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Fishing Boat Models in Wood (I): Historic and Traditional Ships Full of Elegance and Created in Detail

The varied and elegant fishing boat models in wood to build by Artesanía Latina are one of the firm’s greatest exponents. Even the smallest detail is thought through when designing any of our fishing boat models. Hence the success of our naval modeling kits. The modeler has high quality parts, numerous and beautiful decorative elements and some precise step-by-step instructions. Everything so that your assembly experience is fully satisfactory with the faithful replicas of the boats from our catalogue. That is why we are going to review all the fishing boat models, we are even going to show them according to their level of difficulty when assembling them.

For beginners, the fishing boat models La Provençale (19017-N), Providence (19018), Bon Retour (19007) and Saint Malo (19010-N). For modelers with an intermediate level, Mare Nostrum (20100-N), Marie Jeanne (22175), Botter (22125) and Bluenose II (22453). The advanced ones can enjoy the miniatures of the Carmen II (18030) and Marina II (20506). It is one of our future goals to create some for the most expert, time to time!


One of the two top sales products of our current catalog, along with Providence. The value for money and its beauty make La Provençale (19017-N) one of the essential fishing boats models on your collection of naval modeling. It is a cute boat from the French Riviera. At 1:20 scale, it is aimed at beginners modelers. Do you want to get started on this hobby or give the kit away so that someone can build their first scaled-down model? It is perfect for it. It will delight anyone who desires to begin on it or who wants to have it even with greater skills and knowledge in the field.

Fishing Boat Models in Wood: La Provençale (19017-N) by Artesanía Latina. Fishing Boat Models in Wood: La Provençale (19017-N) by Artesanía Latina. Fishing Boat Models in Wood: La Provençale (19017-N) by Artesanía Latina.

The modeling kit of La Provençale brings parts of high-precision laser-cut board sheets, set of wooden strips and round dowels, and accessories in die-cast, brass and wood. Not forgetting its set of cotton sails, pre-sewn by hand ready to be placed, and cotton thread. As a bonus, a beautiful wooden exhibition base to assemble with a name plate. For its assembly, it has an excellent and very complete step-by-step guide made on video by our modelers. As if it were an exclusive masterclass. Just visit our Youtube Channel -click here- where you can find all the recorded video tutorials. The kit comes with a printed plan of the finished boat and a list of parts. Does not contain printed instructions. Once built, it measures 12” (305 mm) length, 13.98” (335 mm) height and 3.93” (100 mm) width.


Another of the fishing boat models from our best-selling catalog throughout the world: Providence (19018). The excellent and beautiful New England whaling ship of the 19th century, which appears in fictional literary works such as Moby Dick. Imagine six men fighting a whale in the open sea and with a boat of this type… Brutal! At 1:25 scale, it is ideal for beginning modelers like the model above. Of course, due to its details, for example, made of cherry wood, the most experienced modelers will be enthralled. By the way, these first two naval miniatures make a good couple so… Build them at your workshop! They are essential for your collection.

Fishing Boat Models in Wood: Whaling Ship Providence (19018) by Artesanía Latina. Fishing Boat Models in Wood: Whaling Ship Providence (19018) by Artesanía Latina. Fishing Boat Models in Wood: Whaling Ship Providence (19018) by Artesanía Latina.

Regarding the contents of the modeling kit, Providence comes with precision laser cut board parts, hardwoods, brass, cast iron and hand-sewn cotton sails ready to be placed. The instructions are on DVD and very detailed -it does not contain printed instructions-. When it is assembled, this fantastic model measures Length 12.20” (310 mm), Height 9.44” (240 mm), Width 3.07” (78 mm). On the video below, you can better see what it brings.


The third of the wooden fishing boat models that we introduce you is the Bon Retour (19007). It is a faithful mirror of the French boat of the Rada de Brest, but on a 1:25 scale. First built in 1952, it was in use until the 1980s. The fishermen used it for scallop fishing. Currently, a Gallic association for the preservation of the history of navigation called Tud Ar Mor keeps and cares for the original small sailboat, restored just thirty years after its creation by Guy Le Cornec. Designed for beginners modelers, the model is liked by anyone who sees it for the shape of its hull, for the sails and for the fun it produces during its assembly process.

Fishing Boat Models in Wood: Bon Retour (19007) by Artesanía Latina.Speaking of the contents of the modeling kit Bon Retour, obviously, the box has all the parts that the naval modeling fan requires for its construction. Its high-precision laser-cut board parts, hardwoods, brass, cast iron and cotton sails ready to be placed should be highlighted. In addition, as a gift it includes the wooden base with name plate for its exhibition. And you can not miss its assembly guide on DVD for computer -it does not contain printed instructions-. Once the model is assembled, it measures 15.55” (395mm) length, 14.60” (371mm) height and 4.05” (103mm) width. Do you want to see better what exists in the box? We open it on the video below these lines.


The fourth proposal on this post about fishing boat models for beginners modelers is the French doris from the end of the 19th century called Saint Malo (19010-N). This type of sailboat, firstly, sailed along the American coast of Massachusetts and Nova Scotia, to later make landfall in European countries such as Spain, Portugal and France. They were used for cod fishing in cold waters and were transported in larger vessels. At 1:20 scale, the faithful miniature replica reflects the naval history of two continents.

Fishing Boat Models in Wood: Saint Malo (19010-N) by Artesanía Latina. Saint Malo (19010-N) by Artesanía Latina. Saint Malo (19010-N) by Artesanía Latina.


The contents of the modeling kit of Saint Malo, has high precision laser cut board parts, hardwoods, brass, cast iron and cotton sails. If you want to assemble the model, watch the video tutorials made by our modelers on our YouTube channel. It does not contain printed instructions. The kit comes with a printed plan of the finished model and a list of parts. Once it is built, this faithful miniature replica measures 13.58” (345mm) length, 3.54” (90mm) width and 8.66” (220mm) height.


One of the banners for decades of Artesanía Latina, redesigned several times, is our first fishing boat model alternative for modelers with an intermediate level of skills. The Mare Nostrum (20100-N) is the typical motor boat from the Mediterranean Sea, many are fishermen from coastal European countries who today still they use. At 1:35 scale, the model is an exact copy of those that sail. Thanks to its spectacular finishes and details, it also seduces the most experienced too.

