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Galleon Model Kit San Francisco II: Know its Secrets with this Beautiful 1/50 Scale Wooden Section

Galleons appeared in the middle of the 16th century thanks to the Spanish Armada. For 150 years, they were the warships and transport par excellence. Its three deck levels, the richness of its equipment and its imposing and robust appearance make the Section of San Francisco II at scale 1/50 a wooden galleon model kit truly splendid. Discover all the secrets of the galleons!

Galleon Model Kit. Section of San Francisco II at 1/50 Scale (20403).

The galleon model with the Section of San Francisco II from the 16th century is a fantastic naval modeling kit in wood aimed at beginners modelers. Building this scale model, the modeler can examine in depth the construction and structure of this Spanish ship. Best of all, you can see in detail all the elements that make up its three decks. This fact allows the fan of this hobby to get an idea of ​​what life was like on board.

Galleon Model Kit. Section of San Francisco II at 1/50 Scale (20403).

The central section of this galleon model shows the interior of the ship and wonderful details. Cannons and their metal bullets, gun carriages, buckets, casks/barrels, sacks, winches and bilge pumps, among many other objects of the time.

Galleon Model Kit. Section of San Francisco II at 1/50 Scale (20403).

The faithful miniature replica of the Section of the Galleon San Francisco II has two bridge , since the lower deck lacks cannons. Latter was intended for loading and transporting food, gunpowder and other belongings. Once built, the scale model measures 4.72” (120mm) length, 26.14” (664mm) height and 12.28” (312mm) width.


The wooden naval modeling kit with the San Francisco II galleon section model includes high quality parts for precise and friendly assembly. Among many other elements, it contains high precision laser cut board, noble woods, brass and die-cast parts and fabric, such as the adhesive fabric with the flag. Likewise, as a gift for our modeling friends, it includes a small exhibition base with a metal plate for display. In this way, the galleon model will shine in all its splendor at any of the rooms of your home, workshop or office.

For the assembly you can follow our complete full color step-by-step guide on DVD format for your computer. All stages of the assembly are perfectly reflected in these instructions by means of legends and visual explanations. The galleon model kit does not come with printed instructions because Artesania Latina is committed to the environmental preservation of our planet.

Also, its parts list is especially clear and pleasant. Instead of bringing only names of parts and their quantities, each element comes with the image that represents it. In this way, the task of recognizing the parts is made easier for the modeler who builds the model.

You can consult the contents of the naval modeling kit with the galleon model of San Francisco II Section thanks to the video below presenting the scale model made by Artesania Latina. Please note that only digital instructions are available now, it does not contain paper instructions.

The galleon model Section San Francisco II at 1/50 scale is one of the best rated by all modelers regardless of their origin. Dare to assemble the scale model of one of the naval historical gems!

Galleon Model Kit. Section of San Francisco II at 1/50 Scale (20403).

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Model Kits for Children +8: Instill a Love of Modeling into Youngest thanks to Art&Kids Collection

Christmas is approaching. The dilemma begins. What present to give to the little ones? Technological products are almost a must in these times, but … And give traditional toys and games a chance? Artesania Latina has model kits for children over 8 years old so that they can play, build and develop their intellect without so much screen. The Art&Kids Collection is ideal for that even parents and children or grandparents and grandchildren share moments of fun and, most importantly, moments together. Our wooden model kits for children for building are expressly thought for the smallest of the house.

Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: Wooden Scale Models Made by Artesania Latina.

The wooden model kits for children older than 8 years are high quality and safe. Its assembly is very easy, so what better reason for parents and children to come together and spend personal moments together, as a family. In this way, they can establish their bonds through the game of building, of a common project at an early age. With moving parts to make boats, planes and other vehicles look more real! Next, we break down one by one which are the children’s models in the collection: ships, airplanes and other historical vehicles .


Arouse the creativity and ingenuity of the little ones in the house with one of the model kits for children most coveted, the Pirate Ship. It is of pleasant construction and has a high quality components. This wooden model building kit includes child-safe moving parts, cotton sails, stickers, glues, paints and instructions on DVD for the computer. All for the fun of the boys. The scale model to build of the aforementioned ship has 65 parts and once completed it measures 12.8” (325 mm) long.

Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: Pirate Ship.

Another of the inescapable model kits for children +8 made by Artesania Latina is the requested Drakkar Viking Ship. It has, like the other modeling kits of this collection, moving parts, cotton sails, stickers, glues and safe paints suitable for the kids and step-by-step assembly on DVD format for Windows and Mac. It comes with 59 parts. Once it is built, it measures 10.55” (268) mm long.

Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: Drakkar Viking Ship.

The third boat that we present to you comes from the Nile, from Ancient Egypt. It is the ship model of the Cleopatra’s Egyptian Galley. The model kit comes with the same contents as the rest of the collection Art&Kids. It has 82 parts and it measures 10.62” (270 mm) long.

Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: Cleopatra's Egytian Galley.

Currently, The last wooden scale model kit for children over 8 years from Historic Ships of Art&Kids Collection is another galley. This time, the Roman Ave Caesar. Its model can be built with the 69 parts included in the kit and once finished it measures 12” (305 mm) long.

Art&Kids Collection: Roman Galley Ave Caesar.


Not only boats consists of the fabulous collection Art&Kids model kits for children over eight years of age. Artesania Latina team has also thought about historical jewels of aviation such as fighters and four-wheelers such as the surfer van. Replicas of wooden airplanes and cars that delight the little ones… And also the oldest!

The first of the aviation artworks that we capture in a wooden modeling kit is the German triplane from World War I Fokker Dr I. Now children and parents can enjoy building the wooden model that belonged to Red Baron. Wheels and propeller are manually movable. The kit contains 43 parts and the finished model is 6.7” (170 mm) long.

Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: German Fighter Fokker Dr I.

The other essential aircraft for history, included in Art&Kids Collection of wooden model kits for children, is the British fighter from World War I Sopwith Camel. There are parts like engine propeller and wheels that you can move manually. Your scale model is assembled with the 47 parts that the kit brings. Once finished it measures 6.7” (170 mm) long.

Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: British Fighter Sopwith Camel.

The last model currently belonging to this collection of model kits for children +8 is the Hippie Van (Surfer’s Van). The one of all the life!
With laser-cut board sheets, so the shapes of the model are realistic and the assembly easy and pleasant. The roof of the model van is removable to allow access into the vehicle.Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: Hippy and Surfer's Van.


Construction toys, such as our model kits for children Art&Kids, are very beneficial for the health and the mind of both children and adults. Firstly, this is so because their assembly increases motor skills and coordination of the hands and fingers. The future modeler, making use of her/his skill and precision, must place even very small parts. Scientific research also assures that vision improves because the children or adults who are assembling the model discard different shades of the same color. All this in regard to the physical terrain of the benefits of modeling for kids.

Secondly, because their logical reasoning is enriched since the child must assemble an exact copy of a wooden model. You have to plan in advance the stages of assembling the miniature replica and establish in what order to carry them out: logically, to place the masts, first you have to build the hull of the ship or to install the cabin, before the structure must be finished. Once the model is built after a lot of dedication, great self-esteem that the child gains and feels.

