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New Modeling Tools: Multi-Function Workbench, A2 Folding Cutting Mat, Waterline Marker and Hull Support

In our effort to facilitate the assembly of models and to bet on the development of precise instruments, we present our friends clients new modeling tools. We try to make this hobby an even more pleasant time for the modeler. With the tools made by Artesanía Latina, you can enjoy much more when you are building the scale model of any ship or plane. These tools make different tasks much easier because they are very specific products.

That is why our team of designers and modelers is always thinking to devise, design, create and manufacture any tool that our loyal customers may need. Many of them have supported this Spanish modeling brand for more than fifty years.

And… What we have created? Well, several new modeling tools that we show below. The Multi-Function Workbench (27646), the A2 Folding Cutting Mat (27642F), the Waterline Marker (27649) and the Boat Hull Support (27011). This last one has been in stock for a long time, but we had never dedicated a space to it on the blog… And it deserves it!


New for 2023! The first of the new modeling tools that we teach is the Multi-Function Workbench (27646). Just from now for sale on the web. It is a fantastic and ingenious help for the modeler during the construction process of any model or craft. Because? Because the modeler will have free hands to work.

New Modeling Tools: Multi-Function Workbench (27646), by Artesanía Latina.

The Multi-Function Workbench makes possible to support and attach parts to the mentioned support in order to treat them during the cutting and sanding phases, among other actions. Don’t think about it, it is an essential tool at any modeler’s or craftsman’s workshop. Attach it to the work table with two clamps -included-, to later support all kinds of parts.

Do you need precision? Well, the Multi-Function Workbench also provides it. This is so by having support guides for cutting and centering guides for drilling round dowels and strips with different sizes. We recommend, however, that you protect the work table with a cutting mat -sold separately- and set the stand on it before using it. It is a small tool, so it is totally portable.

New Modeling Tools: Multi-Function Workbench (27646), by Artesanía Latina.

It requires assembly, so we suggest you use our White Glue (27602) -sold separately-, as it allows the modeler to move and reposition the two parts to stick as they dry slower than with cyano. Precisely, under these lines, you can see the assembly video of this tool:


This is another of the new modeling tools, on sale from end of 2022. Let’s pay a little attention to it because until now we haven’t done it on the blog. It is the A2 Cutting Mat… Foldable! (27642F), also intended for any other type of craft. Just in the previous section, we recommended the use of a mat with the Multi-Function Workbench. Well, this is the perfect one because it is big and you can fold it to store it or take it with you wherever you want! The measurements of without folding in A2 size are 23.62” (60 cms) x 17.71” (45 cms), folded it measures 17.71” (45 cms) x 12” (30.5 cms).

New Modeling Tools: A2 Folding Cutting Mat (27642F), by Artesanía Latina.Su diseño personalizado, con medidas en centímetros y milímetros, medidas de los ángulos más habituales y usados, y guías impresas para identificar el tamaño de varillas y listones, facilita el trabajo minucioso y concreto del modelista o artesano. Dispone de marcas a modo de cuadrículas divididas. Este dibujo es un apoyo fundamental.

New Modeling Tools: A2 Folding Cutting Mat (27642F), by Artesanía Latina.On the other hand, it has a tape attached to the bottom that holds the two parts together and folds when folded. The A2 Folding Cutting Mat is manufactured with PVC that gives its great resistance and durability. Shallow cuts made on the A2 Folding Cutting Mat will virtually disappear over time. However, deep cuts will remain.


Another recent news! This time, it is a specific tool for naval modeling: the Waterline Marker for Model Ships (27649). How many times did our client friends request it! Your wishes are orders to us. Already at our warehouses!

New Modeling Tools: Waterline Marker for Model Ships (27649), by Artesanía Latina.It is essential to be able to paint or varnish later and properly the hull of the ship model -if you do not want to do it on the traditional way, not so precisely- with adjustment metric and imperial systems. With the help of this tool and the pencil, draw that line around the ship. To do this, we suggest that you hold the boat on its exhibition base or on the Hull Support (27011) -sold separately-, which we will talk about on the next section. In short, it can be used as a scriber if you want to make lines parallel to the horizontal work.

New Modeling Tools: Waterline Marker for Model Ships (27649), by Artesanía Latina.


The last of the new modeling tools -naval- that we present is the Hull Support (27011). It is ideal for working on the ship model after assembling its hull. Thanks to this tool, the boat remains completely attached, without any movement. As a ship modeler, it is absolutely necessary, as it allows you to have both hands free during the assembly process.

Hull Support for Ship Model Building (27011), by Artesanía Latina.

Made of solid wood and with a clamp length of 300 mm, it allows to hold boats with a false keel up to approximately 400 mm. The boat hull support is valid for models of the 19000, 20100 and some of the 20400 series of Artesanía Latina.

Hull Support for Ship Model Building (27011), by Artesanía Latina.

