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Waterline Marker for Model Ships: Indispensable Naval Modeling Tool for Boat Hulls

Our modelers friends had been asking us for a waterline marker from our house, from Artesania Latina. They know of the extensive experience of our firm in the creation of effective and efficient ship modeling tools. After our 3D computer designers and our modelers developed a very conscientious joint work, we present our Waterline Marker (27649). You can click here to acquire it quickly and make your own tool workshops more complete. Your wishes are already a reality! We always read the opinions of our customers and fellow fans very seriously!

Waterline Marker for Model Ships Hulls (27649) by Artesania Latina.

The waterline marker is one of the most necessary modeling tools during model ship building. This very useful product allows the modeler to mark that line around the ship, also thanks to the pencil included. Includes measurements in both metric and imperial systems. In this sense, it is 23 centimeters or 9 inches tall to be able to perform tasks on different naval miniatures depending on its size. In addition, it has a mechanism that makes it easy to raise, lower and fix the pencil to paint the line where your scale model demands, it is adjustable in height.

Waterline Marker for Model Ships Hulls (27649) by Artesania Latina.

The waterline marker is made from precision laser cut plywood parts so assembly is a breeze. We recommend the use of dense cyanoacrylate and accelerator (27650) -sold separately- to glue the different pieces, fix them so that they are much more stable. In short, it makes it easy to mark the line on the hull of the ship model with total precision. In general, it can be used as a gauge to mark lines parallel to the work surface. But… How do you use the waterline marker correctly?


First of all, to maintain the ship models stable, position the ship’s keel well on its exhibition base or on our hull support (27011) for models with false keel up to 15.748” (400mm), for sale separately. The stern and bow must be balanced at the proper heights.

Hull Support (27011) for Ship Models with false keel up to 15.748'' (400mm) by Artesania Latina.

On the other hand, the waterline marker helps us navigate by painting the ship from bow to stern to trace that mark. In this way, the waterline is always it remains at the same height and the finishes will be much better when it comes to varnishing or painting with colors. When the ship is positioned, use a level you have at your workshop so that the naval model is also balanced from port to starboard.

Waterline Marker for Model Ships Hulls (27649) by Artesania Latina.

Consult the assembly instructions of the vessel. Be sure of the height at which you should paint the water line. Place marker and pencil at desired height without painting. When you’re in the right place, move the marker from bow to stern while paying attention to where the pencil goes. After making that run and you are at the stern, see if that is where you have to start and end the line. If this is not the case, tilt the naval model slightly from the bow or stern to bring it into its correct position.

Now you can plot. Place the pencil against the hull of the ship. Do not force anything and move the marker making sure that the lower base does not rise from where it rests. The fixing wedge that the height tool has will help you to keep the pencil completely in its straight position. Even so press little so that the line is perfect. And ready! Fast and easy!

Waterline Marker for Model Ships Hulls (27649) by Artesania Latina.


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