And thirdly, psychological terrain, it provides relaxation, serenity and concentration by working hard with detail. It is, in the case of the elderly, an unbeatable barrier against Alzheimer’s. It develops cognitive skills that facilitate analysis, comprehension, understanding the space in which one works, reading and mathematics… The wooden building models of Art&Kids Collection are the best gift for children this Christmas!

Art&Kids Collection: Wooden Scale Models for Children +8 Made by Artesania Latina.

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Black Friday Model Building 2021: Ship Models Kits, Tools and Accessories Catalog… 15% Off!

One of the dates set for our modelers friends has finally arrived! Artesania Latina 2021 Black Friday Model Building. One of the most interesting on the market when it comes to hobbies and crafts. No other Black Friday belonging to large multinational companies that sell products related to this beautiful hobby has a comparison. You will find the widest variety and the best deals on wooden model ships, airplanes and other vehicles, and the most precise modeling tools on our website. Not forgetting all the accessories, airbrushing and woods. From this Thursday, November 25th at 0:00 a.m. (CET) until Sunday 28th at 11:59 p.m. (CET), the entire web catalog … 15% Off!

More products you purchase on our 2021 Black Friday Model Building, more will be the savings in euros -or dollars, depending on your country-. So it is, for example, an excellent time to, in addition to buying the model ship kit or air model kit that you have been wanting to assemble for months, add the tools you need. For the finishing touch once you’ve built your model, also include paints, varnishes, airbrushes – or brushes -, LED lighting sets, and a host of details. Remember, four days with a 15% savings!

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Artesania Latina Modeling Kits, Tools and Accessories 15% OFF.

During the last two years, Artesania Latina team of professionals has made an arduous effort to present new and improved scale naval models in this year 2021. Wooden ship models that belong to naval history, not only in Spain and Europe, but in the entire world. Thought and designed by the best modelers to be a true reflection of the boats that once sailed. Take advantage of our Black Friday Model Building 2021 to get hold of them!


What are the novelties of 2021 in terms of naval modeling? We started the year presenting the renewed and beautiful scale model in wood of the caravel Santa MarIa, of which you can see all its characteristics in an enlarged way here. We continue with the majestic 1/65 scale model of the Swedish warship Vasa. You can read further information in the post about this Nordic miniature replica. It is a true jewel of naval modeling given its great level of detail.

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Wooden Ship Model Caravel Santa María 1/65 (22411N).

Subsequently, a reissue with many improvements of the naval modeling kit of the well-known paddle steamer King of the Mississippi at 1/80 scale arrived at our warehouses. One of the models most demanded by our modeling friends, without a doubt, about which you can also learn much more thanks to this blog article.

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Wooden Ship Model Paddle Steamer King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).

At the beginning of autumn, we unveiled one of the classics of British and world naval history that was also being manufactured again. The 1/65 scale model of the British ship HMS Endeavour, completely remade based on the existing information about the ship. In the written blog post, you have a lot of data related to this model.

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Wooden Ship Model HMS Endeavour 1/65 (22520).

Almost at the same time, a spectacular artwork of naval modeling came to light, a pride of model for modelers. The 1/72 scale model of the French ship Soleil Royal, which we will talk about soon.

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Wooden Ship Model Soleil Royal 1/72 (22904).

Finally, a few days ago, we put up for sale on our website the renewed model of the Spanish training ship Juan Sebastian Elcano, at 1/72 scale. Aimed at beginning modelers, you can find out more about your modeling kit here.

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Wooden and Plastic Boat Model Training Ship Juan Sebastian Elcano 1/250 (22260).


Although it is not from a ship but from an airplane, we must remember, of course, the new miniature replica of the German Messerschmitt BF109G fighter. A post is also available about this spectacular 1/16 scale model.

Metal and Photo-etched Fighter Airplane Model Messerschmitt BF109G 1/16 (20356)

Hurry to take advantage of these days of Black Friday of Modeling 2021 and assemble some of these beautiful novelties from our catalog! Or if you wish, build some of the dozens of the remaining models of ships, airplanes and our precious stagecoach. All 15% Off!


As we mentioned before, these Black Friday Model Building 2021 online sales days that take place from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th come like a glove to buy tools, micro, in set format and specific for naval modeling. If you add any tool / s to your model, counting the money that is deducted from 15% of the model, you can practically get free with what you save. Your shopping cart will be much cheaper when you see it.

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Modeling Tools.

In 2021, Artesania Latina professionals have continued to expand the catalog of tools to make the experience of building our modeling kits more pleasant. Always thinking of the modeler friends who assemble our models. Regarding this aspect, the new additions of Micro Tools should be highlighted, small and high-quality tools that allow more precise and meticulous tasks to be carried out.

The first, Micro Moulding Scrapers / Micro Shapers C-type, the third available now, which allows shaping wooden and plastic slats. You can create moldings in different shapes to decorate your models. The second, the Micro Mitre Box with Precision Saws to make 45º and 90º cuts in pieces of wood and plastic. And the third, Micro Tools for Rigging, which greatly facilitates its assembly.


After your ship model is built, there are several things you still need to make it look perfect. This year we have also created new figurine sets to make your naval wooden model come even more alive and look more real. Made of metal and ready to be assembled and painted. You can now get a 15% discount on the King of the Mississippi set, on those of the British ship HMS Endeavour and, finally, those that belongs to all Galleons and Caravels. What would our ship models be without their crews and passengers on deck.

Metal Figurine Sets for Different Ship Models.

Another news for our modeling friends. Now you can light up your model if you have LED pre-installation or if you have created it on your own with the LED Lighting Set for Models and DIY Projects. Your jaw will drop to see your naval miniature illuminated! And count on your own spare parts by taking a look at the Accessories section.


If you want to achieve the best finishes for your finished model, this 2021 we also offer you another unbeatable novelty. Our wide assortment of individual quick-drying acrylic water-based paints and specific scale models ones. We don’t forget all our airbrushes, new brushes and other tools so that your miniature replica looks as it should. Yes, yes, everything also with a 15% of up to next Sunday 28th!

Quick Drying Water Acrylic Paints Sets Catalog.

All that said, any model maker should take advantage of this opportunity on Black Friday Model Building 2021 to get, for example, the following shopping cart, and thus save more money: the modeling kit you dream of assembling, the tools you need, the life-giving figurines, the color paints and the LED lighting set. If you plan to buy all this sooner or later, now it is the best time! A 15% Off on the highest quality products made by Artesania Latina… It doesn’t happen every day!

Black Friday Model Building 2021: Artesania Latina Modeling Kits, Tools and Accessories 15% OFF.

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HMS Endeavour Ship Model: 2021 Renewed Naval Modeling Kit for Modelers Intermediate Level

It was one of Artesania Latina scale models preferred by our modeling friends for decades. Now it will be again! Our team of 3D designers and modelers had the task of renovating the 1/65 scale HMS Endeavour ship model. They knew the importance of this faithful British naval replica. For all this, we are proud to present your new 2021 modeling kit, totally improved and adapted to the demands of these times.