Fishing Boat Models in Wood: Mare Nostrum (20100-N) by Artesanía Latina.

Fishing Boat Models in Wood: Mare Nostrum (20100-N) by Artesanía Latina. Fishing Boat Models in Wood: Mare Nostrum (20100-N) by Artesanía Latina.

The level of detail is astonishing. Boxes for fish, cabins, a detailed engine, a winch to collect the cable, and at the stern, protruding from the hull, a rigging with pulleys to pass it during trawling… Just look at the images below. In this sense, the modeling kit of Mare Nostrum comes with precision laser cut, brass and cast board parts, all of them made of the highest quality. When built, the model measures 16.14” (410mm) length, 10.62” (270mm) height and 4.13” (105mm) width. This is the typical and traditional model that should be at all workshops. It’s already all over the world, what are you waiting for to assemble it!


If you want to paint this and many other fishing boat models, Artesanía Latina team has created two specific paints sets for this type of boat. The paints are acrylic and water-based. They dry very quickly and allow to achieve the most reliable and pretty finishes. The first of the sets is the Basic (277PACK13), which is used precisely for the Mare Nostrum. The second of the sets is the Advanced (277PACK3), with which the Mare Nostrum, Carmen II and Marina II are also painted, which we will talk about on the next post among others.

Paints Set for Fishing Ship Models: Fishing Boats. Mare Nostrum (277PACK13). Paints Set for Ship Models: Fishing Boats. Mare Nostrum, Carmen II y Marina II de Artesanía Latina (277PACK3).

On the next post we will continue explaining what the remaining reduced models of this type of boat are, including the novelties of this year.

Read the second part of the post…

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Paints for Model Building (II): More Sets to Paint Miniature Naval Replicas

Today we continue breaking down what are the sets of paints for model building that Artesania Latina catalog contains. What’s more, we are going to present you the first novelty of 2022 in this post. In this way, our modelers friends can already clearly know all the existing colors with which they can paint their wooden model ships.

Paints for Model Building. We recommend the use of Artesania Latina Airbrush Sets.

On the one hand, as we have just commented, we offer you specific sets for ship models. They allow you to achieve quick drying and the best finishes by containing acrylic and water-based paints with high quality standards. On the other hand, you can also consult the catalog with dozens of loose paintings. Thus, you can decorate your models and other crafts as you like and paint scale models for which there is no specific set of paints. All of these are contained in 20 ml jars and can be used with both airbrushing sets -we recommend it- as with brush.


First new of 2022! Artesania Latina is happy to be able to present its new Set of Paints (277PACK19) for naval modeling. The one aimed at painting the wooden model of the emblematic Nordic Viking ship at 1/75 scale (19001-N). It is without a doubt one of the sets that our modelers friends asked us about the most. Well… It’s here! It consists of 9 jars of acrylic water-based paints with the following colors. Off White, Off Black, Deep Yellow, Burnt Umber, Gold, Vermilion, Navy Blue, Bright Green and Purple.

Paints for Model Building. Wooden Ship Model Viking (277PACK19).

Wooden Ship Model Viking 1/75 (19001-N).


The second set of paints for model building in this post is the wooden and plastic model of the training ship Juan Sebastián Elcano (277PACK17). It is a pack that brings the optimal paints to paint the new 1/250 scale model of this relevant ship (22260) of the Spanish Armada. It also works for his Chilean twin sister Esmeralda, since the naval modeling kit includes the decoration to assemble both miniatures. The colors included in this set with 6 jars of acrylic and water paint are these. Off White, Off Black, Hull Green, Gold, Semi-Gloss Varnish and Water-Based Dye for Sapele Tone.

Paints for Model Building. Wooden and Plastic Training Ship Model Juan Sebastian Elcano (277PACK17).

Wooden and Plastic Training Ship Model Juan Sebastian Elcano 1/250 (22260).


One of the 2021 novelties, the wooden model of the British ship HMS Endeavour at 1/65 scale (22520), already owns also your own Paints Set (277PACK7). Ideal for excellent finishes on the scale model of the coal and expedition ship with which Captain James Cook sailed the South Seas and discovered Australia. The colors included in this set with 9 bottles of acrylic and water-based paint are Off White, Off Black, Bright Red, Royal Blue, Deep Yellow, Buff, Cocoa Brown, Burnt Umber and Gold.

Paints for Model Building. Wooden Model Ship HMS Endeavour (277PACK7).

Wooden Model Ship HMS Endeavour 1/65 (22520).


The jewel of naval modeling -possibly the most impressive of 2021 worldwide due to its great detail-, the wooden model of the French warship Soleil Royal 1/72 (22904) also requires a fine and perfect paint job. For this, the modeler can acquire, apart from the naval modeling kit, its Paints for Model Building (277PACK16). These colors are included in the set of 12 jars of acrylic and water-based paint. Off White (x2), Off Black (x2), Hull Red, Prussian Blue (x2), Buff, Cocoa Brown, Burnt Umber, Gold and Vermilion.

Paints for Model Building. Wooden French Warship Model Soleil Royal (277PACK16).

Wooden French Warship Model Soleil Royal 1/72 (22904).


Another of the novelties on Artesania Latina wooden models during 2021 has been that of the Swedish warship Vasa (22902) at 1/65 scale. The faithful miniature replica of this very detailed Nordic ship, only behind the Soleil Royal, has its precise Set of Paints for Model Building (277PACK10) specific to this majestic ship. Paint with its 16 bottles of acrylic and water-based paint: Off White (x2), Off Black, Bright Red, Hull Red, Royal Blue, Prussian Blue, Ice Yellow, Deep Yellow, Buff, Cocoa Brown (x2), Burnt Umber, Hull Green, Gold, Bright Green, Purple and Basic Skin.

Paints for Model Building. Swedish Warship Model Vasa (277PACK10).

Swedish Warship Model Vasa 1/65 (22902).


All the different reissues of the beautiful fishing boat Marie Jeanne can be painted with precision thanks to their own Paints Set for Naval Modeling (277PACK12) precise for this vessel. Paint your 1/50 scale model with your 11 jars of acrylic and water-based paint. Colors are Off White, Off Black, Buff, Cocoa Brown, Burnt Umber, Gold, Vermilion, Bright Green, French Blue, Royal Blue and Orange.