It has a pivot point to tilt the hull to the precise working position. The fastening of the hull and the pivot point of the support are attached by means of thumb screws, without the need for additional tools. Two mini metal clamps are included to attach the support to the edge of the work table.

Soon, discover on this blog the new Micro Tools that Artesanía Latina has created. In the meantime, feel free to take the new modeling tools presented on this post to your workshop! Build with precision and comfort!

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Buy Modeling Tools: How to Build a Ship Model Made of Wood (Part II)

Buy modeling tools because it is essential for the construction of any ship model. The modeler should know that it is better to spend a little more money on quality tools than buying the cheapest ones on the market. If you choose this last alternative, you could suffer many unwanted setbacks. They are the best friends of the modeler, do not skimp on money in these ones. Good tools for naval modeling will improve the modeler skills, save time and effort, and keep the modeler positive attitude to any kind of challenge.

Buy modeling tools. Specific Modeling Tool Sets.

Like Artesania Latina modeling toolkits, these could be classified into three types: basic, intermediate and expert.


The basic tools are essential to build any type of model, without these ones it would be like building a house without cement, concrete or bricks. We list them here: pliers with different shapes; carpenter’s hammer with small ball; set of saws; chisel; cutters and blades; files; drills and drill bits; electric plank bender or the hand one; rasp; needle threader; tweezers; rules, bevels and compass; awl; clamps and sergeants; sanding block and sandpapers; brushes; metal brush; scissors; vise; glue (cyanoacrylate) or white glue; nailer; pins and nails.

Buy modeling tools. Assortment of Generic Tools for Modeling.


Buy modeling tools for intermediate level will enable you to work better, especially in more difficult scale ship models, but you must make a greater investment, so if you want to try models of that skill before spending a large amount of money on these tools it would be a good idea: electric drill – better with speed modulator-; electric soldering iron; miter box for cutting; rotary table; waterline marker; universal bench screw; magnifying glasses with LED light and without it; hull support; cutting template for the cover and template for the rigging – not necessary on Artesania Latina models-; and brackets for precision drilling.

Buy modeling tools. Intermediate Level Tools.


Speaking about the modeling tools for experts – if the model is built from 0 without any modeling kit -, these ones require greater skills by the modeler: electric bench sander with disc and belt; electric bench grinder; lathe; mini vacuum cleaner; electric marquetry saw; and electric disc saws.

Buy modeling tools. Modeling Tools for Experts.

There are also specific micro tools or mini tools for modeling created by Artesania Latina that any modeler must have in the workshop. They are the Micro Tools: micro moulding scrapers / micro shapers, micro saws, micro rules and micro simulation template in wood, to which we will add two more, it will be a surprise!

Buy modeling tools. Specific Micro Tools for Modeling.


It is time to organize all the modeling tools and create a workspace, so we will now talk about the modeler’s workshop. This should be as large as possible to be able to build any size of ship model and to house all the necessary tools.

It is convenient that the modeler workshop also has drawers for storing, for example, small tools such as drill bits and blades, and tiny parts of the scale model that is intended to be built so that they do not get lost. You can place the drawers on the table at the ends or behind.

Or if you do not have these, we offer you another Artesania Latina’s wonderful product: the Compact Modeler Workbench and the Paints Organizer.

Compact Workshop (27648) and Modeler's Paintings and Tools Organizer (27648P).

Remember, when you assemble your modeling workshop, arrange the plugs in front of you so that when you use the power tools, the cables reach your work area. Once the day is over, you can unplug them or disconnect them if you use a power strip with switch. Also, on the front, hang in front of where your model is assembling the scale model planes, so you can continually consult any questions about its assembly.


It is also important that you protect your work table if you do not want to be full of grooves and holes in the future, therefore, use cutting mats such as these ones: sizes A2, A3 and A4, depending on your needs.

Cutting Mats A2, A3 and A4 to protect the work table.

As for the lighting that the room and the table where the modeler works should have, we recommend that you put two white light LED bulbs of 12 watts on the ceiling, and as a direct table light a white light LED bulb, but in this case 2/5 watts. For this last lighting, we strongly recommend our reading lamp with magnifying glass, 60 white LED lights and three magnifications.

Reading Lamp with 60 LED & Magnifying Glass 3x.

Optimum ventilation is essential when you are working at your workshop, keep in mind that you will continually use products with chemicals such as cyanoacrylates – glues -, white glues, varnishes, paints and solvents. If you are very far from a window, it would be convenient to put a fan, odors and fumes exhaust like those that are usually placed in the bathrooms near your mounting area.

Another need for the modeler’s workshop, if you do not live alone, is the installation of a small sink for rinsing, because it is not good idea to clean the products in a place like the kitchen or bathroom if you live with more people.

Finally, a hung plank, facing the vision of the modeler, to place the tools you usually use would facilitate your work and save efforts. Live the ship modeling with us!

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