Naval Model Building. New 1/65 HMS Endeavour Ship Model (22520).

The iconic British exploration and research vessel – formerly a coal boat – with which Captain James Cook discovered Australia can now be built again. The HMS Endeavour naval modeling kit, an 18th century boat, aimed at modelers with an advanced skill level, can be assembled like the real ship at your own workshop. This is due to the fact that the actual construction system of the ship using false keel and frames is the one that has been adopted for the model itself.

Naval Model Building. New 1/65 HMS Endeavour Ship Model (22520).

The 1/65 scale wooden ship model of the HMS Endeavour has been completely redesigned. Our team has reliably relied on all the existing information about the ship. Target? Make the miniature as similar as possible to the ship that sailed the South Seas. Below we highlight all the improvements made, one by one.


The first thing any modeler looks at as soon as he opens a naval modeling kit is the quality of the wooden parts. The structure that holds the scale model firm is essential along with the parts that cover it.

Naval Model Building. New 1/65 HMS Endeavour Ship Model (22520).

Well, the parts of the HMS Endeavour ship model are made of high-quality birch and linden wood, as well as the seven oak veneers – to complete the hull – and, also, linden. All of them have been cut on a micron way and comply with that high standard that we propose in our product catalog. This is so because we use a very high precision laser so that, later, all the parts fit together perfectly. Almost effortless. It is as if they attract each other like a magnet.

Naval Model Building. New 1/65 HMS Endeavour Ship Model (22520).

Another great improvement is that the kit now includes “paper templates that, once positioned, greatly facilitate the marking and cutting of how many holes, slots and perimeter contours, among other actions, must be carried out,” says Artesania Latina team. They also adds that “it is not an easy task when it has to be done using other more rudimentary methods -such as those used on numerous occasions by other companies in the sector- that cause irreparable disruptions in the face of the final scale model finish”.

Use the paper templates for the new HMS Endeavour 1/65 ship model! (22520).


This new HMS Endeavour ship model has much more realistic finishes compared to the old one, now discontinued. Meticulousness would be the noun with which they have been thought and reflected in its photo-etched and die-cast details.

Its photo-etched plate contains parts that replace some of the previous model, now they are much finer and more elegant. But also other totally new ones, “thus helping the modeler during the assembly”, comment our modelers. Both types give spectacular finishes to this jewel of naval modeling.

Naval modeling. Window photo-etched on New 1/65 HMS Endeavour Wooden Ship Model (22520).

Among others, the improvements made in photo-etched parts focus on the windows, base, horizontal capstan, chains, gratings and lifeboats.

Naval modeling. The windows allow light to shine on the New 1/65 HMS Endeavour Wooden Ship Model (22520).

The transom windows and the rear side windows -both before made of die cast opaque-, the skylight -before nonexistent- and the fishing lights now have a more elaborate design. They are very easy to assemble and allow the interior light to pass through different compartments and its transparent acetate.


On the new ship model of the British vessel HMS Endeavour we have developed a system for the pre-installation of LED lighting. “Small supports have been added in different rooms of the ship such as the aft cabins, under the skylight and inside the fishing lights”, the 3D designer specifies.

The modeler friend who wishes can attach LED lights in order to make the scale model of the ship comes to life.

If you want to illuminate your 1/65 scale ship model of HMS Endeavour, Artesania Latina offers you the possibility of acquiring the Set of LED Lightning for Scale Models and DIY Projects, not included in your naval modeling kit. This set has fixed lights and candle effect, battery holder and on / off switch to turn it on and off.

Accessory New Ship Model HMS Endeavour (22520). LED Lighting Set for Models and DIY Projects.

Also, don’t forget one last improvement in this regard! The base is prepared so that the modeler can choose between putting the photo-etched part with the nbota name on it or not putting it on if he prefers that the light passes through the name cut into one of the wooden stringers.

The base of the new 1/65 Ship Model HMS Endeavour (22520) allows the output of LED light.


As we mentioned in the previous section, Artesania Latina team has improved many other photo-etched parts on the HMS Endeavour ship model. This is the case, first, of the horizontal capstan, now much more stylized and easier to work with than with the previous model.

The fusion between photo-etched, wood and die-cast, together with the contrast of colors of the parts that compose it -red and black- with the veneer used on the floor, make this a truly beautiful set compared to what makes the competition.

Chains for the dead eyes are now made of photo-etched and it is presented on various sizes, thus resulting less arduous assembly for the modeler. The contrast of black colors –chains- and gold –links- “enhances the ship when a visual sweep is made along the entire side of the ship,” underlines our 3D Design team.

The gratings have been transformed into rooms, with photo-etched details both on the walls – trim plates – and on the ceiling -hinges-. Speaking of LED lighting, the battery holder is perfectly concealed under what was previously a grating. In this way, the modeler can access to the on / off switch whenever he wants, as well as change the batteries when they are exhausted.

The latest photo-etched improvements are the lifeboats. The modeler only has to choose and apply the appropriate paints on these to achieve an immense quality of finish.


This new scale model of the British ship HMS Endeavour has extensive and precise step-by-step instructions, they are very elaborate and have full color photos. Artesania Latina makes it even easier for the modeler with the inclusion of video tutorials. All on DVD format for the computer.

Artesania Latina modelers explain in detail and without giving rise to the slightest doubt the assembly process of the entire model of the ship in its more than 500 digital pages.

Once built, the wooden ship model measures 32.08” (815 mm) long x 11.81” (300 mm) wide x 25.59” (650 mm) high. Learn more about this wonderful and 2021 renewed ship model kit of the British HMS Endeavour, watch the two existing videos under these lines.


For sale separately, the HMS Endeavour wooden ship model has a set to achieve the best finishes and to further highlight its majesty. On the one hand, the modeler can already find its exclusive Paints Set on our website. 7 jars of 20 ml each with quick-drying water-based acrylic paints. Its colors: off-white, off-black, bright red, royal blue, deep yellow, buff, cocoa brown, gold and burnt umber.

Set of 9 Acrylic Water Paints for New 1/65 Model HMS Endeavour (22520).

On the other hand, you can add even more life to your ship model of the HMS Endeavour thanks to the Set of 14 Figurines and 6 Accessories in Metal to be assembled and painted.

Set of 14 Figurines and 6 Accessories for New 1/65 Model HMS Endeavour (22520).

We also have paints for the figurines! You can choose between using the Basic Set or the Advanced Set. Do not hesitate to buy these acrylic water-based paints separately.


When you are building the HMS Endeavour ship model kit, small modeling tools come in handy. They greatly facilitate the work of the modeler. But they also allow jobs that require much more precision. With the Micro Tools for Modeling, made by Artesania Latina, you will be able to assemble your scale model more comfortably and quickly.

With the Micro Moulding Scrapers / Micro Shapers you can treat the wooden strips to give the boat another touch of quality, which differentiates us from other companies in the sector.

Micro Moulding Scrapers / Micro Shapers to shape the strips of the New HMS Endeavour Ship Model (22520).The Micro Rigging Tools will make the assembly of this part of the model more comfortable. They are very welcome. As you proceed, more threads are inserted and, sometimes, it becomes a bit annoying task if not for these small tools.