Paints for Model Building. French Fishing Boat Model Marie Jeanne (277PACK12).New Wooden Fishing Ship Model Marie Jeanne (22175).


Indispensable for ship models to come to life, the figurines made of metal are another essential part in this wonderful hobby. For this reason, Artesania Latina also has its Paints Sets for Naval Modeling for sale. One of the levels is Basic (277PACK14) with 6 jars to color your crews and passengers. Off Black, Off White, Royal Blue, Deep Yellow, Vermilion and Basic Skin.

Paints for Model Building. Basic Set for Metal Figurines (277PACK14).

Metal Figurines for Wooden Ship Models.

And another level, Advanced (277PACK15), with 12 jars and many more colors to paint the humans, animals and accessories that travel in the ship models. Off White, Off Black, Bright Red, Ice Yellow, Cocoa Brown, Dark Red Leather, Aluminium, Gold, Navy Blue, Bright Green, Basic Skin and Sunny Skin. Decorate with these colors and with the specific set of 4 brushes for figurines (17120).

Paints for Model Building. Advanced Set for Metal Figurines (277PACK15).

Do you want to know how to paint the figurines that will decorate your model ship? Take a look at the two video tutorials made by our team of modelers.

Finally, we recommend that you read the previous post which also refers to the extensive and varied catalog of paint sets for Naval Modeling.

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Model Kits for Children +8: Instill a Love of Modeling into Youngest thanks to Art&Kids Collection

Christmas is approaching. The dilemma begins. What present to give to the little ones? Technological products are almost a must in these times, but … And give traditional toys and games a chance? Artesania Latina has model kits for children over 8 years old so that they can play, build and develop their intellect without so much screen. The Art&Kids Collection is ideal for that even parents and children or grandparents and grandchildren share moments of fun and, most importantly, moments together. Our wooden model kits for children for building are expressly thought for the smallest of the house.

Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: Wooden Scale Models Made by Artesania Latina.

The wooden model kits for children older than 8 years are high quality and safe. Its assembly is very easy, so what better reason for parents and children to come together and spend personal moments together, as a family. In this way, they can establish their bonds through the game of building, of a common project at an early age. With moving parts to make boats, planes and other vehicles look more real! Next, we break down one by one which are the children’s models in the collection: ships, airplanes and other historical vehicles .


Arouse the creativity and ingenuity of the little ones in the house with one of the model kits for children most coveted, the Pirate Ship. It is of pleasant construction and has a high quality components. This wooden model building kit includes child-safe moving parts, cotton sails, stickers, glues, paints and instructions on DVD for the computer. All for the fun of the boys. The scale model to build of the aforementioned ship has 65 parts and once completed it measures 12.8” (325 mm) long.

Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: Pirate Ship.

Another of the inescapable model kits for children +8 made by Artesania Latina is the requested Drakkar Viking Ship. It has, like the other modeling kits of this collection, moving parts, cotton sails, stickers, glues and safe paints suitable for the kids and step-by-step assembly on DVD format for Windows and Mac. It comes with 59 parts. Once it is built, it measures 10.55” (268) mm long.

Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: Drakkar Viking Ship.

The third boat that we present to you comes from the Nile, from Ancient Egypt. It is the ship model of the Cleopatra’s Egyptian Galley. The model kit comes with the same contents as the rest of the collection Art&Kids. It has 82 parts and it measures 10.62” (270 mm) long.

Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: Cleopatra's Egytian Galley.

Currently, The last wooden scale model kit for children over 8 years from Historic Ships of Art&Kids Collection is another galley. This time, the Roman Ave Caesar. Its model can be built with the 69 parts included in the kit and once finished it measures 12” (305 mm) long.

Art&Kids Collection: Roman Galley Ave Caesar.


Not only boats consists of the fabulous collection Art&Kids model kits for children over eight years of age. Artesania Latina team has also thought about historical jewels of aviation such as fighters and four-wheelers such as the surfer van. Replicas of wooden airplanes and cars that delight the little ones… And also the oldest!

The first of the aviation artworks that we capture in a wooden modeling kit is the German triplane from World War I Fokker Dr I. Now children and parents can enjoy building the wooden model that belonged to Red Baron. Wheels and propeller are manually movable. The kit contains 43 parts and the finished model is 6.7” (170 mm) long.

Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: German Fighter Fokker Dr I.

The other essential aircraft for history, included in Art&Kids Collection of wooden model kits for children, is the British fighter from World War I Sopwith Camel. There are parts like engine propeller and wheels that you can move manually. Your scale model is assembled with the 47 parts that the kit brings. Once finished it measures 6.7” (170 mm) long.

Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: British Fighter Sopwith Camel.

The last model currently belonging to this collection of model kits for children +8 is the Hippie Van (Surfer’s Van). The one of all the life!
With laser-cut board sheets, so the shapes of the model are realistic and the assembly easy and pleasant. The roof of the model van is removable to allow access into the vehicle.Model Kits for Children +8. Art&Kids Collection: Hippy and Surfer's Van.


Construction toys, such as our model kits for children Art&Kids, are very beneficial for the health and the mind of both children and adults. Firstly, this is so because their assembly increases motor skills and coordination of the hands and fingers. The future modeler, making use of her/his skill and precision, must place even very small parts. Scientific research also assures that vision improves because the children or adults who are assembling the model discard different shades of the same color. All this in regard to the physical terrain of the benefits of modeling for kids.

Secondly, because their logical reasoning is enriched since the child must assemble an exact copy of a wooden model. You have to plan in advance the stages of assembling the miniature replica and establish in what order to carry them out: logically, to place the masts, first you have to build the hull of the ship or to install the cabin, before the structure must be finished. Once the model is built after a lot of dedication, great self-esteem that the child gains and feels.

And thirdly, psychological terrain, it provides relaxation, serenity and concentration by working hard with detail. It is, in the case of the elderly, an unbeatable barrier against Alzheimer’s. It develops cognitive skills that facilitate analysis, comprehension, understanding the space in which one works, reading and mathematics… The wooden building models of Art&Kids Collection are the best gift for children this Christmas!

