water Paints for New 1/65 Model HMS Endeavour (22520).

On the other hand, you can add even more life to your ship model of the HMS Endeavour thanks to the Set of 14 Figurines and 6 Accessories in Metal to be assembled and painted.

Set of 14 Figurines and 6 Accessories for New 1/65 Model HMS Endeavour (22520).

We also have paints for the figurines! You can choose between using the Basic Set or the Advanced Set. Do not hesitate to buy these acrylic water-based paints separately.


When you are building the HMS Endeavour ship model kit, small modeling tools come in handy. They greatly facilitate the work of the modeler. But they also allow jobs that require much more precision. With the Micro Tools for Modeling, made by Artesania Latina, you will be able to assemble your scale model more comfortably and quickly.

With the Micro Shapers you can treat the wooden strips to give the boat another touch of quality, which differentiates us from other companies in the sector.

Micro Shapers to shape the strips of the New HMS Endeavour Ship Model (22520).The Micro Rigging Tools will make the assembly of this part of the model more comfortable. They are very welcome. As you proceed, more threads are inserted and, sometimes, it becomes a bit annoying task if not for these small tools.

Micro Rigging Tools for New Model Ship HMS Endeavour 1/65 (22520).

In this 1/65 scale ship model of HMS Endeavour we used Micro Easy Ratlines Templates for the first time. Do you want to quickly create the ratlines? This is your chance! With the 5mm (27310), 6.5mm (27311) and 8mm (27312) measurements, it can cover a large number of ship scales metrically speaking.

Micro Templates to Easily Build the Ratlines of the New Ship Model HMS Endeavour (22520).

Finally, indispensable for the construction of the new HMS Endeavour ship model are the cyano applicator and the micro saws, not forgetting the magnificent micro rulers. These small tools are very useful when working in areas that are difficult to reach with larger tools.

Micro Saws to cut model parts.

Micro Rulers for Model Building and Crafts.

Now, you can also build this masterpiece of naval modeling for hobbyists with an intermediate level thanks to its Gift Pack of HMS Endeavour (22520-L).

Gift Pack Model Ship HMS Endeavour (22520-L) by Artesanía Latina.

Gift Pack Model Ship HMS Endeavour (22520-L) by Artesanía Latina.

This HMS Endeavour Gift Pack (22520-L) will excite you with its 1:65 scale model of the ship (22520), the set of 14 metal figurines and accessories (22520-F), the set of specific acrylic paints (277PACK7) and the LED lighting set (27590). You will enjoy your favorite hobby, for sure!

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King of Mississippi Accessories: Customize Your Paddle Steamer Model

We already anticipated it in the previous post! Now, we present all the available accessories to customize your new King of the Mississippi paddle steamer model. Your 1/80 scale wooden model of this wheeled steamboat, renovated in 2021, is crying out for you.

Ship Model Building. New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

Artesania Latina team has thought down to the smallest detail. Your scale model comes to life and has the best finishes thanks to King of the Mississippi accessories, which are sold separately. Figurines, lighting, engine -on sale soon- and paints, which we are going to talk about specifically below. In this way, the modeler can add these sets to his historical scale model… And make it more beautiful and faithful to the original replica than ever!


The decks and compartments of the wooden model of the King of the Mississippi wheeled steamboat are going to be packed with people. Of all ages and all dressed in beautiful period costumes. For this, Artesanía Latina has created a Set of 18 Metal Figurines for the modeler to assemble and paint.

King of Mississippi Accessories. Set of 18 Metal Figures for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

The metal figurines also have a 1/80 scale so that they are perfectly positioned according to the paddle steamer ship model measurements.

King of Mississippi Accessories. Set of 18 Metal Figures for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

Altogether, it has 18 figurines distributed as follows. 14 human characters, including the crew and the passengers themselves. Not fotget to mention 4 animals, 2 horses and 2 cows.

King of Mississippi Accessories. Set of 18 Metal Figures for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

This Set of 18 Metal Figurines can also be used for other ship models with similar scales and that are historical and approximately the same time. Thus, the clothes which the characters are dressed will not clash.

King of Mississippi Accessories. Set of 18 Metal Figures for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

In order for the modeler to glue the figures, we recommend using our Set of Thick Cyanoacrylate and Spray Accelerator. On the other hand, we have created two packs of paints with which you can paint these little figures in great detail. The Basic Paints Set for Figurines and the Advanced Set… Your choice!


We are passionate about LED lighting! Imagine walking into the room where the wooden model of the New King of the Mississippi paddle steamer is on display at dusk or at night. Suddenly, he turns his head and realizes that the scale model is illuminated. We assure you that you will think the following: How wonderful!

King of Mississippi Accessories. Set of LED Lightning for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

So Artesania Latina modelers have designed a LED Lighting Set. Also previously, they added a pre-installation to the model so that everything works perfectly.

King of Mississippi Accessories. Set of LED Lightning for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

Thanks to this LED Lighting Set, the modeler has ten candle-effect LED lights and four continuous lighting. All, yellow, 3 millimeters and 3 volts. In addition, it contains a battery holder for two AAA batteries and another for a button cell. Not to mention the on / off switch, eight meters of wiring, half a meter of heat-shrink sleeve and one meter of tin. The set brings everything so that the modeler only has to place the lighting system and it is such that.


It’s a great addition to this wooden scale model! Another great accessory for the King of the Mississippi is the Motion Motor Set (27591) for the paddle wheel. Now for sale separately.

The new mobile turbine of the new model design moves as if it were plowing through the waters of any navigable North American river. Simply spectacular! As if it were the real ship when the turbine provides the navigation power.

The small engine from the set is mounted on the stern wall. This powers the turbine with a pulley and a rubber band.

King of Mississippi Accessories. New Turbine Motor for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

In this sense, it is totally practicable. That is, whenever you want, you can make adjustments to the engine or the aforementioned rubber. In the event that it later deteriorates, you can replace it without any problem.

On the other hand, Artesania Latina modelers and designers have also developed the pre-installation of the smoke outlet for the funnels. These have been made hollow so that the smoke can escape … As if it were the real ship and it was sailing!

The creation of the system that allows the creation of smoke must be the initiative of the modeler. Artesania Latina does not currently include any set for it in its product catalog. We recommend that you find an electronic dispenser and place it in the service chamber. In that place, which is where the funnels are located, fill the reservoir with liquid.


Steamboats were created by Robert Fulton. A model of one of these as relevant as King of the Mississippi should show the best finishes. Another of the essential accessories of the King of the Mississippi is its Paints Set, which is sold separately from the naval modeling kit.

Six bottles of acrylic water-based paint with 20 ml each for a single purpose. Paint your wheel steamboat model with the necessary colors. Thus, the miniature replica is even more faithful to the original. Off-white, off-black, gold, burnt umber, buff and bright red are the colors that make up the paints set for King of the Mississippi.

King of Mississippi Accessories. Paints Set for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

The modeler can use both an airbrush and a brush during the painting process. 20 minutes after application, the paint is dry to the touch; an hour, totally dry. To paint another coat on top, you must wait 6 hours.

We recommend that you apply a primer lyer for best results before painting. Our Basic Finishes Set, for sale separately, has this product and two more very useful ones: thinner for airbrush and semi-gloss transparent varnish.

Finally, you also have the Hardwoods Dyes Set for the parts of the King of the Mississippi paddle steamer model that you need. It does not come with the modeling kit.

Finally, the King of the Mississippi accessories will give the model its master touch. Feel free to add them to this 1/80 scale naval modeling kit if you want it to be simply… Spectacular!

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