Micro Rigging Tools for New Model Ship HMS Endeavour 1/65 (22520).

In this 1/65 scale ship model of HMS Endeavour we used Micro Easy Ratlines Templates for the first time. Do you want to quickly create the ratlines? This is your chance! With the 5mm (27310), 6.5mm (27311) and 8mm (27312) measurements, it can cover a large number of ship scales metrically speaking.

Micro Templates to Easily Build the Ratlines of the New Ship Model HMS Endeavour (22520).

Finally, indispensable for the construction of the new HMS Endeavour ship model are the cyano applicator and the micro saws, not forgetting the magnificent micro rulers. These small tools are very useful when working in areas that are difficult to reach with larger tools.

Micro Saws to cut model parts.

Micro Rulers for Model Building and Crafts.

Now, you can also build this masterpiece of naval modeling for hobbyists with an intermediate level thanks to its Gift Pack of HMS Endeavour (22520-L).

Gift Pack Model Ship HMS Endeavour (22520-L) by Artesanía Latina.

Gift Pack Model Ship HMS Endeavour (22520-L) by Artesanía Latina.

This HMS Endeavour Gift Pack (22520-L) will excite you with its 1:65 scale model of the ship (22520), the set of 14 metal figurines and accessories (22520-F), the set of specific acrylic paints (277PACK7) and the LED lighting set (27590). You will enjoy your favorite hobby, for sure!

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Naval Modeling for Experts: Meet the Most Beautiful Wooden Ship Models on Market

This post is aimed at showing our catalog of naval modeling for experts to our modelers friends. How? Of course, thanks to the great Artesania Latina ship models. Small artworks designed for our customers with the highest level of skills and abilities on this passionate hobby. For those who build the most difficult wooden ship models. If you are qualified to assemble a naval scale model of this article, you are definitely a master of model makers. They have already passed levels of knowledge and skills in naval modeling as initiation, intermediate and advanced. Here are all the ship miniatures for experts in our catalog:


The first proposal that we make of a naval modeling for experts kit is the wooden model ship of the well-known British tea clipper Cutty Sark, at 1/84 scale. It was one of the fastest vessels during the 19th century on its many voyages to the East. The Cutty Sark was dedicated in the early days after its launch in 1869 to the tea race. He tried to unite China and London in the shortest time possible for eight ‘tea seasons’. Later, he took on another role, in this case on the wool trade from Australia. Later he assumed the transport of goods between Porto, Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, Lisbon and the Portuguese colonies. It was operational until 1954, the year in which it was decided to exhibit as a museum ship.

Naval Modeling for Experts. Wooden Ship Model Tea Clipper Cutty Sark (22800).

The British Cutty Sark Tea Clipper naval modeling kit for experts features high precision laser cut board parts, hardwoods, brass, cast iron and fabric. For the assembly you can follow our complete step-by-step guide in 7 languages ​​and in full color, accompanied by the full-scale plans of the finished ship. All on DVD format. Once built, the model measures 40.62” (1032mm) long x 13.77” (350mm) wide x 24.56” (624mm) high.


The second alternative of naval modeling for experts is the wooden ship model of the 18th century British merchant vessel HMS Bounty, 1/48 scale model. This boat was the scene of one of the most famous riots in history. In 1787, the HMS Bounty left England for Tahiti to transport breadfruit trees to the Caribbean, encountering a great storm that forced them to change course, and to land and stay in Tahiti for several months. The crew got used to life with the natives and mingled with their women, until in 1789 they sailed again, but 24 days later they mutinied.

Naval Modeling for Experts. Wooden Ship Model Frigate HMS Bounty (22810).

Naval modeling kit for experts of the HMS Bounty merchant vessel composed of parts of high precision laser cut board. In addition, it has noble woods such as birch, brass, cast iron, fabric, cotton threads, hand-sewn candles ready to be placed … And most importantly! For the assembly of the scale model you will have our complete step-by-step instructions in four languages ​​in full color, accompanied by the real-scale drawings of the completed ship. All on DVD format. As a differential fact of this scale model, the HMS Bounty boat allows one of the hull bands to be left open to see its interior precisely. When the scale model is finished, it measures 35.58” (980mm) long x 13.97” (355mm) wide x 30.03” (763mm) high.


The third option for the expert modeler with a high level of knowledge and skills in building wooden model ships is the American frigate USS Constellation, a 1/85 scale model of the US Navy. He had to develop numerous and different activities during all the years in which he was on duty. The frigate was built at the end of the 18th century, specifically, in 1797 in Baltimore. It served to seize many ships, prevent the British from annexing the Hawaiian Islands in 1843, and for the United States to arrive in China for the first time a year earlier. From 1845 to 1849, he was in charge of transporting food to Ireland to fight the potato famine. In 1871 it would become a naval training ship. Today it is a beautiful museum ship that can be visited.

Naval modeling kit for expert modelers with a wooden ship model US Constellation Frigate (22850).

The ship model of the USS Constellation frigate features high precision laser cut board parts, hardwoods, brass, cast iron and sewn cotton sails ready to be laid. Contains our comprehensive step-by-step instructions in five languages, accompanied by full-scale plans of the completed ship. All on DVD format. After building, the model measures 40.74” (1035mm) long x 12.99” (330mm) wide x 27.95” (710mm) high.


What is the fourth expert naval modeling kit we showcased? A legend in Spanish naval history, the 1/90 scale wooden model of the Spanish online ship with 74 cannons San Juan de Nepomuceno, from the 18th century. He was part of the Spanish Armada between 1766 and 1805. He was captured in Trafalgar by the British and transferred to Gibraltar, although he represents a beautiful demonstration of the heroism and bravery of the Iberians in the battle that took place on the coasts of the province of Cádiz.

Wooden ship model San Juan de Nepomuceno Onlie Warship (22860).

The model boat kit of the San Juan de Nepomuceno warship has parts of high precision laser cut board, noble woods, brass, cast iron and fabric. Contains our comprehensive step-by-step instructions in four languages, accompanied by full-scale plans of the completed ship. All on DVD format. Once assembled, the scale model measures 37.79” (960mm) long x 15.74” (400mm) wide x 29.52” (750mm) high.


The fifth wooden model ship that we urge expert modelers to build… It’s new in 2021! The 1/65 scale model of a jewel of naval modeling created in the 17th century: the Swedish bronze warship with 64 guns called Vasa, which is part of the naval history of your country, Europe and the planet: it sank within a kilometer of being launched in 1628 after an economic outlay and use of enormous natural resources by King Gustav II, who wanted the ship to participate in the Thirty Years’ War. It was the most powerful of its time until the US Constitution frigate appeared.

Wooden ship model for expert modelers Swedish Warship Vasa (22902).

The Vasa Swedish warship modeling kit is one of the most detailed in history on the market, it has a large number of sculptures on its stern and bow. The expert modeler will find a large set of decorative parts in die-cast and photo-etched and Premium quality wood pieces. Of course, hand-sewn sails ready to be placed, multimedia instructions in nine languages and… Two gifts included! A wooden base with a metal name plate and six figures that will give this naval jewel even more realism than it would have without them. Very detailed step-by-step instructions and video tutorials, all on DVD format.