Art&Kids Collection: Wooden Scale Models for Children +8 Made by Artesania Latina.

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Naval Modeling for Experts: Meet the Most Beautiful Wooden Ship Models on Market

This post is aimed at showing our catalog of naval modeling for experts to our modelers friends. How? Of course, thanks to the great Artesania Latina ship models. Small artworks designed for our customers with the highest level of skills and abilities on this passionate hobby. For those who build the most difficult wooden ship models. If you are qualified to assemble a naval scale model of this article, you are definitely a master of model makers. They have already passed levels of knowledge and skills in naval modeling as initiation, intermediate and advanced. Here are all the ship miniatures for experts in our catalog:


The first proposal that we make of a naval modeling for experts kit is the wooden model ship of the well-known British tea clipper Cutty Sark, at 1/84 scale. It was one of the fastest vessels during the 19th century on its many voyages to the East. The Cutty Sark was dedicated in the early days after its launch in 1869 to the tea race. He tried to unite China and London in the shortest time possible for eight ‘tea seasons’. Later, he took on another role, in this case on the wool trade from Australia. Later he assumed the transport of goods between Porto, Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, Lisbon and the Portuguese colonies. It was operational until 1954, the year in which it was decided to exhibit as a museum ship.

Naval Modeling for Experts. Wooden Ship Model Tea Clipper Cutty Sark (22800).

The British Cutty Sark Tea Clipper naval modeling kit for experts features high precision laser cut board parts, hardwoods, brass, cast iron and fabric. For the assembly you can follow our complete step-by-step guide in 7 languages ​​and in full color, accompanied by the full-scale plans of the finished ship. All on DVD format. Once built, the model measures 40.62” (1032mm) long x 13.77” (350mm) wide x 24.56” (624mm) high.


The second alternative of naval modeling for experts is the wooden ship model of the 18th century British merchant vessel HMS Bounty, 1/48 scale model. This boat was the scene of one of the most famous riots in history. In 1787, the HMS Bounty left England for Tahiti to transport breadfruit trees to the Caribbean, encountering a great storm that forced them to change course, and to land and stay in Tahiti for several months. The crew got used to life with the natives and mingled with their women, until in 1789 they sailed again, but 24 days later they mutinied.

Naval Modeling for Experts. Wooden Ship Model Frigate HMS Bounty (22810).

Naval modeling kit for experts of the HMS Bounty merchant vessel composed of parts of high precision laser cut board. In addition, it has noble woods such as birch, brass, cast iron, fabric, cotton threads, hand-sewn candles ready to be placed … And most importantly! For the assembly of the scale model you will have our complete step-by-step instructions in four languages ​​in full color, accompanied by the real-scale drawings of the completed ship. All on DVD format. As a differential fact of this scale model, the HMS Bounty boat allows one of the hull bands to be left open to see its interior precisely. When the scale model is finished, it measures 35.58” (980mm) long x 13.97” (355mm) wide x 30.03” (763mm) high.


The third option for the expert modeler with a high level of knowledge and skills in building wooden model ships is the American frigate USS Constellation, a 1/85 scale model of the US Navy. He had to develop numerous and different activities during all the years in which he was on duty. The frigate was built at the end of the 18th century, specifically, in 1797 in Baltimore. It served to seize many ships, prevent the British from annexing the Hawaiian Islands in 1843, and for the United States to arrive in China for the first time a year earlier. From 1845 to 1849, he was in charge of transporting food to Ireland to fight the potato famine. In 1871 it would become a naval training ship. Today it is a beautiful museum ship that can be visited.

Naval modeling kit for expert modelers with a wooden ship model US Constellation Frigate (22850).

The ship model of the USS Constellation frigate features high precision laser cut board parts, hardwoods, brass, cast iron and sewn cotton sails ready to be laid. Contains our comprehensive step-by-step instructions in five languages, accompanied by full-scale plans of the completed ship. All on DVD format. After building, the model measures 40.74” (1035mm) long x 12.99” (330mm) wide x 27.95” (710mm) high.


What is the fourth expert naval modeling kit we showcased? A legend in Spanish naval history, the 1/90 scale wooden model of the Spanish online ship with 74 cannons San Juan de Nepomuceno, from the 18th century. He was part of the Spanish Armada between 1766 and 1805. He was captured in Trafalgar by the British and transferred to Gibraltar, although he represents a beautiful demonstration of the heroism and bravery of the Iberians in the battle that took place on the coasts of the province of Cádiz.

Wooden ship model San Juan de Nepomuceno Onlie Warship (22860).

The model boat kit of the San Juan de Nepomuceno warship has parts of high precision laser cut board, noble woods, brass, cast iron and fabric. Contains our comprehensive step-by-step instructions in four languages, accompanied by full-scale plans of the completed ship. All on DVD format. Once assembled, the scale model measures 37.79” (960mm) long x 15.74” (400mm) wide x 29.52” (750mm) high.


The fifth wooden model ship that we urge expert modelers to build… It’s new in 2021! The 1/65 scale model of a jewel of naval modeling created in the 17th century: the Swedish bronze warship with 64 guns called Vasa, which is part of the naval history of your country, Europe and the planet: it sank within a kilometer of being launched in 1628 after an economic outlay and use of enormous natural resources by King Gustav II, who wanted the ship to participate in the Thirty Years’ War. It was the most powerful of its time until the US Constitution frigate appeared.

Wooden ship model for expert modelers Swedish Warship Vasa (22902).

The Vasa Swedish warship modeling kit is one of the most detailed in history on the market, it has a large number of sculptures on its stern and bow. The expert modeler will find a large set of decorative parts in die-cast and photo-etched and Premium quality wood pieces. Of course, hand-sewn sails ready to be placed, multimedia instructions in nine languages and… Two gifts included! A wooden base with a metal name plate and six figures that will give this naval jewel even more realism than it would have without them. Very detailed step-by-step instructions and video tutorials, all on DVD format.

Once it is built, the Vasa wooden ship model has these dimensions: Long 42.12” (1070 mm) x Wide 15.74” (400 mm) x High 34.25” (870 mm).