Once it is built, the Vasa wooden ship model has these dimensions: Long 42.12” (1070 mm) x Wide 15.74” (400 mm) x High 34.25” (870 mm).


The sixth and last -currently- wooden ship model that we propose that expert modelers build… It is another fantastic novelty for this year 2021! The 1/72 scale model of one of the pink diamonds of naval modeling, built and launched in the 17th century by order of the French King Louis XIV. The majestic Gallic warship Soleil Royal is your new challenge. This famous ship of the line with 104 guns was born between 1668 and 1670 in Brest thanks to the engineer Laurent Hubac.

Interestingly, it remained unused in the port of that town for a long time. It sailed the seas again during the Nine Years’ War in 1688, already with 112 guns and 1,200 crewmen. Its role was essential as the flagship of the Escadre du Pont (Squadron of the West) and Admiral Tourville. Its baroque decoration is simply one of the most beautiful and spectacular of the time.

Naval modeling for experts. Wooden ship model French Warship Soleil Royal (22904).

The naval modeling kit for expert modelers with the Soleil Royal warship is one of the most detailed ever. Hundreds of high precision laser cut plywood and solid wood parts are available. Also many castings in die-cast and photo-etched, not forgetting the magnificent cotton sails sewn by hand ready to be placed. It is a Premium model that also brings as a gift the stand for display and a set of 12 figurines. It contains our comprehensive step-by-step instructions, accompanied by highly accurate video tutorials. All on DVD format. Once assembled, the scale model measures 36.81” (935mm) long x 11.22” (285mm) wide x 34.44” (875mm) high.


The seventh and last -for now- wooden ship model that we show you is a novelty arriving in autumn 2022. The 1:84 scale model of the Spanish ship of the line Santa Ana is one of the most demanded ships for years by our client friends. It’s here! It is a true jewel of naval modeling for expert modelers, now presented on the limited edition Trafalgar 1805. It was fundamental, precisely, in the battle that bears the same name against the English, although it was launched at the end of the 18th century.

This marvelous vessel with three decks was part of a series of ships called Meregildos, the Santa Ana was the pioneer. It had 112 guns, although more were added later along with other weapons. It was one of the banners of the Spanish Armada, but it sank in Havana when trying to hide the French.

Naval Modeling for Experts: Spanish Ship of the Line Santa Ana Trafalgar Edition 1805 (22905-N) by Artesania Latina.

The Santa Ana modeling kit box contains high-quality parts such as solid wood and precision laser-cut lime plywood, brass photo-etched sheet with parts such as the lanterns, railings or details of the cannons, sails with cotton fabric -ready to be placed-, cotton threads and, as a gift so that the model is perfectly exposed, as a work of art that it is, a base in wood with name metal plate. To assemble it, you need our step-by-step instructions on DVD format. Once it is built, Santa Ana measures 46.45” (1180 mm) length, 34.25” (870 mm) height and 18.11” (460 mm) width.

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King of Mississippi Accessories: Customize Your Paddle Steamer Model

We already anticipated it in the previous post! Now, we present all the available accessories to customize your new King of the Mississippi paddle steamer model. Your 1/80 scale wooden model of this wheeled steamboat, renovated in 2021, is crying out for you.

Ship Model Building. New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

Artesania Latina team has thought down to the smallest detail. Your scale model comes to life and has the best finishes thanks to King of the Mississippi accessories, which are sold separately. Figurines, lighting, engine -on sale soon- and paints, which we are going to talk about specifically below. In this way, the modeler can add these sets to his historical scale model… And make it more beautiful and faithful to the original replica than ever!


The decks and compartments of the wooden model of the King of the Mississippi wheeled steamboat are going to be packed with people. Of all ages and all dressed in beautiful period costumes. For this, Artesanía Latina has created a Set of 18 Metal Figurines for the modeler to assemble and paint.

King of Mississippi Accessories. Set of 18 Metal Figures for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

The metal figurines also have a 1/80 scale so that they are perfectly positioned according to the paddle steamer ship model measurements.

King of Mississippi Accessories. Set of 18 Metal Figures for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

Altogether, it has 18 figurines distributed as follows. 14 human characters, including the crew and the passengers themselves. Not fotget to mention 4 animals, 2 horses and 2 cows.

King of Mississippi Accessories. Set of 18 Metal Figures for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

This Set of 18 Metal Figurines can also be used for other ship models with similar scales and that are historical and approximately the same time. Thus, the clothes which the characters are dressed will not clash.

King of Mississippi Accessories. Set of 18 Metal Figures for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

In order for the modeler to glue the figures, we recommend using our Set of Thick Cyanoacrylate and Spray Accelerator. On the other hand, we have created two packs of paints with which you can paint these little figures in great detail. The Basic Paints Set for Figurines and the Advanced Set… Your choice!


We are passionate about LED lighting! Imagine walking into the room where the wooden model of the New King of the Mississippi paddle steamer is on display at dusk or at night. Suddenly, he turns his head and realizes that the scale model is illuminated. We assure you that you will think the following: How wonderful!

King of Mississippi Accessories. Set of LED Lightning for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

So Artesania Latina modelers have designed a LED Lighting Set. Also previously, they added a pre-installation to the model so that everything works perfectly.

King of Mississippi Accessories. Set of LED Lightning for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

Thanks to this LED Lighting Set, the modeler has ten candle-effect LED lights and four continuous lighting. All, yellow, 3 millimeters and 3 volts. In addition, it contains a battery holder for two AAA batteries and another for a button cell. Not to mention the on / off switch, eight meters of wiring, half a meter of heat-shrink sleeve and one meter of tin. The set brings everything so that the modeler only has to place the lighting system and it is such that.


It’s a great addition to this wooden scale model! Another great accessory for the King of the Mississippi is the Motion Motor Set (27591) for the paddle wheel. Now for sale separately.

The new mobile turbine of the new model design moves as if it were plowing through the waters of any navigable North American river. Simply spectacular! As if it were the real ship when the turbine provides the navigation power.

The small engine from the set is mounted on the stern wall. This powers the turbine with a pulley and a rubber band.

King of Mississippi Accessories. New Turbine Motor for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

In this sense, it is totally practicable. That is, whenever you want, you can make adjustments to the engine or the aforementioned rubber. In the event that it later deteriorates, you can replace it without any problem.

On the other hand, Artesania Latina modelers and designers have also developed the pre-installation of the smoke outlet for the funnels. These have been made hollow so that the smoke can escape … As if it were the real ship and it was sailing!

The creation of the system that allows the creation of smoke must be the initiative of the modeler. Artesania Latina does not currently include any set for it in its product catalog. We recommend that you find an electronic dispenser and place it in the service chamber. In that place, which is where the funnels are located, fill the reservoir with liquid.


Steamboats were created by Robert Fulton. A model of one of these as relevant as King of the Mississippi should show the best finishes. Another of the essential accessories of the King of the Mississippi is its Paints Set, which is sold separately from the naval modeling kit.

Six bottles of acrylic water-based paint with 20 ml each for a single purpose. Paint your wheel steamboat model with the necessary colors. Thus, the miniature replica is even more faithful to the original. Off-white, off-black, gold, burnt umber, buff and bright red are the colors that make up the paints set for King of the Mississippi.

King of Mississippi Accessories. Paints Set for New King of the Mississippi Paddle Steamer Model 1/80 (20515).

The modeler can use both an airbrush and a brush during the painting process. 20 minutes after application, the paint is dry to the touch; an hour, totally dry. To paint another coat on top, you must wait 6 hours.

We recommend that you apply a primer lyer for best results before painting. Our Basic Finishes Set, for sale separately, has this product and two more very useful ones: thinner for airbrush and semi-gloss transparent varnish.

Finally, you also have the Hardwoods Dyes Set for the parts of the King of the Mississippi paddle steamer model that you need. It does not come with the modeling kit.

Finally, the King of the Mississippi accessories will give the model its master touch. Feel free to add them to this 1/80 scale naval modeling kit if you want it to be simply… Spectacular!

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Paddle Steamer Model in Wood: New King of the Mississippi 1/80 Has Already Come to Life

One of the scale models most desired by Artesania Latina friends has returned in 2021 with a renewed appearance and many improvements. The new King of the Mississippi paddle steamer model in wood, 1/80 scale, is a jewel of naval modeling. Next, we are going to detail all the novelties that this fantastic and classic steamboat model incorporates.

Ship Model Building. Wooden Paddle Steamer Model Renewed King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).

The 3D redesign and assembly process has been painstakingly developed over months by Artesania Latina designers and modelers. In this way, the miniature replica of the King of the Mississippi can be built very pleasantly.

Ship Model Building. Wooden Paddle Steamer Model Renewed King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).


Among the improvements made, excellent step-by-step color instructions have been created, more elaborate than ever, in DVD format. The objective is that the assembly made by the modeler is enjoyable and precise. The construction process of this wooden paddle steamer model is explained in detail without any doubt. In this sense, 240 digital pages with hundreds and hundreds of photos accompanied by their explanatory captions support this fact.

We cannot forget the numerous online video-tutorials that the modeler can find on our official YouTube channel. They will also save you from any possible trouble. Artesania Latina professionals have made a great effort for the modeler to enjoy naval modeling.

On the other hand, this impressive modeling kit is designed to the millimeter so that the parts fit together perfectly. So, once it’s built, it will look the way it deserves. All parts of hardwoods such as birch and linden are cut by high precision laser. It contains 8 board sheets! The parts of this wooden paddle steamer model are fully assembled. They fit easily in their right, concrete place, thus avoiding headaches.


The King of the Mississippi paddle steamer model has also been extensively revamped in terms of photoe-etched parts. “This new scale model includes many more photo-etched parts, and much more detailed than the ones that belonged to the old model”, assures Artesania Latina designer, who adds that “windows, door windows, capitals, railings, decorative ribbon of the service chamber rof and stairs”. Contains 2 large photo-etched sheets (11.57” x 6.14” and 10.12” x 4.80”) with never seen before die-cast and brass decoration details.

We start with the windows, which were previously opaque die-cast, and the windows in the doors. “They all now have a more elaborate design, are very easy to assemble and allow light to pass into the different compartments through the transparent acetate”, underlines the professional.

We continue with the ribbon that adorns the ceiling of the service chamber, the exterior railings and the capitals. They have been made much more stylized than the previous ones. The contrast of colors of these parts in white with the colors, dyes and varnishes used on floors and walls of the rest of the ship is spectacular.


Finally, the new photo-etched stairs of this 1/80 scale model “have been very popular”, according to the modeling friends who have had the kit in their hands. Compared to the old ones, their design is now much more delicate and they are easier to assemble. “Putting special care in painting, gluing and building the photo-etched – which makes up the railings – with the steps and handrails, the result obtained is simply extraordinary”, exclaims the designer. As it stands on the prow of the new King of the Mississippi wooden paddle steamer model, it stands out to the first-time appreciator. It’s a great cover letter!


One of the pleasant surprises of this beautiful wooden paddle steamer model is the improvement that has been made so that it has light, shine with its own light. “Small supports have been added in different compartments so that the modeler who wishes can add LED lights and bring to life the scale model of the King of the Mississippi,” explains our 3D designer.

Ship Model Building. LED Lights in Wooden Paddle Steamer Model Renewed King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).

As an informative note, Artesania Latina has, for sale separately, a Set of LED Lights with switch and battery holder, which allows you to play with the effect generated by the fixed lights or the candle effect. It looks like this, impressive!

Ship Model Building. LED Lights of Wooden Paddle Steamer Model Renewed King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).


Other improvements applied to the new King of the Mississippi paddle steamer model made of wood are the funnels and the turbine. As for the former, the scale model has been designed so that if the modeler wants he can, on his own, make the funnels emit smoke. They are hollow.

Find an electronic smoke dispenser – not included in this modeling kit – and attach it to the steamboat model. As the service chamber is ‘detachable’, whenever it deems appropriate it will be able to access the interior of the cabin. There the bases of the funnels are housed to recharge the liquid tank that creates the smoke.

And what about the dazzling new mobile turbine, a dream come true! Our team greatly appreciated the ability to move the blades to recreate the motion of the turbine that pushes the real ship. Thought, planned and done. A system was devised that “allows a small engine to be attached to the stern wall and transmit power to the turbine by means of a rubber band and a pulley”, points out the model maker of the project.

Ship Model Building. Motor of Wooden Paddle Steamer Model Renewed King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).

The entire set of aft wall + turbine supports + turbine is practicable. The modeler can thus access the interior and make adjustments to the motor or the rubber band. Should the rubber wear out in the distant future, it could be changed even when the model is finished. The Motion Motor Set (27591) is available for separate sale.


Seeing that our King of the Mississippi paddle steamer model made of wood has movement in its blades, light in different compartments and smoke coming out of the funnels will leave you totally speechless. In addition, its large dimensions, once built, also help to do this: 25.98” (660 mm) length, 11.81” (300 mm) height and 5.11” (130 mm) width. The modeling kit includes adhesive fabric flags and pedestal with nameplate. Build this world naval benchmark at your own modeler workshop!

Ship Model Building. Wooden Paddle Steamer Model Renewed King of the Mississippi 1/80 (20515).

Discover this artwork of naval modeling in wood on the video under these words:

Buy the King of the Mississippi wooden paddle steamer model from home, click here.

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Small Model Building Tools: Discover the Micro Tools Collection

In the previous post, we discovered what are the news for 2021 of the collection of small model building tools called Micro Tools, made by Artesania Latina. In this article, we will show which are the products of this type of small tools that have enchanted our modelers friends in recent years.


These are the most the best-selling Micro Tools for modeling and crafts, on its two versions, no doubt: the Micro Moulding Scrapers / Micro Shapers A (27300), the Micro Moulding Scrapers B (27301) and the Micro Moulding Scrapers C.

Small Model Building Tools. Micro Moulding Scrapers / Micro Shapers A & B.