The sixth and last -currently- wooden ship model that we propose that expert modelers build… It is another fantastic novelty for this year 2021! The 1/72 scale model of one of the pink diamonds of naval modeling, built and launched in the 17th century by order of the French King Louis XIV. The majestic Gallic warship Soleil Royal is your new challenge. This famous ship of the line with 104 guns was born between 1668 and 1670 in Brest thanks to the engineer Laurent Hubac.

Interestingly, it remained unused in the port of that town for a long time. It sailed the seas again during the Nine Years’ War in 1688, already with 112 guns and 1,200 crewmen. Its role was essential as the flagship of the Escadre du Pont (Squadron of the West) and Admiral Tourville. Its baroque decoration is simply one of the most beautiful and spectacular of the time.

Naval modeling for experts. Wooden ship model French Warship Soleil Royal (22904).

The naval modeling kit for expert modelers with the Soleil Royal warship is one of the most detailed ever. Hundreds of high precision laser cut plywood and solid wood parts are available. Also many castings in die-cast and photo-etched, not forgetting the magnificent cotton sails sewn by hand ready to be placed. It is a Premium model that also brings as a gift the stand for display and a set of 12 figurines. It contains our comprehensive step-by-step instructions, accompanied by highly accurate video tutorials. All on DVD format. Once assembled, the scale model measures 36.81” (935mm) long x 11.22” (285mm) wide x 34.44” (875mm) high.


The seventh and last -for now- wooden ship model that we show you is a novelty arriving in autumn 2022. The 1:84 scale model of the Spanish ship of the line Santa Ana is one of the most demanded ships for years by our client friends. It’s here! It is a true jewel of naval modeling for expert modelers, now presented on the limited edition Trafalgar 1805. It was fundamental, precisely, in the battle that bears the same name against the English, although it was launched at the end of the 18th century.

This marvelous vessel with three decks was part of a series of ships called Meregildos, the Santa Ana was the pioneer. It had 112 guns, although more were added later along with other weapons. It was one of the banners of the Spanish Armada, but it sank in Havana when trying to hide the French.

Naval Modeling for Experts: Spanish Ship of the Line Santa Ana Trafalgar Edition 1805 (22905-N) by Artesania Latina.

The Santa Ana modeling kit box contains high-quality parts such as solid wood and precision laser-cut lime plywood, brass photo-etched sheet with parts such as the lanterns, railings or details of the cannons, sails with cotton fabric -ready to be placed-, cotton threads and, as a gift so that the model is perfectly exposed, as a work of art that it is, a base in wood with name metal plate. To assemble it, you need our step-by-step instructions on DVD format. Once it is built, Santa Ana measures 46.45” (1180 mm) length, 34.25” (870 mm) height and 18.11” (460 mm) width.

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Belem Training Ship Model. 1:75 Faithful Wooden Replica of the French Boat

Artesania Latina’s modelers have created a spectacular wooden ship model. It is a faithful miniature wooden replica of the oldest three-masted sailing ship on the planet, which still sails the seas today: the Belem Training Ship Model at 1:75 scale.

The great French ship, destined to the learning of the new Gallic sailors, is beauty. It is also majesty and the history of world navigation. 125 years of history endorse it as a world nautical reference.

For just over a year, our model makers have put all their effort and knowledge into naval modeling so that the Belem training ship model from France is identical to the original boat. That is why the Belem Foundation has formally accredited the design and commercialization of the scale model of the French ship.

Naval modeling. Belem Training Ship Model 1/75 Scale (22519).


The level of detail work is astonishingly high on this 1/75 scale modeling kit. In this sense, the Belem wooden scale model is aimed at advanced level modelers, the one before the expert. The level of difficulty in its assembly and in the knowledge of the necessary tools for this is located at 3 of the 4 existing.

The objective of Artesania Latina with this fantastic wooden reproduction is that our faithful friends modellers from all over the world enjoy its construction. It has more than 1,300 pieces in wood and metal.

When the modeler finishes assembling the model kit for this boat, the wooden model measures 31.73” (806 mm) length, 10.07” (256 mm) width and 21.25” (540 mm) height. That is, it can preside over any room given its large size and beauty.

Naval modeling. Belem Training Ship Model 1/75 Scale (22519).


Among the contents, the presence of laser cut board to different thicknesses, slats and rods of birch wood, linden veneer, chemical cuttings in steel and in brass and cast parts stand out.

In addition, to emphasize the realism of the Belem training ship model, decals are included for the details of the hull such as the depth marks or the name of the ship itself. Also, cotton cloth sails identical to the originals and ready to be placed and cotton thread for the rigging.

Naval modeling. Belem Training Ship Model 1/75 Scale (22519).

To all this is added a very important gift for the exhibition of this naval scale model at home or in the office when the modeler finishes building it. The wooden base is essential.

One of the most impressive buildable parts of the Belem training ship model at 1/75 scale is its bow winch. The thirty parts you need to assemble is an accurate reflection of the level of detail in the design of the Gallic scale model.

Naval modeling. Belem Training Ship Model 1/75 Scale (22519).

Here you can see even more precisely the impressive winch of the Belem training ship model.

In this video you can see which are the components of the Belem naval modeling kit with greater precision.


But before exposing it, of course, you have to build the model of the Belem school ship. For this, the Artesania Latina‘s modelers have designed the best step-by-step instructions in color. With around 1,500 images and video tutorials in DVD format!

The DVD also includes a magnificent digital poster of the 1/1 scale model of the French ship.

Naval modeling. Belem Training Ship Model 1/75 Scale (22519).

We care about being up-to-date with digital times. At the same time, we preserve forests in these times when taking care of our planet has become a priority objective for Humanity.

The modeler can easily enlarge digital instructions on his computer or tablet, accurately view even the smallest detail. In this way, we combine modernity with tradition, helping and encouraging new generations of modelers to join this wonderful hobby.

The model maker has a specific set of paints and finishes to paint the boat. It is for sale separately and facilitates the painting of the Belem training ship model at 1/75 scale made of wood.

Ship modeling. Paints and Finishes for 1/75 scale Belem Training School Ship Model (22519).You can also purchase the Belem Gift Pack (22519L), which includes the model, its paints and some tools.

Gift Pack of French Training Ship Model Belem (22519) by Artesanía Latina.

Read the post about the history of Belem here…

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Building a Ship Model Made of Wood (Part I): Choice of the Modeling Kit

The writing of this post is motivated to help new modelers. Building a ship model made of wood is what you will know, so we are going to introduce you on ship modeling. Of course, you can also clarify some concepts to modelers already initiated or provide other ideas that were still unknown. These two actions will be developed thanks to the fifty years of life and experience of the most important company in the world in naval modeling. Artesania Latina, present since 1970.Artesania Latina. More than 50 years building models.

A built scale ship model represents the effort and perseverance of a modeler to achieve the final result. It will take you many hours, you will encounter conflicting emotions, being positive when successes or negatives when some part of the assembly presents greater difficulties.

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of the Galleon San Francisco II 1/90 (22452N).

In this sense, the best modeling tool that you can use is not made of metal or plastic or wood. It will be the dedication that the modeler gives to the modeler, the passion and perseverance you put. Here we will show you how to build step-by-step a ship miniature. What tools to choose, how to organize and adapt a workshop, what ship modeling kit to choose. Everything so that in the end you spend more hours showing the final product created, this is, the ship model you have built, than assembling it.

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of the Galleon San Francisco II 1/90 (22452N).

Building a ship model made of wood should be shared with the family, involving their partners in the project, whether women or men. It also can be used for encouraging children to help in any aspect of this wonderful hobby. The modeler can thus keep alive the art of assembling ship models for another generation.

Children are also learning how to assemble a wooden model ship with junior kits.


The first thing that a future modeler must face – or one already with knowledge in naval modeling – is the choice of the ship model that you will built. How to choose the ideal kit and modeling tools for each of us? It is essential that you like a lot the ship scale model you choose, the decision must be based on your mood and the pleasure that you think it will report once the model is finished.

How to build a wooden model ship. Choose your modeling kit and tools wisely.

Of course, you should also ask yourself these questions. How much money do you want to spend? What experience do you have in naval modeling? Which workshop do you have or do you want to create? What types of ship attract you? How much time can you spend on your modeling workshop to assemble the miniature?

The modeler looks for a challenge, but not a huge frustration, so it is recommended that the beginner thinks about the simplest for your first assembly. We do not recommend very complicated scale models for those who intend to start on this hobby. Finally they will not finish building them, as can be the one in the image below, for advanced modelers.

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of San Juan Nepomuceno 1/90 (22860).


Therefore, we recommend simple, small and attractive ship models for beginners: a boat with a single deck, one or two masts and a rigging as simple as possible. Examples can be our model ships such as the Viking (19001-N), Swift (22110-N), Providence (19018), Elcano lifeboat (19019), Provençale (19017), the lifeboat of the Titanic (19016), the boat of the captain of the HMS Bounty (19004), the french doris Saint Malo (19010), the scallop fishing boat Bon Retour (19007) or captain’s boat of Santisima Trinidad (19014), among many other miniatures.

Catalog of Wooden Ship Models for Beginners.

You can consult the complete catalog of naval scale models for beginner modelers here. For intermediate scale models, the following in terms of required skills, here.

As for the cost, no ship model for beginners should not cost more than € 100.00. Thus, Artesania Latina has the best offer in the market regarding to the quality / price ratio, with initiation models starting at € 59.99, a more than reasonable price, for example, for the scale model of the Captain’s Boat of HMS Endeavour (19005).

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of Captain's Boat HMS Endeavour 1/50 (19005).


What should you look for, then, in a naval modeling kit? Logically, you may not even be a scholar in the matter, but you don´t need it to choose a good one. Just check the quality of its contents once you have the box in your hands and that all the kit parts from the parts list are there.

If any part is missing, such as the Artesania Latina kits have a two-year warranty. Our warehouse will be immediately replenished once the purchase ticket has been submitted without any extra cost or shipping. Our parts are high quality, made of birch or lime wood, of stainless steel photo-etched and of die-cast.

Ship Modeling. Wooden ship model of Viking 1/75 (19001N).

The next thing to pay attention to when you are purchasing a naval modeling kit is to check how the plans and instructions are. The plans include all the drawings you need to assemble the naval model and the numerical correspondence so you can read the texts. On this aspect, the degree of precision and quality of these ones will mark the joy or impotence of the novice modeler.

Instructions for the Belem wooden model ship 1/75 (22519).

The instructions explain the plans drawing, they are the textual clarifications or icons and keys of those drawings. They are numbered in relation to those plans. You can also find model ships that have an illustrated and clarifier step-by-step. On Artesania Latina web you can free download the plans and the instructions on each product file are the attached files, in case you want to check how they are.


Speaking of the different hull types of the ship models, you will find three different. Firstly, the one piece solids – they don´t need to be built, the beginner does not acquire experience in the assembly of the hull-. Secondly, those that have a structure of frames to assemble and we must put the wooden strips on that structure from a pre-cut laser board – most of those manufactured by Artesania Latina, the one that provides the most knowledge and the most real-. Finally, those that, on the structure, are placed large parts to build the hull.

Read the second part of the post…

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Expansion of the Ship Models Catalog by Nationalities: Love of Modeling (II)

Tastes of ship models and aircrafts models of the modelers are diverse as they are a very wide spread across all the countries on The Earth. For that reason, Artesania Latina has created a wide range of scale models. Discover here our ship models catalog and aircraft models catalog according to their nationalities, obviously paying more attention to historical potentials, but gradually we are interested in designing and incorporating to our list new miniatures that represent many other countries.

We currently have wooden ship models of Spain, France, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China, Netherlands, Nordic Countries and Arab Countries. It can be said that Artesania Latina will count with more nationalities for its naval scale models catalog soon.


Firstly, from Spain, we offer the following naval scale models: the captain’s boat of the ships San Juan de Nepomuceno and Santísima Trinidad; the lifeboat of Juan Sebastián Elcano; the fishing boats Mare Nostrum, Marina II and Carmen II; La Niña, La Pinta and La Santa María caravels; the San Francisco II section and the complete galleon model; Santa Ana and the San Juan de Nepomuceno ship.

Ship Models Catalog. Models of historic Spanish ships.