Artesania Latina’s Micro Moulding Scrapers or Micro Shapers are the ideal tools to mold any type of model: a boat, a dollhouse or, for example, a building. By means of these, the modeler or crafts artisan can shape or outline both plastic and wooden strips, thus creating moldings with different shapes to decorate the creations.

Small Model Building Tools. Micro Moulding Scrapers / Micro Shapers A, B & C.

Presented in packs of three units, both type A and type B. Each of the three plates comes with 15/16 profiling shapes thanks to which the modeler or the crafts artisan can get more than forty different reliefs and designs to decorate your creations.

The Micro Moulding Scrapers / Micro Shapers A (27300) have the following measures: 0.039’’ x 0.118’’, 0.039’’ x 0.157’’, 0.039’’ x 0.196’’, 0.078’’ x 0.078’’, 0.078’’ x 0.157’’, 0.078’’ x 0.196’’ and 0.157’’ x 0.157’’. The Micro Moulding Scrapers / Micro Shapers B (27301), which comes next: 0.059’’ x 0.118’’, 0.059’’ x 0.157’’, 0.059’’ x 0.196’’, 0.078’’ x 0.118’’, 0.118’’ x 0.118’’, 0.118’’ x 0.196’’ and 0.196’’ x 0.196’’. The Micro Moulding Scrapers / Micro Shapers C (27304): 0.059’’ x 0.196’’, 0.039’’ x 0.118’’, 0.078’’ x 0.118’’, 0.059’’ x 0.157’’, 0.078’’ x 0.157’’, 0.118’’ x 0.157’’ and 0.196’’ x 0.157’’.

How do all Micro Moulding Scrapers / Micro Shapers work? Exactly, these small model building tools have to be used passing them over the wooden or plastic strip several times until they can achieve the desired effect. Of course, previously it is recommended to use a sandpaper on the material that is going to work to suppress burrs, roughness or small irregularities. On this aspect, it would be an idea to slide it gently in one direction, upwards. To know how to work with this tool through a video tutorial, we leave one below these lines.


Also made of stainless steel and presented in high quality photo-etched, the Micro Saws is a kit that also belongs to the small model building tools collection Micro Tools. It is essential for any modeler or crafts fan who needs to make precision cuts, for example, in wood, plastic and resin. Any part that needs to be cut, and if it is even smaller, has now the right tool: our Micro Saws.

Small Model Building Tools. Micro Saws, Scriber and Adhesive Applicators.

The best thing about this set of saws is that it does not come with one or two, but six micro saws for wood and plastic. It also has a scriber and twoapplicators for cyanoacrylate (glue).

Small Model Building Tools. Micro Saws, Scriber and Adhesive Applicators.

The scriber is used, above all, in plastic models, to make decorative lines or stripes: airplanes, boats, cars, etc. On the other hand, with the two cyanoacrylate applicators, you can paste any scale model parts or any manual work with extreme precision.

As usual, for a better use of the Micro Tools -except for the Micro Shapers and the Micro Template of Wooden Simulation- Artesania Latina recommends the use of the universal cutter handles.


The Micro Drawing Set or Micro Rulers Set is designed expressly for modelers and manufactured in stainless steel. It has rules, triangles and parallel ruler, all of these very useful to build models when taking accurate measurements in small dimensions.

Small Model Building Tools. Micro Rulers Set or Micro Drawing Set.

The two malleable rulers (one of 1.96’’/50 mm and one of 3.93’’/100 mm), with metric and imperial systems, that brings the pack are perfect to even measure model curved parts. The modeler can fold them when needed and then put them back on its natural position. They can not only serve for the model maker, but also for any crafts fan.

Small Model Building Tools. Micro Rulers Set or Micro Drawing Set.

In addition, the Micro Drawing Set also comes with two squares, both with chamfered corners to avoid glue. They are very useful when used as mounting brackets. And, finally, a parallel ruler.

In order to facilitate workshop organization, all the rulers have a hole to hang them in the place you want. To check the components of this set on video, click on ‘Play’ under these lines.


The last of the tools for modeling and crafts belonging to Artesania Latina’s Micro Tools Collection, but no less important, is the Micro Template for Wooden Simulation.

Micro Template for Wooden Simulation.

With this tool, with a good varnish and with the help of an airbrush, the modelers and crafts artisans can provide a wooden color to their scale models, doll houses or any object, thus acquiring a total resemblance to the commented material.

This type of painting greatly favors, for example, our wooden and metal aircraft models: Fokker Dr. I (20350) and Sopwith Camel (20351).

To know how to use this tool, just click ‘Play’ in the video below this text.

To see many other crafts and modeling tools from our catalog, click here.

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Micro Tools for Modeling: The Expected New Product Catalog 2021-2022

Artesania Latina decided three years ago to create a specific collection of small tools: the Micro Tools for Modeling are aimed at the model building in general, and the assembly of ship models in particular, naval modeling. There were five different types of micro tools for modeling, all made of stainless steel, which were part of Artesania Latina’s catalog: the Micro Moulding Scrapers / Micro Shapers A (27300) and Micro Moulding Scrapers B (27301), the Micro Saws (27302), the Micro Drawing Set (27325) and the Wooden Simulation Template (27322).

Micro Tools for Modeling. 2021-2022 Catalog and New Products.

However, after the enormous success among our modelers friends of this type of small size and enormous functionality tool for its precision, Artesania Latina has designed and manufactured five new Micro Tools for Modeling, in order to facilitate to the amateur and professional of this beautiful hobby the daily tasks with the miniature: Micro Mitre Box 45º and 90º (27303), Micro Rigging Tools (27321), Micro Moulding Scrapers C (27304), Micro Easy Ratlines Template 6.5 mm (27311) and Micro Centering Ruler (27326).


We show you the first brand new micro tool: the Micro Mitre Box 45º and 90º (27303). This tiny but resistant and effective tools, useful both for modeling and for all types of crafts, allows the modelers to cut 45 and 90 degrees in two materials: plastic and wood.

With total precision, you can obtain the necessary splits so that the parts fit perfectly, such as small strips for a ship model. For this, the Micro Mitre Box reflects two different units of measurement: millimeters and inches.

Micro Tools for Modeling. Micro Mitre Box with Precision Saws.

This very useful mini tool, presented in photo-etched and also made of stainless steel, so its longevity and reliability are assured, is divided into 4 essential elements: the mitre or miter, the fine saw -for plastics-, the coarse saw -magnificent to work the wood- and the MDF base, ideal to protect the area where the cuts are made with this modeling tool. For optimal use of these Micro Tools for Modeling, it is recommended to incorporate the handle of the Universal Cutter # 5.

It is not the only novelty for this year from Artesania Latina if we talk about the commented micro tools for modeling and crafts, then we show you the other great idea in the form of mini utensil.


It is a Micro Tool specifically for ship modeling, since it only serves to build the riggings of the model ships. We are talking about the Micro Rigging Tools (27321).

The Micro Rigging Tools are made of stainless steel and it comes in photo-etched format, ensuring its functionality and its nonexistent deterioration by rust or the passage of time.

Micro Tools for Modeling. Micro Rigging Tools for Ship Models.