Secondly, from France, the following wooden miniature boats: Bon Retour, Saint Malo, La Provençale and Marie Jeanne fishing boats; the Belem school ship; the great Soleil Royal; and the cutters Le Renard et Jolie Brise.

Ship Models Catalog. Models of historic French ships.

Thirdly, from the UK, these naval replicas: HMS Endeavour and HMS Bounty captain’s boats; lifeboat of the RMS Titanic; Providence whaling ship; the Scottish Maid schooner; the Cutty Sark clipper; and the ships HMS Endeavour, HMS Bounty and Mayflower.

Ship Models Catalog. Models of historic British ships.

Finally, from the Nordic countries, the traditional Viking ship and the Swedish warship Vasa. From Netherlands, the fishing boat Botter.

Ship Models Catalog. Models of historic Nordic ships.



From the United States and Canada, Virginia American and Bluenose II schooners; Swift pilot boat; USS Constellation ship; and the famous paddle steamer King of the Mississippi. From China, the Chinese junk Red Dragon. And from the Arab countries, the Sultan dhow.

Ship Models Catalog. Models of historic North American ships.


It is thus proven that Artesania Latina products are designed to reach and entertain all cultures on the planet, regardless of race or nationality. Our ship models and aircraft models have been globalized in the positive sense. We maintain the traditional essence of the modeling, to which the latest technologies have been incorporated and applied in favor of a more optimal assembly and conservation of our environment.

We deliver our models all over the planet with UPS.

With the help of our carrier UPS, the best in the sector, we deliver our scale models, our accessories and our modeling tools to all countries of the world, on record time, at a reduced price with safe delivery thanks to reliable and accurate tracking of packages.

To check the estimated delivery time and shipping costs to the different countries, click here.

Join Artesania Latina‘s large and diverse ship modeling and aerial modeling community!


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Love of Modeling (I) Is All over the World thanks to Our Models

Everyone says that things made or created with love have its own soul. The love for detail leads to more beautiful and optimal results. Also, the love that is shared makes the subject learn more and better about life. The private or public exposure of love produces happiness and satisfaction. In conclusion, the love crosses and demolishes borders. All these forms of love happen on ship modeling and aircraft modeling. Yes, that’s right, with the hobby of building wooden ship models and scale models of fighters -airplanes- made of wood, metal and plastic. And worldwide! That is love of modeling!

Our Love for Modeling is distributed with UPS in all countries.

Thanks to the work, commitment and enthusiasm of Artesania Latina, the best brand on this sector since 1970, modeling in general transcends Spanish national limits to reach every cardinal point on the planet.

Our Love for Modeling is distributed with UPS in all countries.


How is that? Our modeling friends surely intuit the answer, although those people who still do not know this hand-made art or are learning from this noble entertainment may not. We explain it: thanks to these “traced” miniatures of ships and airplanes, the modeler puts his soul into building a artwork from scratch. Pay meticulous attention to detail so that the placement of the piece is perfect, it is in harmony. Consult and share theoretical and practical knowledges with other modeling enthusiasts. She/He exhibits her/his ship model or finished aircraft model at some room of the home or office, or in a modeling meeting, a fact that brings great pride. Finally, now more than ever, modeling is a worldwide hobby.

Naval modeling. Wooden Model Ship Kit: Sultan Arab Dhow 1/85 (22165).

This motivating passion for naval modeling and aircraft modeling, we meet all kinds of people regardless of race, age or social status. All of them are looking for a living space to use: they want to build the scale model they need to see finished and exposed.

Aircraft modeling. Sopwith Camel 1/16 Metal and Wood Model Kit (20351)


We are very lucky to have friends modelers from four of the five continents – we have not yet arrived in Antarctica J- Throughout the planet, Artesania Latina has loyal customers of its products, due to its high quality standards and its adjusted price on all their excellent wooden ship models and on their impressive aircraft models from the catalog.

Naval modeling. Wooden Model French Ship Belem 1/75 (22519).

If you don’t know it yet, Artesania Latina sends its fantastic products to everyone on the globe with the help of the great UPS transport service. The firm collaboration that we have established jointly demonstrates the effectiveness and regularity in the delivery of orders. The best of all is that the shipping costs have been reduced so the designers of all the countries of the world can enjoy the ship modeling and the aircraft modeling, the construction of miniatures with their own hands.

Our Love for Modeling is distributed with UPS in all countries.

If you want to know the shipping costs to your country, you just need to click here. Live the love of modeling now!

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Swedish Ship Model Vasa 1/65 (I): The Most Powerful Warship in 17th Century

After an arduous work of ship modeling for a year and a half, Artesania Latina is pleased to present you its brand new and magnificent Swedish wooden ship model. The Vasa warship model at 1/65 scale, aimed at the most expert modelers who want new challenges. A marvel in terms of detail and difficulty!

Ship Modeling. Swedish Wooden Warship Model Vasa 1/65.

Scandinavian warship model Vasa is a great test to check modelers skills. Our partners have spent eight hours a day for twelve months for its assembly. The modeling kit requires patience and meticulousness in detail.

It is a perfect replica of the original ship, which is now in the museum called Vasa in Stockholm (Sweden). Thanks to the Vasa wooden ship model 1/65 the modeler will have entertainment for a long time. You will always be helped by very clarifying step-by-step photographic instructions written in nine languages. Do you want a great challenge? This is yours.

Among the most notable features of the Vasa, of this great Swedish sailboat, was its enormous power. It had to move 1,200 tons of weight and a sail area of ​​1,150 square meters and 80 tons. A fact that is reflected in our scale model due to its large dimensions: 42’’ length, 34’’ height and 40’’ width.

Ship Modeling. Swedish Wooden Warship Model Vasa 1/65.


What about its decoration! More than a meter of beauty with around 100 sculptures made in die-cast between its stern and, somewhat less, its prow, which provide a colorful rarely seen on ship modeling.

Ship Modeling. Fantastic decoration on Swedish Wooden Warship Model Vasa 1/65.

Also, full of meaning, the carvings are divided into five themes. They representing King Gustavo II and his lackeys, lions holding the shield, human faces with different emotions on their faces, angels, sirens and sea creatures and mythological. Moreover, when it was built, it had 700 more than today. It had heroes of the Bible, Roman emperors and Greek gods.

Ship Modeling. Fantastic decoration on Swedish Wooden Warship Model Vasa 1/65.

Vasa model ship may preside over any room in which it is placed, providing it with a touch of classical elegance.

But it is not the only thing that the ship modeling kit of the Swedish vessel brings in die-cast, the 64 cannons of port and starboard are also made of this metallic material.


If it seems the Vasa warship model has not enough decoration, our kit will surprise you because it brings a complete photo-etched that includes details for the bow, stairs to the deck, doors and embrasures, and hinges for both the rudder as for the frames of the embrasures.

Of course, we have to highlight the Premium quality of all the woods with which you can build the Vasa 1628 scale model 1/65 and the hand-sewn sails ready to be placed.

Ship Modeling. Cotton sails included on Swedish Wooden Warship Model Vasa 1/65.

Finally, This fabulous modeling kit of the Swedish warship called Vasa brings two gifts that are not usually included in all scale models. On the one hand, a wooden base with a nominal metal plate to expose the ship model. On the other, six metal figures that will give more realism to this naval model.

Ship Modeling. Swedish Wooden Warship Model Vasa 1/65 includes free figures..

Here below you can watch two videos showing the scale model and the contents of the modeling kit:

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Ship Modeling & Model Aircrafts. The Legacy of Building Wooden Models

Modelers have realized how children and parents hobbies have changed during the last two decades after the arrival of new technologies. Many of them and their younger relatives have decided to keep alive as a legacy one of the most beneficial and comforting hobbies. Ship modeling and model aircrafts are the perfect choice. Building wooden model ships, aircrafts, trains and other vehicles like the Stage Coach 1848 from the Wild & Far West you will enjoy a lot.

Ship modeling. Wooden Ship Model Swedish Vasa 1/65
It’s a hundred-year-old entertainment that brings health and satisfaction to modelers –and some good headaches to solve-. You can always find time to take a break and park on the fabulous worlds of ship modeling and aircrafts.

This balance occurs when a wooden model ship like the Viking is built. Firstly, because it is a renewed classic scale model aimed at the beginner friends of Artesania Latina for its great appeal – a boat present on famous tv series from that population -. Secondly, due to its reedited assembly instructions with video tutorials on DVD. In conclusion, construction games and use of digital devices come together in a perfect fusion because the modeler builds handly and watches the guide on the computer. In other words, tradition and modernity at the same time.

Ship Modeling. Wooden Ship Model Viking 1/75


The children and grandchildren of modelers come to a moment in their lives that they want to continue the modeling hobby of their parents and ancestors. That’s because this way let to feel them closer when they still live with us, by continuously sharing gossip about this hobby. It also happens when they have left them, because they are remembered and they are more present in our world. They are carrying on with this beautiful legacy deposited in their hearts by naval modeling, by aircraft modeling or by railway modeling, among others.

Artesania Latina encourages all its friends to share multimedia contents of the models on social networks. You can also do it on those of our firm (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube). Continue requesting instructions, plans or missing or broken parts for their elderly parents or for yourself. Request us what you need if you want to finish an scale model, unfinished by your parents.


Construction toys, present of course in modeling in the form of scale models, are ideal for improving the health and psyche of old and young people. Physically, their assembly increases motor skills and coordination in the hands and fingers because the modeler must be skillful and precise in the placement of the piece and must manipulate many parts that are even very tiny. Some studies also claim that vision improves because the model maker discards different shades of the same color.

In the psychological field, it gives us relaxation, serenity and concentration by having to work a lot with detail. It is, in short, an unbeatable barrier against Alzheimer illness. It develops cognitive skills that facilitate analysis, comprehension, understanding the space in which one the modeler works, reading and mathematics.

The logical reasoning is enriched as the model maker has to build an exact copy of a wooden ship model or a wooden and metal airplane model. You must plan in advance the assembly phases of the scale model and determine what order to carry them out: logically, to place the masts, first you have to build the ship’s hull, or to install the cabin you have to finish the aircraft structure before. What about the great self-esteem that is gained when, after a great effort and passion, the replica is finished for exhibition.

In short, all these benefits are a good excuse for the little ones to enter in modeling world. It is a hobby that is passed from generation to generation as part of oldest modelers genetics, who wish it survives thanks to their descendants.Ship modeling. Wooden Ship Model Arab Dhow Sultan 1/85


Artesania Latina instills a passion for building scale models also to the youngest with its Art&Kids collection, aimed at children over 8 years old. These modeling kits of wooden vehicles include water-based paints, glue suitable for use by minors, a brush and stickers. Easy to assemble, these models for children are the perfect reason for parents and their girls and boys to spend personal moments together.

It is the best time for the legacy of the hobby to be impregnated in children when their brains are still developing. Firstly, they have fun playing while they are building models. Secondly, the practice of modeling can remain in their lives. it will be of great use for the health knowing all the positive things that this hobby offers.

The Art&Kids Collection catalog, focused on children from 8 years old, has the following wooden models for construction: classic ships such as the Pirate, the Viking called Drakkar, the Egyptian Cleopatra and the Roman Galley Ave Caesar; fighter airplanes such as the Sopwith Camel biplane and the Fokker Dr. I triplane, both from World War I; and four-wheelers such as the well-known Surfer’s Van.Art&Kids Collection. Wooden Models for Children +8

For those over 14 years old who want to get started in ship modeling, we recommend any of the scale models in the section ‘Models: Initiation’. All of these modelers will progress on their building knowledge and on their skills with modeling tools and accessories so beginners will be able to assemble models with greater difficulty bit by bit: intermediate level, advanced level and elite level.

Ship modeling. Wooden Ship Model New Santa Maria Caravel 1/65


In conclusion, the legacy of model building -ship modeling and aircrafts- continues due to the families. More young people are resting from the intensive use of new technologies to join this wonderful hobby. Artesania Latina will always be there to provide you the best scale models on the market with reasonable prices. Of course, we have a safe delivery at your homes thanks to our collaboration with the UPS courier service. We are also present in many establishments dedicated to modeling and construction games all over the planet. Let’s build wooden models! Ship modeling and aircraft modeling are happiness for your life!Aircrafts. Metal & Plastic Fighter Model Messerschmitt BF109G 1/16