They are used to place each one of the sails and the cotton threads of any naval scale model, any ship model. Specifically, the blister of the Micro Rigging Tools bring the following items: 5 hooks and pushers in order to easily handle the numerous threads and / or to remove any object of the model ship that makes impossible the access to the ship modeler.

These hooks and pushers, in order to be handled or wielded, need another metal attached to the photo-etched: a steel crosspiece to be assembled with each tool. However, we recommend an added handle like the one belonging to the Universal Cutter # 5.


Another novelty for 2021 in terms of Micro Tools for Modeling are the Micro Moulding Scrapers / Micro Shapers C (27304). They are used to mold wooden and plastic strips of any ship, dollhouse or building model, among other scale models. After the success achieved with the other two types of Micro Shapers, A and B, Artesania Latina team has created this third variant. Thus we expand the number of ways with which the aforementioned materials can be worked.

Micro Moulding Scrapers C / Micro Shapers C.

The Micro Moulding Scrapers C are also essential for naval modeling. This set includes 3 high quality metal plates with about 15 or 16 different shapes for each of these. In this way, the modeler can achieve around 45 varied reliefs thanks to these specific micro tools for modeling. The existing measurements in these Micro Shapers C are the following: 1.5×5 mm, 2×5 mm, 1.5×4 mm, 2×4 mm, 3×4 mm and 5×4 mm.

Also included special trapezoidal shapes for 1×3 mm and 1.5×4 mm strips. Micro Moulding Scrapers C also facilitate working with sticks and rods of different diameters to reinforce them. They are fantastic modeling tools for model ships rigging.

Decorate your wooden and plastic models by shaping the materials you work with. Get beautiful and many elementary motifs with these new Micro Shapers C. To do this, sand the material through which the plate is going to pass in the chosen shape. Then take the Micro Moulding Scrapers C and pass it over the wooden or plastic strip being treated. Just repeat that process several times until you achieve the desired shape and … It’s done!


The last of the 2021 novelties of Micro Tools for Modeling made by Artesania Latina are the Micro Templates for Easy Ratlines 5 mm (27310), Micro Templates for Easy Ratlines 6.5 mm (27311) and Micro Templates for Easy Ratlines 8 mm (27312). The set includes three wooden templates with various widths according to the different shrouds. When building any model ship rigging, in addition to making the assembly process easier for you, the micro jigs will save you large amounts of thread when you are focused on the ratlines.

Micro Tools for Modeling. Micro Templates for Easy Ratlines.The Micro Templates for Easy Ratlines are placed behind the shrouds. With the side ‘combs’ a zig-zag thread is passed in front of them. Put everything and add a dot of glue on each joint of the shrouds and on the thread that you have put in front. Next, cut off the excess threads. Much better to make the scales so knot by knot at each joint.

Micro Templates for Easy Ratlines.

Finally, we recommend you watch the video below these lines. There you can see how are the shiny new Micro Tools for Modeling that the Artesania Latina team has designed and created in 2021. Next post, we will talk about all the previous Micro Tools in the catalog, a total success among our modelers friends.



We already present a new for 2022 of the Micro Tools for Modeling made by Artesania Latina: Micro Centering Ruler (27326). It allows building models and other crafts with greater ease and precision as it indicates the center of the parts. Made of high quality stainless steel, the Micro Centering Ruler brings a metric and imperial measurement systems, with 3.93” (10cm) for each side. The 0 is on the center of the ruler, which includes a protractor and small holes to mark the measurements with a mechanical pencil or pencil. Indispensable so that everything is square!

Micro Tools for Modeling. Micro Centering Ruler (27326).

Click to know the rest of Micro Tools for Model Building…

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StageCoach 1848 Model: Luxury Modeling in Wood and Metal

Discover one of Artesania Latina‘s most acclaimed scale models. The 1/10 scale StageCoach 1848 model. You will be passionate about your construction process. But first, know that our ‘top’ products are the miniature replicas present in the Heritage Collection.

They are luxury wood and metal models, like the American Far West vehicle discussed. They are designed for the most demanding advanced and expert modelers, but also for beginners who want large-scale projects. Why? Because they are made with a very high level of detail, using parts of the highest quality on the market, such as the model of the StageCoach 1848.

Model Building in Wood and Metal. 1/10 Scale Model StageCoach 1848 (20340).

Heritage Collection models are not just models, they are museum pieces or modeling jewels that, once built, radiate history, beauty and majesty. They are the legacy that the modeler has taken as his own to enjoy at home through their assembly and subsequent exhibition. These scale models are conformed as the patrimony of the model maker himself after the effort made, a possession that wishes to be exhibited to the astonishment of anyone who sees it.

Currently, the scale models that are part of the Heritage collection, made of wood and metal, are the following: the 1/16 scale Fokker Dr. I, a World War I fighter plane; the Sopwith Camel, also at 1/16 scale and a fighter plane from the same war as the previous one; 1/10 scale model of the StageCoach 1848 from the United States Wild West; and the fighter plane of the German side during World War II Messerschmitt BF109G at 1/16 scale.


The 1/10 scale StageCoach 1848 modeling kit contains the highest quality parts of wood, brass, cast iron, leather for the seats and photo-etched. In addition, it brings a set with everything you need to provide real lighting to the Far West model.

For its construction, you have our detailed step-by-step instructions in DVD format. You can also use the parts list to check that they are all available. Not forgetting the necessary High Tech Cut sheet, with the enumeration of the parts totally cut with laser precision.

The scale model has moving parts, which add more realism to this faithful miniature replica made of wood and metal. Wheels and doors move, open and close.

To extract the parts made of wood that come in sheets, cut the small nerves that join both with a utility knife. Once removed, sand them down before mounting them on the model under construction.

Once this fabulous model of the StageCoach 1848 is finished, the 1/10 scale model measures 400mm long, 260mm high and 125mm wide.

Model Building in Wood and Metal. 1/10 Scale Model StageCoach 1848 (20340).



Advanced and expert modelers of a certain age watched American Wild West movies when they were young or old. That is why they were already crazy about this marvel that is the wooden and metal model of the StageCoach 1848 model at 1/10 scale.

Model Building in Wood and Metal. 1/10 Scale Model StageCoach 1848 (20340).

These vehicles had circulated from 1716 from Boston to Rhode Island, although the design for which our scale model was taken began in 1820 with the addition of an oval box, two doors, an outer driver’s seat and reinforced triple leaf springs.

Ten years later, Concord Coaches company employee JS Abbot and Troy Coaches company made nearly identical modifications simultaneously.

Stagecoaches were about the only way to travel across the United States from the east coast to the west. They were the predecessors of the railroad. They transported both people and mail and the notification of new laws. Specifically, those belonging to the Wells Fargo company also carried money, gold and silver. Since the beginning of the 20th century, exactly since 1910, they are unfortunately no longer manufactured.

Once its history is known, it is the best time to build the 1/10 scale model of the StageCoach 1848 made by Artesania Latina. It is a scale model that will excite any modeler who wants more difficult challenges.

Model Building in Wood and Metal. 1/10 Scale Model StageCoach 1848 (20340).